Data recovery software in test only one helps in all situations

Whether from SD card, USB stick or the internal memory: If important data is lost, data recovery software should help. 14 programs for Mac and PC have been tested by Stiftung Warentest. They all successfully recover files deleted from an SD memory card. But only one also recovers lost data from SSD drives. An annual license costs between 10 and 137 euros. Most programs can be purchased for an unlimited period of time for a small surcharge.

Data recovery software under test Test results for 14 data recovery programs 02/2021

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Data recovery programs in the test: SD can all, SSD only one

Positive: All tested programs successfully recovered files deleted from an SD memory card. If the card was reformatted, however, the results were much more mixed.

Disappointing: Only one of 14 data recovery programs was able to recover deleted data from the internal SSD hard disk of a notebook. The test also shows: Data recovery software can sometimes be a helper in an emergency – but it does not replace regular backups.

Tip: We have also tested backup software.

Data recovery software in the Stiftung Warentest test

  • Test results. The table shows Stiftung Warentest ratings for 14 data recovery programs, 10 of which are for Windows and 4 for Mac. The grades range from Good to Sufficient.
  • Purchase advice. We show what sets the test winner apart from the other data recovery programs and what the only free program in the test is capable of.
  • Tips. We explain what to do first in case of data loss and what to watch out for when using data recovery software.
  • Notebook article. If you activate the topic, you will get access to the PDF of the test report from test 2/2021.

Data recovery software on test Test results for 14 data recovery programs 02/2021

Free programs, free versions

Only one of the tested programs is completely free: PC Inspector File Reco-very. Like all other data recovery programs in the test, it successfully restored files deleted from a memory card. The test report reveals whether the program is also convincing in other respects. The other programs cost between 10 and 184 euros, depending on runtime. There is a free version of many of them with limited functionality, which should often be enough in an emergency. So also from the test winner.

Apple users pay more

In addition to the functionality and handling of the programs, we also looked at the purchasing process. Here quite a few offerers stand out unpleasantly, by indicating prices first without the increase in value tax. Striking: Mac users once again have to dig a bit deeper into their pockets than Wind-ows users. For example, at 101 euros for a monthly license at EaseUS, they pay 22 euros more than Wind-ows users for a whole year.

Data recovery software under test Test results for 14 data recovery programs 02/2021

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Data recovery software in test Only one helps in all situations

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Due to a technical error, Windows 10 could no longer be started on my PC. A new installation was necessary, which overwrote the existing data.
Because of this test with the statement that EaseUS is the only program that can also edit SSD drives, I ordered and installed the program.
The program found a lot of data on the C-drive and saved it to an external drive. Unfortunately, these files could not be read in the described way.
Despite several scan and restore attempts and many hours of effort it did not succeed.
Today I contacted EaseUS support, but they told me that the files from SSD drives are no longer readable. No attempt was made at all to convert the files found. Instead my subscription was cancelled. customer jilted, that’s it.

I first got involved with the test results and bought the test winner EaseUS. Unfortunately, it recovered images on an SSD with ext4 file system much worse than the free program Recuva, which is unfortunately missing in the test. Unfortunately, I noticed this only after the purchase. Recuva recovered all my folder structures and all files (almost) perfectly. EaseUS did not restore folder structures and change file names.
Recuva is one of the most popular programs in the field of data recovery. Exactly this program is missing, that can’t be, Stiftung Warentest! Instead, a very bad freeware program is included in the comparison. This was a big disappointment, I think in the future I can not trust you in your test whether the most important products are included. Sorry Stiftung Warentest, I guess I won’t be your customer anymore.

The answer from Stiftung Warentest is not convincing! Recuva is widely used; so is z.B. the number of downloads at computerbild is by far the highest!

@all: we did not exclude freeware from the start. But we have to make a choice, where the market importance plays an important role. if a product is not represented in the test, this does not represent a devaluation. (Bu)

I agree with the previous speaker, because "Recuva" Has been my savior for over 10 years for recovering deleted data and also for recovering data after a corrupt file system.
I hope you didn’t reject the program, because the company is trying to sell their Pro version on their website, because with a little sense you can just pick the free version. And besides, it is legitimate that not everything can be free and a company wants to earn money.
I would also be very pleased to receive a.

Currently. Well-founded. Free of charge.

Yes, I would like to receive information on tests, consumer tips as well as non-binding offers from Stiftung Warentest (booklets, books, subscriptions to magazines and digital content) by e-mail. I can withdraw my consent at any time. Information on data privacy

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