Demonstration in frankfurt/main on the occasion of 85 years fdj

Press release by: FDJ-Group Frankfurt/Main

(openPR) To the representatives of the press:

Press release of the

FDJ – Group Frankfurt on the Main

Demonstration on the occasion of 85 years FDJ.

But you learn how to see instead of stare
And act instead of talk yet and yet.
Once such a thing almost ruled the world!
The peoples became its master, however
That none of us triumphs too soon there –
The womb is still fertile, from which that crawled."

from: Epilogue of the play "The unstoppable

The Rise of Arturo Ui" by Bertolt Brecht

85 years ago in June, young German refugees in exile in Paris founded a new type of anti-fascist organization: the non-partisan Free German Youth. From 1935 on, the first regular meetings of various organizations took place. More and more anti-fascist, alliance, Jewish, communist, social-democratic and socialist youth organizations and unorganized people joined together – some even dissolved later in favor of the FDJ.

After the change of government in France followed on 8. May 1938 the foundation of the FDJ in Prague. France and Great Britain, however, threw the Czechoslovakians under the noses of Hitler’s Nazi Germany in the same year. This country of exile was annexed by German imperialism and the flight continued. The granted asylum, protection as well as the given – often life-saving – passports are to be thanked and remembered by the supporters in the two countries.

After the murderous anti-Semitic November progroms against Jewish Germans, Great Britain, unlike the U.S. and other countries, relaxed its anti-Jewish entry regulations and allowed thousands of minors to enter in the course of the "Kindertransporte" (children’s transports). Many of them found a new home in the FDJ, while most of their relatives, parents, friends were shipped by trains of the German Reichsbahn to certain death by gassing and forced labor.

Later – as soldiers of the British Royal Air Force (RAF) – FDJ members participated in dropping tons of leaflets (z.B. of the White Rose) and bombs of freedom against the murderers of their loved ones.

Of course, most FDJ`ler did not return to the land of murderers – but many did. From 1946 onwards, FDJ groups were founded in the initially occupied four zones.

The separatists under Adenauer sneered at the Potsdam Agreement, tore Germany in two and founded the FRG. In the course of the Cold War the "de-nazed Nazis" crawled again ("The anachronistic train or freedom and democracy" Bertolt Brecht 1947) peu à peu as all cracks up to the highest places of economy, politics, church, justice, police, secret service, military, administration, university, school, juvenile detention centers etc. Due to the collection of signatures against the rearmament of the FRG, the FDJ was banned in 1951.

In the GDR, which was built in the first place by the fighters against and persecutees of the Nazi regime, the FDJ fought against the brown shit in the heads of the youth, which was drilled into them in the HJ and BDM. But in the course of the decades the non-partisanship fell by the wayside and the FDJ adopted the resolutions of the SED.

Accordingly, the statement of the poet Peter Hacks, who put the FRG in the same relation to the GDR as a rotten apple to a sour apple, is to be understood. That a sour apple is not something you necessarily want back is clear. But every child understands that the rotten apple does not turn into a sweet apple.

Ronald M. Schernikau, who knew both Germanys, said at the last writers’ congress of the GDR: "I do not consider the stupidity of the communists to be an argument against communism… If the stupidity of the communists has turned people into anti-communists: then it has been whose most terrible mistake."

For as long as capitalism exists, the root of fascism has not yet been destroyed. The threat of fascism is moving inexorably closer here. The contradictions between the imperialist states are increasing. Today nobody can say whether Germany will wage war against the USA or against Russia, or together against China. Uneven economic development has exacerbated the life-and-death race of its own billions. The Covid-19 pandemic is having a time-lapse effect on it. The state apparatus is riddled with organized fascists. And it is being armed against us by military means.

A fascist party in power, whether AfD, CSU or NPD, would have a fully compliant state and repressive apparatus, which the NSDAP had to build up in 1933.

The Frankfurt resistance fighter Peter Gingold was one of the founders of the FDJ 85 years ago. A few years before his death, in one of his numerous lectures, he gave the following advice to the participants of a camp of the youth of the industrial union Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt: "The struggle against fascism and imperialism is a much more difficult undertaking under the conditions of fascism. In our own interest we should not start too late with the fight for the whole. Such words from such a person will never be forgotten. Thus we will all have to join our forces in order to be able to go the way that demands less courage, blood and privation from us, even though it still seems too difficult to many today. Later, however, many of us who – parasitically on the backs of the countries and peoples exploited and enslaved by the FRG – grew up in bourgeois democracy and can still lead the struggle today, will no longer be able to muster the courage in the face of a then also inwardly murderous fascist dictatorship.

The FDJ group Frankfurt on the Main will on Thursday, the 10. June 2021, hold a demonstration in the Gallus.

Beginning is at 4 p.m at Lotte Specht Park (Idsteinerstr./Schwalbacherstr.) near the former building of the headquarters of the German Railways, next to which stood one of those locomotives about which the German Reichsbahn wrote in 1942: "Wheels must roll for victory"!" Let us this time bring these wheels to a halt before the renewed threat of German fascism and war.

Therefore: For revolution and socialism!

Greetings: The blue thorn in the flesh of German imperialism – for the last 85 years!

It can be in a call against fascism

no sincerity lie,

when the social conditions,

who create it with natural necessity,

in him not be touched.

Who owns the private means of production

does not want to reveal,

that will not get rid of fascism,

but need it.

Bertolt Brecht

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