Does it make sense to have an application professionally written?

Those who lack time and leisure can also have their application written by service providers

If you find it difficult to write the perfect application, you can have it created by a professional provider. But this can also bring disadvantages.

Many people find writing a job application exhausting: it takes time and effort. In addition, many applicants feel a great deal of uncertainty as to whether their documents are good enough at all. One possibility is to have a look at the application portfolio* to have it professionally written. This can definitely bring you advantages – but also involves risks. One thing in advance: It is legal in any case – provided that your application is true and not fake.

With a professional cover letter, you apply really well

If you find it particularly difficult to write a professional application, you could start with a Ghostwriter be right. The right provider is crucial. This person should know your industry well and be able to formulate accordingly. It is also crucial to engage a service provider who will deal with you and your application individually.

This is how you benefit from a job application professional:

  • Your documents are complete, professional and up-to-date.
  • A professional writer possibly increases your chances for an interview.
  • If you apply from your job, it saves you a lot of effort.
  • It boosts your self-confidence when you hand over the application frustration.
  • In the narrow Exchange with an expert learn a lot about yourself and your qualifications.

A professional application can bring you disadvantages

Even if an expertly crafted application reads great: Many recruiters advise against it. The first disadvantage is the high price. You pay for a complete application at least 150 Euro. But there are other counter-arguments.

In these cases, it is not a good idea to have the application written:

  • If it is part of your job to be able to formulate confidently Ghostwriting a no-go.
  • If the provider writes your application according to a blueprint, it is not very individual. Such cover letters quickly end up in the rejection pile.
  • Don’t familiarize yourself with the content of the application, you might stumble over it in the interview.
  • Recruiters appreciate it when you take time for their company – it does not show great motivation, if you leave this work to others.

Always remember: it is often not because of your qualifications that you do not get a job. Personnel managers want employees who fit well into the company. In most cases, therefore, it is not about the perfect application, but a authentic. It is precisely at this point that the application with blemishes may win out.

The perfect application from your own hand

Instead of turning to a ghostwriter, there are other ways for you to improve your cover letter. These could bring you not only more advantages – but possibly also save costs.

  • With one Application coaching analyze your professional and personal strengths together with an expert. You will receive professional tips on how to respond optimally to a job advertisement and thus become confident in writing a good application yourself.
  • Many service providers also offer to write your Check documents. You analyze possible weak points – the work remains nevertheless in your hand.
  • In many cases, professional support is completely unnecessary. Often can also already Friends or family members Evaluate and correct the application with a good eye.

(ls) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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