Fever during pregnancy: a danger for the baby?

Fever is a normal defense mechanism of the body. But how dangerous is fever during pregnancy for mother and baby? What causes there are and how fever in pregnancy is treated, you will learn in the following..

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What body temperature is normal in pregnancy and at what point does one speak of a fever??

The normal body temperature of a pregnant woman can be up to 37 degrees, which already means increased temperature in other people.

The following gradations show the different phases of fever:

  • 37 to 37.8 degrees: elevated temperature
  • 37.9 to 38.4 degrees: mild fever
  • From 38.5 degrees: high fever

What can be the causes of fever in pregnancy?

The causes of fever in pregnancy are just as varied as usual. Here it can range from a harmless infection to a severe inflammation. Flu infection, vaccination reaction, urinary tract infection, kidney congestion or. Inflammation, infectious disease, pneumonia, etc. Anything can be the trigger. You should definitely investigate the causes if the fever lasts for a long time.

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Is fever during pregnancy dangerous for mother and child??

Especially in early pregnancy it is important to treat high fever quickly. Increased body temperature causes the mother to have a higher pulse rate, and increased energy consumption causes hypoglycemia. Since this affects the mother’s circulation, exhaustion can occur here. These lead to an undersupply of the embryo if the fever remains untreated.

But even in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, you should always have a high fever clarified by a doctor and see where the cause lies. Otherwise, an untreated infection can also lead to premature labor and, if necessary, to an abortion. lead to premature birth.

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How to treat fever during pregnancy?

If the fever is above 38.5 degrees for a long time, a visit to the doctor is mandatory. If it occurs at the weekend or during the night, it may be necessary to go to the clinic. So treatment should always be done only in consultation with the doctor or midwife.

However, a pregnant woman can do the following things as a "first aid measure" in any case:

  • Increased fluid intake: at least three liters of water or unsweetened teas are now a must
  • Easily digestible food, so that the circulation is not additionally loaded
  • Plenty of sleep. As we all know, sleep is the best medicine
  • Rest, so that the body can recover well
  • Lukewarm, but not cold, compresses on calves and forehead

Medication should not be taken as a fever-reducing measure without consulting the doctor or midwife.

We wish you all the best!

Your midwife Vera

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