Fis rules of conduct for skiers and snowboarders

If you are on the run, you are usually not alone on the run. Here it is necessary to be careful and considerate of others and fellow drivers. For example, depending on the situation and the number of visitors on the slope, you should adjust your speed and skiing style.

S FIS rules of conduct for skiers& Snowboarders

Every skier and snowboarder must behave in a way that does not endanger or harm others.

Every skier and snowboarder must ski on sight. He must adapt his speed and driving style to his ability and to the terrain, snow and weather conditions and traffic density.

Skiers and snowboarders coming from behind must choose their lane in such a way that they do not endanger skiers and snowboarders in front of them.

Overtaking is allowed from above or below, from the right or from the left, but always at a distance that leaves the overtaken skier or snowboarder enough space for all his movements.

Every skier and snowboarder entering a ski run, restarting after a stop, or swinging or riding uphill must make sure up and downhill that they can do so without danger to themselves or others.

Every skier and snowboarder must avoid being in narrow or blind areas of a slope without any necessity. A fallen skier or snowboarder must clear such a spot as soon as possible.

A skier or snowboarder who ascends or descends on foot needs to use the edge of the run.

Every skier and snowboarder must respect the markings and signalization.

In case of accidents every skier and snowboarder is obliged to help.

Every skier and snowboarder, whether a witness or a participant, whether responsible or not, must give their personal details in the event of an accident.

FIS environmental rules for winter sportsmen

Skiers and snowboarders around the world experience the great outdoors. It is home to animals and plants that thrive on fragile soil. It also protects people themselves. Everyone is called upon to protect the landscape in order to be able to practice skiing and snowboarding in an intact environment in the future and to secure it in the long term. The International Ski Federation therefore asks skiers and snowboarders to observe the following rules:

  • Inform yourself about your chosen area. Support the places that care about the environment.
  • Choose environmentally friendly means of transport – bus and train – to get there.
  • Form carpools when arriving by private car.
  • Leave your car at the resort, take the ski bus.
  • Only ski and snowboard when there is sufficient snow cover.
  • Stick to the marked slopes and trails.
  • Pay attention to piste markings and closures.
  • Refrain from off-piste skiing especially in forest areas.
  • Do not go to protected areas. Protect animals and plants.
  • Take your waste with you.

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