From when to put up christmas tree? (Adviser)

Tips for the right time From when to put up Christmas tree?

Every year during Advent, many people ask the question of when to put up the Christmas tree. We give useful tips.

The Christmas tree is for many the centerpiece of the Christmas decoration. Under the green branches are draped the gifts, at night it atmospherically illuminates the living room and also gives off a pleasant aroma.

In a nutshell: The Christmas tree completes the celebration. But when is the right time to put it up? How early is too early? And when is it too late?

From when to bring fir tree into the house?

In fact, the fir tree earlier only to the 24.12. put up and decorated. Like many other traditions surrounding Christmas, however, this custom has changed over time. Thus many Weihnachtsfans set up the tree already in November.

Here one should however out of respect for the devotion wait for at least the Sunday of the dead, to start with the Christmas decoration. This falls every year on the last Sunday before the first Advent.

Since Christmas trees are usually sold only from the end of November, it is difficult with the earlier setting up anyway.

Christmas tree decorating: When is a good time?

If you want to enjoy your Christmas tree for a particularly long time, you should consider decorating it in the week after Sunday. At the latest from the first Advent you can start in any case. However, you will then have to maintain the tree for a longer period of time. The shorter the period until Christmas Eve, the fresher the Christmas tree will be for the festivities.

If you do not want to worry too much about the care, so it can make sense, the tree only shortly before the celebration into the house to get. However, it is advisable not to wait until the holiday itself, because then you are usually busy with other things and putting up the Christmas tree only causes additional stress.

Putting up a Christmas tree: Useful tips

The Association Natural Christmas Tree recommends that you decorate the tree before one to two days to acclimatize. That is, before you bring it into the heated apartment, it should be a few days in the cooler basement, shed or garage temporarily stored.

When choosing the right location, make sure the tree is not directly next to a heat source such as a stove or heater. The warmth can lead to the fact that the branches dry out faster and become brown. Also one should not sharpen the tree trunk, because this reduces the water transport and the tree loses its fresh green faster.

It is best to remove the protective net only after the tree has been set up. Afterwards, you should give the tree one or two more days to fully open its branches and twigs again.

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