Have your application written: what to look out for?

Application from a ghostwriter – How to find reputable providers

W hen you are struggling for words or simply don’t have the time, you can have your application written. Numerous agencies take over this work and write either the cover letter or the complete application. Some even send them out on extra good paper afterwards.

Prices are usually scaled according to how much professional experience someone brings to the table. For students, trainees and career starters they are lower than for experienced forces. A cover letter for newcomers costs around 70 euros, a complete application around 130 euros. Executives pay more: they can have an application prepared for around 240 euros. Writers often budget four days for this, and some offer a 24-hour service as well.

The agencies see themselves as helpers, their arguments have something to them. Writing a job application is difficult and takes time. Many applicants lack one or both of these things. Writing about yourself is once again more difficult than writing other texts.

In addition, there are the numerous standards of the application, which you have to know and observe. If you’re a very good engineer but a bad writer, it would be a shame not to be invited for an interview because of that.

One must ask oneself however whether one can represent it oneself. Not for nothing do some agencies promise discretion on their website or assure that the contact remains confidential.

Because there is also something to be said against it: With professional help, you can present yourself better than you are. But if the application is already the first work sample, as application coach Jurgen Hesse says, you can easily give the wrong impression with an application written by someone else.

How to recognize a good ghostwriter

"I find it difficult because the personal message and thus the authenticity could be lost," also says Jana Reineke, head of personnel marketing at coffee roaster Melitta. This is not only annoying for the company, but also for yourself, if you get the job, but then cannot fulfill the expectations of the boss.

Who lets write, robs in addition the chances of thinking for itself, which it can and wants. Applying is a process, writing helps to be clear: Do I really want the job? Why? And why am I the right one? You should be able to answer these questions for yourself before the personnel manager asks them in the interview.

Experienced hiring managers also know what to expect from their professionals. You will recognize the capable engineer even if he does not write brilliantly.

If you really want a job, you should prepare the interview thoroughly

If you still decide to have your application written, there are a few points to keep in mind.

Do not be blinded by quotas: It tends to say nothing about the agency’s success that nine out of ten clients were invited to interview. Money-back guarantees are better if you are not satisfied.

You can also ask each agency whether someone is familiar with your industry and what qualifications the writer has at all – both are rarely on the website. Some agencies have according to own data contacts in enterprises or can be even advised by personnel chiefs.

Admit to outside help in the job interview

The general terms and conditions should state how the agency handles data protection. Finally, you provide her with very personal information. Employers must delete or return them if they do not hire the applicant. Agencies should do the same. In addition, they must ensure that no one has access to it.

Quality is also measured by the contact: Do you only have to upload your resume and job ad and then get a cover letter? Or they get in touch, ask about motivation and motives and try to assess the applicant personally? It’s also good to have them send you old applications to set the tone.

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