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Wedding invitation texts and thank you texts, sample texts, rhymes and poems

Use our rich and free collection with invitation texts to the wedding, sample texts and text modules. Compose your personal invitation text and thank you text as you wish. After all, your wedding cards should be as individual and unique as you as the bride and groom.

When inviting to the wedding is always good and desirable to find your own words, but this does not always succeed and not everyone. Before you try spasmodically and agonizingly to formulate your thoughts beautifully and realize after hours, it will be nothing, it does not work, take rather our formulation suggestions here. You do not have to pay a single euro, regardless of whether you use only parts of our text templates or entire passages to print them in the invitations or later in the thank-you cards and send them to your guests. It is said that if the invitation is well and uniquely written, there will be almost no refusals. We don’t know if this is true, but if you go by your gut feeling, it may well be that it is easier and more spontaneous to accept a card if you feel that the card you receive is beautiful and appealing to you.

Sample texts for save the date cards

Save the date! 24. May 2016 Bernd& Monja
Detailed information will be given later.

12.12.16 – Please do not take anything on this day. Melanie and Florian are getting married. Exact details you will receive shortly

We invite you to join us on 20. August 2016 to be present at our wedding. Information about place and time will follow.

We are getting married! Anna& Gerald
Saturday, 22. July 2016 in Munich
Please keep this date free

The details are not fixed yet, but we ask you to keep this date free, so that we can celebrate our day together.
Date xx.xx.xxxx

Literary quotes, funny wisdoms and wedding sayings

These sayings are usually printed slightly offset from the invitation text – or you may like to use a different font or font color for them, if the look of the wedding card permits it.

. and there is a magic in every beginning. (Hermann Hesse)

When one dreams, it remains a dream. We dreamed together, so it became reality.

Happiness can be doubled if it is shared. (Albert Schweitzer)

To love a person is to see him as God meant him to be seen. (F.M. Dostoevsky)

Love is the only thing that does not become less by wasting it. (Ricarda Huch)

In necessary things unity, in doubtful freedom, but in all love.

In necessariis unitas, in dubiis liberatas, in omnibus autem caritas. (Latin, probably. Augustine)

Individually we are words, together we are a poem. (Georg Bydlinski)

Now faith, hope, love, these three remain; but love is the greatest of these. (1. Corinthians 13:13)

To the world you are anyone, but to me you are the world.

True love is like the ring and the ring has no end. (Brazilian proverb)

Experience teaches us that love does not consist in looking at each other, but in looking in the same direction. (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

When I am yours, I am only completely mine. (Michelangelo)

One sees well only with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes. (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

Love is the greatest adventure of the human heart. It changes everything, your thinking and your doing, your feeling and your speaking. Your whole life. (Phil Bosmans)

Who loves the other, lets him count as he is, as he was and as he will be. (Michael Quoist)

We both are angels with only one wing, if we embrace we can fly.

Love alone understands the secret of giving to others and becoming rich in the process. (C. v. Brentano)

This is the peculiarity of love, that it can never remain the same. It must grow unceasingly if it is not to diminish.

Love is the most pleasant state of wise insanity. (Marcel Ayme)

Love endures everything, believes everything, withstands everything. Love never ends.

Let all your things be done in love. (1. (1 Corinthians 16:14)

To experience the full value of happiness, we need someone to share it with. (Mark Twain)

He who looks at the sky in the water finds fish on the trees. (Chinese proverb)

To be able to find one’s joy in that of the other is the secret of happiness.

Happiness comes to those who laugh. (Japan. Proverb).

You have to kiss many frogs before you find the prince.

Age does not protect from love, but love from aging. (Coco Chanel)

There is a day when you walk side by side towards the future and a simple YES embellishes your whole life.

Without you my life is like a desert without water, like a night without stars, like a soup without salt.

Love is sometimes the saddest, often the most beautiful, but always the most important thing in life.

Sought and found- bound in love

You don’t have to reach for the stars – happiness is sometimes closer than you think

A drop of love is more than an ocean of understanding

Love is a feeling that you have when you feel that you have a feeling that you have never had before.

Let us take care of each other and spur us on to love and good works. (Hebrews 10:24)

Let us not love in word, but in deed and in truth. (John, chap. 3 verse 18)

Love endures everything, believes everything, hopes everything, withstands everything. Love never stops. (1. Corinthians 13, 7-8)

Where you go, I will go, where you stay, I will stay. Your people are my people and your God is my God (Ruth 1:16)

Your heart shall rejoice and your joy no one shall take from you (John 16:22b)

Let us love one another, for love is from God (1 John 4:7 a)

Let all things be done in love (1). Corinthians 16:14)

A happy marriage is a work of art between two people

He who loves and is loved has the sun from both sides (Phil Bosmans).

Marriage is not the happy end, but only the beginning.

Love is when I and YOU become WE.

Love is a foolishness committed in twos.

Love is not one, but the only way to be happy.

. and above all hold fast to our love for each other (1. Letter of Peter 4, verse 8)

Love is the fabric woven by nature and embroidered by imagination. (Voltaire)

When we discover how much we have in common, what separates us becomes secondary (Peter Klever)

Love knows no age. Only with wine it depends on the vintage.

True love comes from the harmony of thoughts and the contrast of characters (Theodore Simon Jouffroy)

Invitation texts for the wedding

classical introductions

We celebrate wedding

We cordially invite you to our wedding

Now we are getting married!

We tie the knot for life

Our life’s journey together begins

We finally get married

Our bachelorhood ends on .

We end our single life and get married

For our common way of life we want to ask God’s blessing.

Finally the common nest is established

Introduction to the point

We don’t have to, we don’t need to we simply want to be married

We and marry ? Of course!

We dare one of the last adventures of our time

Our hearts have spoken- we marry!

Moments of happiness can be expressed in a common word "YES

Our YES is a YES, not a yes, not a yes, not a yes, not a yes, not a yes, not a yes, not a yes, not a yes, not a yes, not a yes, not a yes, not a yes.

A great love does not need many words: We marry !

Inviting to the wedding after being together for a long time

After a long period of consideration and rehearsal, the time has come

Full of anticipation, at the request of many and yet of our own free will!

To . days of wild marriage our relationship is legalized

After living together for x years we crown our love with a wedding

Our wild marriage has failed .

The address remains the same, the inhabitants too, but something changes . (names) marry!

After years of living together we have decided to say yes to each other.

At . we now officially tie the knot.

We cancel the "wild" from our marriage

Introductory text for already civil married or. Couples with child

After five years of marriage we ask God’s blessing for our partnership.

(names) now also step in front of the marriage altar

In the sunny . we took the first step last year, now we dare to take the second step in front of the altar.

We say "YES" for the second time to each other

After three years we get married again- and this time all in white

(child’s name) is happy to announce that mom and dad are getting married.

Finally we want to be a real family and walk down the aisle together

In the future we would also like to have a common name.

Template for parents-to-be

On the most beautiful occasion we tie the knot for life

Happy circumstances make us walk down the aisle

Now grow together what belongs together (Willy Brandt)

One may be overpowered, but two will resist, and a threefold cord is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

Texts for the invitation to the second wedding

The second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.

Age does not protect from love, but love from aging. (Coco Chanel)

A new chance for love

Or you can start right away with your names

. go from . together through life.

. give themselves on . the word "yes

. shake hands and go into a future together

. join hands and say "yes.

. are happy to announce their marriage.

With invitation to a reception in front

We meet for the champagne reception at . at .

To . we start with a champagne reception

We will start the celebration with a drink and group photos.

Before we start the festive day, we will have a reception in front of the hotel . spoiled with small culinary delicacies.

In the parents’ house of (name) we will serve Weibwurste (white sausages) from 11 a.m. on.

We start the day at . o’clock with a white sausage dinner at .

For refreshment we will serve a Franconian breakfast in the morning. Please come from . o’clock in the parents’ house of . at (address).

The church wedding should be especially mentioned in the invitation text

At . at . the wedding bells will ring for us in .

The church wedding will take place on . in the . church instead of.

Our church wedding will take place at . in . instead of.

We will ask . in the church . married.

We will get the church blessing at

The promise to hold each other in love we make to each other on .

Our wedding will take place on . instead of.

The step into the common life we make on . with the church wedding in .

The wedding ceremony begins at .

At . clock we will celebrate in the . Married in church.

We are sure that we want to build our life together and marry at .

Texts related to the wedding celebration

Afterwards we want to celebrate our decision and invite you to the inn . a.

In the hotel . afterwards our wedding ceremony takes place.

Afterwards we want to go together to castle . spend a beautiful day.

Afterwards we celebrate our happiness in the historical courtyard at Burg .

Afterwards we will have . where we would like to make this day our most beautiful memory together.

Afterwards we would like to celebrate with you in the restaurant . spend a few pleasant hours.

After the service we invite you to celebrate together in the castle . to celebrate the start into our marriage festively.

Afterwards we would like to raise a glass to a happy future with you in the medieval ambience of the castle.

After the ceremony we invite you to the hotel . to celebrate the beginning of our marriage.

Texts with reference to the nature and extent of the invitation

For our wedding on . we cordially invite you.

We cordially invite you to the church wedding ceremony and the subsequent festive dinner.

To the following celebration in the inn . you are cordially invited.

Please bring a good mood. The physical well-being is well taken care of.

After our civil wedding we invite you from 17 o’clock to the sociable celebration in the . a.

You are cordially invited to celebrate this day with us.

From . clock . in the inn . please be our guests, bring good mood and celebrate firmly.

We are looking forward to celebrating together with you.

We invite all our friends and relatives to celebrate this festive occasion with us.

We would be happy to count you among our wedding guests.

We would be very happy to celebrate with you the start into our marriage festively.

We are looking forward to spending this important day together with you.

We are already looking forward to a wonderful celebration together with our relatives and friends.

Together with you we would like to make the dream of the most beautiful day come true at Hohenstein Castle.

The reply as an enclosure to the invitation card

makes your planning much easier

We hope for a confirmation until .

We ask.

Reply requested until

In order to facilitate our planning, we ask for your response by

ÜWe are looking forward to seeing you . we would be very pleased (cancellations will not be tolerated).

We are looking forward to your coming and ask for an answer until . if we can count on you.

Please give us until . Notification.

One thing is clear: Who does not cancel, is there.

Sample texts double invitation: Wedding + Baptism = Eves

We celebrate our wedding and combine this with God’s blessing for us and our beloved son Michael.

There will be church wedding and baptism on . to . in . instead of.

To our common feast we invite.

Our love already took shape on (date) in our common son (name). A reason now to also walk down the aisle and ask God’s blessing for our young family.

Our luck is now perfect. Thankful for our love and infinitely happy with our sunshine (name), we invite you to the "eaves" a.

We crown our family happiness with a eave.

"Eaves" – two occasions- a party!

Double wedding

We four (names) marry

2 couples – 1 common celebration

Depending on the form of the card, there are interesting possibilities of design and formulation

Invite to the wedding

Who rumbles like in old custom, is gladly geseh’n in our midst.

Good luck, that is the purpose of the wedding, but throw only china, leave away garbage.

We will rumble according to old custom, therefore pay attention and consider also. Plastic, styrofoam and paper deny you the way to the beer.

Invitation text with notes on organizational matters

To contact person, gifts, dress code, reply, accommodation, directions and, and, and

If you would like to help organize our day, please contact our organizer . in combination.

If you would like to help organize the day, please contact the event committee under the leadership of .

(Name) will support us in the organization of our wedding. Please contact him with creative ideas and entertaining contributions.

For questions/help our master of ceremonies is available . at any time gladly.

Please let us know if you want to come by yourself, if you want to use the bus transfer or if you want to come by car. hotel room needed.

A transfer from the church to the castle is taken care of.

We have already reserved hotel rooms.

For the physical well-being and the accommodation of the further travelers is naturally ensured.

For those who want to celebrate with us until the early hours of the morning, the following accommodation options are available.

Please let us know your reservation wishes.

For those who stay the night, there will be a breakfast on Sunday at 11 a.m. to end the day.

Sayings and text examples for money gifts, wedding poems

sometimes paraphrased, sometimes directly

Some guest will probably think, what should we give the bride and groom?? We would prefer a little something in cash, in addition to good wishes.

In case you want to remember to give us a little present.
Do not make it so difficult for yourselves, simply put a few thalers in the envelope
and in this way finance us a beautiful honeymoon.

If you think you have to give something, you need to know "how and what" Not to think. Instead of the present take a letter small and put us a thaler in it.

Bring your own good mood, then the party will be a huge hit.
You will think of one question: "What should we give them as a present??"
You know what, don’t make it difficult for yourself, put a euro in our envelope.

Who asks himself: "What should I buy?", does not have to pull his hair out.
If you want to make us a joy, let our piggy bank laugh.

Our household is complete from the broom to the feather bed.
knives, forks, plates, cups barely fit into the cupboards.
Only in the piggy bank is still space, that would be a gift substitute.

Dear people be so kind, since our household is already complete,
take only one letter small and put us a bill in it.
That we collect to the pile of money and buy what is still missing in the nest

Our household is complete, therefore it would be terribly nice,
if you think about our future and give us food for the piggy bank.

Since our household long ago complete, please do not give us things,
let our piggy bank laugh.

One does not invite to the wedding feast, so that one can be given a gift,
If you still want to do it, because it is the custom, then we have one request:
Don’t worry, we have bowls, glasses, pots and pans.
For this good old custom, a "little piggy" will do also.

We invite you, you will think, what can you give to the couple only?
Most things – well understood – are available almost without gaps.
Cups, glasses, bowls, mugs and cutlery galore,
pans, pots and crockery, as I said, that’s what we have.
For the young luck a nice plaster, a little bit is still missing the Zaster.

At the end dou homma no a request,
please do not bring any gifts with you,
because we already have everything, otherwise we will bring everything twice.
Don’t be baeis to us, if we sing the song, you don’t need to be hard for it. (In Franconian dialect)

Our budget is already complete, so we would appreciate it very much,
if you do not buy anything that fills cupboards, give something instead,
for which dreams could be lived, which would otherwise sleep on without you.

Don’t worry about gifts, we don’t need glass or pot, because the household is complete, but our piggy bank would like to be fat.

Since we are already surrounded by a complete household, we would be very happy to receive gifts of money.

A gift? Please, so (motive piggy bank) !

A contribution to the honeymoon in the envelope
that would be nice, we thank you very much.

Dear guests, let us tell you that you do not need to carry packages.
Nor do you need to run to buy gifts.
For our household, it is full, so we would really like to,
an envelope with something in it, gives us joy and has sense.

We do not marry to get gifts from you. Especially no gifts in kind .

Oh one more thing, spoken at the very end, we’re still missing a honeymoon, fortunately. So we ask you at this point, just give us a few bucks.

Oh one more thing, spoken at the end,
luckily we are still missing our honeymoon.
But after such a great feast,
from the money only a small remainder.
Therefore you would like to give us something,
you should think of our wish.

Place and duration of the subsequent honeymoon will be determined according to the value of the envelopes presented.

ÜThink about gifts? Still the travel fund lies fallow.

Tips for gift seekers:
Bad: Bed linen, coffee machines, dishes and vases (we have way too much)
Good: coal, dough, ashes, mice, bundled cash (we have far too little)

We’re happy to receive gifts in any currency.

Since our honeymoon is not cheap, we would be very happy about financial support.

Most of all we would be happy to receive a financial contribution for the start of married life.

Carrying gifts is often quite heavy, so we also like to take an envelope.

So that the gift search does not become the agony, money is the very best choice.

Who would like to give us something, may do this with pleasure. Most we would be happy about a contribution to (a new kitchen).

To anticipate questions about our gift wishes- if you’ll pardon my saying so a financial contribution would be requested.

You want to give us a present? Then we ask to think of our piggy bank.

Dear guests, our plan: we would like to go to Italy. If you can’t think of a present, just give us some "honeymoon money".

If you have any questions, please contact our present and ceremony mistress . gladly available.

For all those who want to give us a present and are still looking for an idea, please contact our organizer . is at your disposal.

From . stands in the department store . a table ready,
but the slot of the piggy bank is also quite wide.

To make the choice easier for all those who would like to give us a gift, we are preparing a wedding table in the xxx department store.

If you are looking for a gift, we have put our wishes on a gift list. This is available in the porcelain department of the house xxx.

Please do not bring flowers to water, because we will enjoy three weeks of vacation after the wedding.

We ask to refrain from giving flowers, because we want to stay a few more days on xxx.

PS: . flowers live much longer, if they are surrounded by a pot.

Texts of thanks

Very important: about 6 weeks after the wedding the thank you cards should be sent out. Here are our thank you notes:

We would like to thank everyone who helped us celebrate our wedding and spoiled us with congratulations, flowers and great gifts.

For the many congratulations, flowers and gifts on our wedding we would like to thank. It was a wonderful day for us.

(names) were very happy about the numerous congratulations, beautiful flowers and gifts and thank you most sincerely.

We would like to thank everyone who made our wedding a wonderful day.

We say thank you for the many attentions, beautiful flowers and gifts. It was an unforgettable day.

Our wedding was the most beautiful day in our lives. Thank you very much for all the surprises, gifts and beautiful flowers.

It was a beautiful day . . . Thank you very much!

(names) would like to thank you very much for the beautiful flowers, great gifts and successful surprises. It was a wonderful day for us.

We would like to thank all our relatives, friends and acquaintances for their kindness on our wedding day.

A great day is behind us. We would like to thank you for the many congratulations, good advice and beautiful gifts.

We would like to say THANK YOU to all those who took the opportunity to congratulate us on our wedding and to give us presents. Our celebration will be unforgettable for us.

As our guests, you have contributed greatly to making our wedding a very special celebration. For this as well as for all the congratulations and gifts we say THANK YOU and send our best smile at the same time.

We say thank you.
If we had not had such a lovely family, such good friends, nice relatives, such great colleagues and friendly neighbors, we would never have been able to experience such a beautiful wedding. For the help and support, the numerous congratulations and gifts we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You all have contributed to the fact that this day will be unforgettable for us.

Never would we have thought that we would be given so much joy. Wonderful flowers, great gifts and many letters, will always remain in our memory. We say thank you very much for the congratulations and gifts on our wedding day.

The honeymoon is over, letters and cards are read, everyday life has us again. Now we say "THANK YOU . for spending this day together with us, the richness of your gifts, the kind congratulations and personal words from near and far, flowers and surprises with which you contributed to make our wedding an unforgettable day. Unfortunately it went by much too fast!

Our wedding was a dream! We enjoyed it very much, with how much engagement you accompanied our celebration
To say thank you very much .

Besides the names of the bride and groom, the place and month of the wedding should still be listed.

Texts for the invitation to the silver wedding, golden wedding (gold wedding)

With joy and gratitude we look back on 25 years together and want to celebrate this day with relatives and friends in joyful company.

1965 – 2015
(names) have been married for 50 years! If that is not a reason to celebrate.

(names) said yes to each other 50 years ago!
We are happy to welcome you to our 50th wedding anniversary. Wedding anniversary on . to invite you cordially.

We celebrate our silver wedding anniversary

25 years married!
This is a reason for us to celebrate with you properly.
We expect our guests on . at . at the inn "Zum Hirschen in .

(18262) days we have spent together.
We do not want this anniversary to pass unnoticed.
The solemn church service is at 15.00 o’clock in the Elisabeth church. At
Afterwards we would like to invite relatives and friends to the hotel". "
We would like to invite you.

(names) have already managed 25 years of marriage together.
This is a reason to celebrate with all our friends and relatives.

At . is the day of our silver wedding.
In gratitude for allowing us to experience this day, we would like to
we celebrated him with a party in the Johanneskirche at 13.00 o’clock.
Afterwards there will be a reception in the restaurant "Lowengrube"
instead of.

Do you remember (date) 19.
Back then we said yes to each other and have held out until today.
To make our silver wedding anniversary as unforgettable as ours, we invite you to celebrate with us.
As in the past, we meet at (o’clock) in the (church) for the festive service. During coffee we will look back on a quarter of a century with films and photos from the past. Afterwards we are spoiled with some culinary delicacies, before we let the evening end with music and dance.
We would be very happy to welcome you- as then- than to welcome our guests.

For sailors:
At . we entered the harbor of marriage.
Since that time we sail together through wind and weather. We don’t want this to pass unnoticed.

9131 days have passed since we started our marriage and because we still like each other, we want to give a party. Be on .. our guests at our silver wedding anniversary party.

Now it’s been 25 years and many don’t even know it anymore.
But we still like to think back, because on . began our marital bliss.
The bridal bouquet is already long faded, but 25 years of our love glows.

To experience the full value of happiness . to share.
25 years we have now shared joys and sorrows and now thought that this is worth a party.

50 years ago we decided to be together forever, so today we invite you to our golden wedding anniversary. 50 years of married life is a good reason to celebrate with you in convivial round.

Stylish silver wedding invitation cards can be ordered with and without printing.

Sample texts for birth announcements

Four feet tall to medium small walked alone for a long time.
But now two tiny little feet go with us wherever we go!

We have got a healthy / strong boy

My name is Nina and I met my parents on the 25th. May 2002 met

Our Tobias has got the long desired baby brother

Happy and thankful we announce the birth of our parent

Oliver had to wait 412 days for the arrival of his little sister

Our sunshine has arrived on time.

Born with pains, but received with delights

Since the birth of our daughter we are completely out of the house

On 5. October early in the morning, all worries were gone.
With great thirst, 4 kilos heavy she resembles her father very much.
Mami is also quite proud, 52 cm are from her wood.
Monika and Herbert from Essen are rejoicing like possessed.

On 24. January 2015 I had to leave my old accommodation for reasons of space

Melanie makes our happiness complete!

With great joy we welcome our son Frank in our midst.

Dominik is the name of my little brother, who was born on Wednesday, 7. April was born.

On 14. October I arrived well and now play the first violin

A little star fell from the sky and from now on makes every second of our life shine

→ Our baby cards and birth announcements, playful, childlike or also with picture.

text collection round birthday – also free

There is something to celebrate. At . I will be 60 years old. Therefore I cordially invite you to . to celebrate.

2 x 25 to be, is for me a joy, therefore I look for loud nice people, who share the joy with me on this honor day and joyfully as I like it, a few hours stay. Friends from the life, friends from the time, from the 50 years of the past.

70 years’ are now reached and always it was not easy either. But with joy and humor the years seemed very short to me. At 7 p.m. we’ll get ready, the party, it’s got to be celebrated.

Birthdays are not counted, they are celebrated.

It is better to raise dust than to gather dust.

A round birthday stands in the house and who knows us, which knows itself, Soon it will be Hermann’s turn, still a real man at 60,
full of joie de vivre and a sense of celebration, just as they are, the Bavarians.

I want to celebrate my birthday with happy people. Therefore please come on . to our garden party. Please bring good mood, sunshine and a nice saying for the guest book.

Celebrate, even if it surprises you, on the 17. May my reached "half-century".
This day I would like to spend with my family and friends.

Time does not stop for me either: I will be 40 years old.
To much music, singing and wine, I invite quite cordially.
As soon as possible, I need to know if I can welcome you to my home.
Oh yes, I almost forgot, of course there’s also something to eat.
I am not eager for gifts, your presence is much more important to me.

I’ll be 60, there’s no way around it.

In the past the old people were 70- today the boys.

There is nothing to stop the 6. Decade wants to unfold.

Robert is 50 years old now, reason enough for a jubilee celebration.

Our head of the family Willy turns 50!
And because he does not let himself go, on xxx is the big party.
The whole thing should be a surprise, so his wife invites Rosi.

The teenager (photo) turns 50 and would like to review the time together with you.

Ägetting older is the only way to a long life

The strange thing about the future is the idea that our time will later be called the good old days (Ernest Hemmingway)

70! So what – the main thing healthy

That I become older, can not be changed – but celebrate hard !

(The sample texts in our free text collection are without guarantee, but you can use all the text templates for your invitation cards – free of charge. )

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