Is it possible that your hearty friend, who dives every now and then, is an angel in human form?

Angels in human form

An angel in human form is? Everywhere we are, we are surrounded by angels. They take us by the hand and protect us. Sometimes they look over our shoulder and give us the feeling that we are not alone.

When we are struggling with the impasses of life or are confronted with a problem, they give us signs with which they help us cope with things!

However, this happens very rarely and only when the visit of an angel is absolutely necessary. This can lead to a more concrete interaction, through which a message is transmitted to us clearly and unambiguously.

Angels in human form – At this article you will also learn how to sharpen your senses!

Why don’t angels show up more often in human form??

This is the way most people get in touch with their guardian angels – through signs and through the senses. Sometimes it happens, although very rarely, that people see an angel in human form.

Angels rarely appear in human form. If they were to move among us frequently in the guise of ordinary mortals, they would only distract us.

There is not enough space for them and for us. They belong to the heavenly world. The distinction between these two worlds has nothing to do with discrimination, but has a reason known only to God, who created everything.

Therefore, they show themselves in human form only when they feel that it is urgently needed.

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Angel in human form surrounded by light

You are sitting at your desk late at night and there is no one in your office but you. Suddenly you see a bright beam of light in your field of vision.

You don’t really know where the light is coming from, if someone is perhaps breaking into your home or if it is something else mysterious.

Angels on earth in human form can appear as points of light that dazzle us, they appear as luminous spheres or as continuous streams of light.

These observations are mostly made when you are alone, for example at home, at work, in a park or wherever else.

This will give you a glimpse of the divine nature of the beings we are always surrounded by. Angels who appear in this form usually focus exclusively on you and thus give you the feeling of being something special.

Sometimes when you are too focused on wanting to see an angel in human form, your mind can play tricks on you.

But you have to get rid of it and leave it up to the angels if they want to appear and at what time. But, would you like to know who your guardian angel is?

Shadows, clouds or mist

Have you ever been laughed at because you told that you saw a ghost? You were sitting alone reading a book when suddenly you had the impression that someone was staring at you or walking past you.

It may be that your friends make fun of it, but you are not the only person who has had such an experience.

Sometimes an angel appears in human form in the form of a shadow, which shows itself only to those who have an eye for it. Others see clouds in the shape of an angel while lying comfortably in the park on a Sunday looking at the sky.

Angels use different ways to show themselves to people.

Sometimes they appear as a mist, an indistinct figure that appears and disappears before your eyes, making you doubt if what you saw was real. All these visits of angels are characterized by a certain refinement and subtlety.

You do not use grand gestures to attract attention to yourself. They give hints that we have to recognize. We must see the angelic form in the clouds we see in the sky or in the water mist that hovers over us.

Carrying wings

We first saw angels in the form of drawings. They are usually depicted as beings with wings, dressed in a flowing white robe, with a yellow belt and a gold ring hovering above their head.

Is it perhaps a bizarre thought that angels can look like this? Sometimes an angel appears in this fictitious shape. This sounds magical on the one hand, but on the other hand it can also be frightening.

If you have ever had this experience, you understand what I mean. Even if you have never seen it before, imagine how you would react if a powerful and influential angel stood in front of you with its huge wings.

It sends a shiver down your spine? Well, it is not only you. Why would angels appear as beings that frighten people, even though they would never harm a fly?

Well, it is because they can be better recognized in this form, which is familiar to all of us. When they show up in this form, there is no confusion or ambiguity about who they are and why they show up.

In this respect, this is the representation of an angel in human form which comes closest to the truth and which does not detract from the divine nature of these beings.

Angel in human form

So, we have talked about how to recognize an angel in human form, in whatever form it may show itself. But what if the angel shows up as a human being and not just as a human-like figure?

We humans can certainly handle this best. We perceive them as our own and do not feel intimidated, as we would if we saw angels with wings or mist and shadows.

Often you can’t tell right away whether you are facing an angel or a human being.

But in retrospect, when you mentally review the encounter, the puzzle comes together piece by piece and you realize that you were dealing with an angel

Have you ever met an angel?

It can happen that you are standing in a queue somewhere and get into a conversation with a friendly stranger who gives you valuable advice. Or been dismissed, sitting on a bench in the park and feel alone and completely confused.

you don’t even know if you can continue to afford the apartment you’ve rented until next year, and you have no idea what you’re going to use to pay the bills that are coming your way if you want to maintain your standard of living to some extent.

There is an old man who asks you if he can sit next to you, because he is very exhausted after the long walk that the doctor has prescribed for him, so that he remains active and moves enough.

He asks you what ails you and you tell him what happened without hesitation, because you need someone to listen to you. He gives you advice and you feel better after the conversation.

As a thank you for his attention, you go and buy him a coffee, but when you come back, the place is empty, as if no one had been there.

Perhaps the encounter took place only in your imagination. You were dealing with an angel in human form. But even if you don’t realize it – as long as this encounter helps you, that’s what counts.

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