It’s always so nice with you

A catastrophic love story. Nominated for the German Book Prize 2021.

He used to be a musician. Now in his mid-forties, he is not dissatisfied on the whole. His girlfriend has a steady income, and the one-man recording studio also makes a little money. The dreams of an artistic career have long been buried. They no longer hurt.

He meets Vanessa, an actress, young and radiantly beautiful. At first he doesn’t understand why she is interested in him. He falls in love with her. He leaves his girlfriend. Is he together with Vanessa now?

It gets bigger and bigger: the happiness and the chaos. It is both for him. And he can’t get away from this woman and her abysses. In the end, it’s not Vanessa at all, but himself?


Heinz Strunk

Heinz Strunk

Heinz Strunk

Heinz Strunk

Heinz Strunk

  • Publisher: Rowohlt Buchverlag
  • Publication date: 20.07.2021
  • Delivery status: Available
  • 288 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-498-00198-8

It’s always so nice with you

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Hardly surprising that things with Vanessa amount to fields of rubble and streams of tears. But what Heinz Strunk has achieved up to this point, how he lets comedy and tragedy interpenetrate, demands admiration. (. ) If Heinz Strunk did not have considerable skill in this, this story and its hero would also be hard to bear.

This Mittlebens-Strauchler in search of lost happiness is a sad figure, at the same time this book belongs – what an estimable quality! – among the most entertaining to be found in German-language literature at present.

Heinz Strunk can be called a genius with good reason. . There is the boring term "tragicomedy", but it is by no means a satisfactory description of the phenomenon. Strunk’s aesthetic program is a hermaphrodite. With each book he presents, his craftsmanship takes on sharper contours.

Grandios. A book like a traffic accident. You drive past horrified and yet look again and again.

You’ve read it all before in this or a similar way – but rarely so brilliantly realized. The book succeeds in developing a pull that one cannot escape: This is due to the pace, the sound, and above all to the irresistible situational comedy.

Heinz Strunk is a virtuoso, sensitive storyteller, and in his seemingly unfiltered language he has a sure instinct for the expressions and phrases of his characters. Through their language he characterizes them as aptly as definitively.

The two become a couple when the erosion of their relationship has already begun. Strunk describes this fabulously, it even becomes absurd. And yet at times beautiful.

A game with contradictions and dichotomies is part of the DNA of this fantastic social study en miniature. He again uses linguistic and situational comedy without exposing his characters to ridicule. Rather it is sympathy with ironic wink

A love story? But no. A very entertaining disaster report.

Absurd dialogues . silent reproaches . told very humorously and very precisely . This is great literature.

He knows everything about men and reveals more than most of his fellow men would like to know. Sometimes this really hurts to read, which nevertheless, or perhaps because of it, compels you to keep reading. If the midlife crisis is still ahead of you, look forward to this book.

Sharply observant and psychologically precise, Heinz Strunk depicts the failure of the relationship, unkitschy and linguistically original. The author remains true to his quirky, somewhat morbid humor.

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