Letter to best friend: tips& template for a few beautiful words

In the age of WhatsApp and co. it is somehow nice to write something handwritten again. And if you’re going to go to the trouble, of course the letter should go to someone special. So how about a letter to your best friend that says you just want to show your appreciation? After all, you can also write a kind of love letter to great friends. Tips and ideas for a beautiful letter and a template we have here for you.

Well. If you are not so artistically talented in handwriting or if writing many pages hurts your hands at some point, you can also type out a dear text, either modernly on the PC or with a pretty vintage charm with a typewriter. Either way, it’s the content that counts in the end.

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Letters to the best friend: What to write?

Whether for a birthday, wedding or just in between as a small surprise: A few dear, personal words make everyone happy. Because how often do you forget to just say "thank you"? to tell or show the other how happy you are to have him or her. If you want to write down these feelings in a letter, but don’t really know how to do it, here are a few tips for you:

  • Formalities of any kind are superfluous. The letter to your best friend is not a professional message. So address her the same way you would address her in person, and end the letter with sweet words like "I love you"!“
  • Share anecdotes from your friendship. In which moments you could really laugh? When were you especially proud of her? Was there a point when you realized that you could really trust her and tell her everything?? A little "declaration of love" to to your girlfriend or. your friend with flashbacks is just wonderful!
  • Write wishes for the future. You hope that the friendship will last for a long time, that you will still be close to each other and that you will still be able to sit together many years from now and exchange the latest gossip about everyday life, love and your job. Maybe you’re dying to go on vacation with your girlfriend or finally do that one crazy thing you’ve been planning for so long. Also such future prospects make themselves wonderfully in a letter!

You see: A pattern or. It is difficult to give a template that is generally valid for every personal letter to friends, because the design is very situation- and friendship-dependent. Some people want to apologize in such letters for a wrong behavior in the past or write down problems they have with their boyfriend. The direction in which the letter should go as well as the execution of your words is therefore ultimately your responsibility. Here you can find some general quotes for your letter to your best friend:

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Letter to the best friend: A letter text as an exemplary template

Even though there is no perfect template, you can get inspiration from others. ÜOur desired user Kaddy91 has already thought about a letter to your best friend in detail. She wrote the following letter to her buddy, which you can take as a nice personal example and inspiration for your own words:

You’re probably wondering right now why I’m writing to you, well… good question. I realized something on Monday at DFB Square, because I’ve thought a lot about this topic before, too. Now please do not think anything wrong! Let me try to explain…

Well, we’ve known each other for a good year now and I always find it amazing how much you can learn from someone in such a relatively "short" time Time can experience. I have partially told you things that no one else knows about me. If I were asked why I entrust these things to you, I would not have to think long about an answer, because entrusting includes one thing above all: trust. And this is what I have in you. Even if you ever make fun of something, know I know exactly that I can tell you everything and you will always have an open ear for me. I am really grateful to you for this! You can always make me laugh and that is priceless.

Even though you can drive me up the wall sometimes, I wouldn’t miss you for the world!“

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You see: a sweet letter to a good friend does not have to be purely positive or critical. A good mix adds authenticity. A friendship has not only highs, but also lows, which are overcome. And that’s what makes it special, isn’t it?? However, if you really do have frequent downs in your friendship, then this test might be interesting for you .

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