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Luke K. (31) works in the Technical Reconnaissance Division.

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Hacks for Germany

"I’m not the ‘no risk, no fun’ type.", Says Lukas K. "On the contrary, I usually only do things when I’m sure I won’t get into trouble." This is how the 31-year-old computer scientist explains the background of his application to the BND at the time . Because here he is allowed to do what he is really good at and what he enjoys: hacking .

Luke, computer scientist at BND:

"I never wanted to do anything illegal, and hacking without an official order is punishable by law."

Even as a child, he knew that computers were his world. He sought the challenge of not only understanding systems, but also breaking them. He quickly discovered that he had a special talent in this area. When he finally made it to the finals of an important European hacking challenge, he knew he wanted to make a living doing it, too.

"But I never wanted to do anything illegal, and hacking without an official order is punishable by law," he emphasizes. In his job, it is important that he is familiar with the scene – even if he is no longer part of it – and knows what makes it tick. "In hacking, the idea of play is relatively high," explains the computer scientist. Here’s what you always have to think about in your job, he says.

Teamwork and creative solutions are needed here

Source: / vgajic

"You never work entirely alone, but are part of a team , which includes some of the smartest minds in this country."

"You’re especially proud when you find the result of your own work in a secret report from the BND," explains Lukas. Because reporting to the federal government, reporting on important developments, is precisely the goal of his work, too. Here, he works hand in hand with his colleagues in the so-called evaluating areas.

In addition, the work does not follow a "pattern", as is often the case in companies. But you can and often have to find extraordinarily creative ways to solve problems. "I can’t imagine working anywhere else," says Lukas.

"I’m attracted by the real challenge"

His activity is also not limited to working at a desk in Germany. He regularly goes on training courses abroad and exchanges ideas with international partners at conferences and in technical discussions.

Source: bnd.en

And how realistic does he think movies and series about hackers are ? "It’s all nonsense," says Lukas. In real life, he says, everything is much more complicated and cannot be solved with one or two key combinations. But that’s precisely the challenge that appeals to him.

Sure, he could test company systems for security in the private sector and earn a lot more than he would in the public sector. "But it’s not about the money, it’s about the task and the real challenge!"Because hacking a system without it being an ordered test is something he is only allowed to do here – so the job at the BND is unique for him.

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