Lose weight fast! Lose 16 kilograms in 6 weeks

Losing weight has not been easy until now and there will be reasons that you are the way you are. But it will be worth it.

  • Do it for those moments when you cried because your body was in the way of something you would have liked to do.
  • Do it for those moments when you looked at yourself in the mirror and abysmally hated what you saw.
  • Do it for a fit, balanced body. For yourself.

Lose your excess kilos. Your body will thank you. Remember how your clothes didn’t fit. Your body felt undefined, disgusting and greasy. You had no energy. Remember the times you wish you were pretty and slim, the times you regretted eating something unhealthy. You wanted a change and you should have done a workout. Yet you didn’t follow through with either. But you will do it now, you will be strong, because you didn’t make it last time, you were weak. You are now free from any fear, because you were insecure before.

What you learn in this article about losing weight fast:

  • The Dissatisfaction is justified and only you can change something!
  • This is the Reason why you should not lose weight
  • The first secret tip to lose weight at the beginning
  • Weight loss stress is like Chocolate – an asshole!
  • What no one tells you to lose weight fast
  • Weight loss crash course through the nutrition basics
  • The 5 golden rules & the most common mistake losing weight
  • Make your body a Weight loss machine
  • The Mega weight loss booster sport – the right 20% for 80% more success

All these recipes and the weight loss instructions are not only scientifically backed, but I have also tested for you. That’s why it’s so important to me that you consider the very specific numbers and recommendations, as realistic and doable.

Imagine in 6 weeks to lose 16kg really works..

..how nice it feels, when all your friends look you up and down at the next meeting and tell you how fantastic you look. "Have you lost weight?", it will sound from all sides. And you will be proud to say: "Yes, I have lost weight." Do not we all know this situation from our dreams? You too have wished that the kilos on the scale would fall off. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not as easy as it sounds. Junk food restaurants are lining up in the cities, everything is becoming more and more unhealthy, as without sugar in the food industry hardly anything works anymore. But is it worth it? No!

More than three million deaths were attributable to excessive body mass index in 2010! Do you want to end up like this? Spend the rest of your life on the couch with high blood pressure and overweight? No? Then do something about it and read this article. I promise to explain to you, in just a few steps, an easy way to get into 6 weeks lose 16 kilograms.

Can you afford it? Lose 16 kilograms in 6 weeks means several dress sizes less

You will have lost several dress sizes, your friends will admire you and ask about your secret and your colleagues will give you envious looks. Can you imagine what that will be like?? You’ll feel great and fit and grateful that this article changed your life. It’s hard to follow through with this plan for the six weeks. Things can’t always be talked up. But it will also be hard to be overweight your whole life and to be overweight forever.

Stop crying and let’s get started: We’re not doing 20 kilo weight loss with zero diet here…

Two thirds of men (67%) and half of women (53%) in Germany are overweight. A quarter of adults (23% of men and 24% of women) are severely overweight (obese).

Men and women with obesity (BMI ≥ 30) in Germany – proportions in the population of the same age Source: © Robert Koch Institute 2014, DEGS1 study, 2008-2011 survey

So we can start: the very first thing you will learn is how to achieve your desired figure and with this guide you will manage to lose 16 kilos in 6 weeks. Look at how dramatic the numbers actually are. If you take a look at your age group, you’ll see that the number of overweight and obese people quickly exceeds 50, 60 percent, and it doesn’t matter whether we look at the figures for men or women. Whenever you have overweight, whenever people in your team are overweight, or fat obese, that’s always accompanied by taking medicine, with worse regenerate, lose more energy, just to be there and you also always have concomitant diseases that drive up the numbers for companies and also drive up the numbers for health insurance companies, drive up the costs for health insurance companies.

1. The dissatisfaction is justified – Only you can change it yourself

Either way, you’ve already learned in the other articles that only you can take responsibility for your life and ended up here because you need to invest in your body and that’s exactly what we’re doing. Let’s look at the 80 right percent, let’s direct 80 percent of the energy right and let’s get it:

  • 50% weight loss diet
  • 30% slimming sport
  • 20% Weight Loss Medication(Only if you’re actually morbidly obese and have concomitant diseases with that.)

Lose weight fast – The Pareto principle also applies to losing weight

You know a tuna salad is healthier, but you still don’t do it…

We live in a society. Knowledge is always and everywhere available and we also live in a society of wealth and luxury. We have such a high quality of food that we can buy in supermarkets day after day and yet, yes, we have the numbers as we have them. In my opinion, this is also due to the fact that you get to know a new diet at every corner, that you constantly get new information and one makes the other bad. Sometimes it’s the bad fats, sometimes it’s the bad carbs, sometimes you have to drink a shake, sometimes you’re only allowed one thing, sometimes you’re only allowed the other thing.

And if you ask the German Nutrition Society, they are the experts for Germany / Austria / Switzerland, i.e. for the German-speaking countries, there are compromises.

Then they’ll say: "Well, do a little bit of everything, something balanced."

Only you are responsible for your life!

The Dissatisfaction with your own body is the problem of many. Almost everyone has looked at their body in the mirror at one time or another and found themselves "too fat". But when is one actually really too fat? The fact is that you have to feel comfortable in your body. You don’t need a scale or a body mass index for that. You have to look at yourself and decide if you feel good the way you look. If that’s not the case, you probably feel like you’re too fat. By easily calculating your BMI, you can find out what it looks like medically. On the Internet you can find numerous BMI calculators, but also the formula does the same:

body weight (in kg) divided by height (in m) squared

Example: You weigh 100 kilograms and are 1.80 tall. We come to a BMI of 31. On the Internet, the BMI can be extended by an age and gender and determine even more accurately. A BMI of 31 means that our example is in the overweight range.

Hangover (Source: Cinema.de)

Have you seen Hangover?

"I had a lot of vodka with sausages… delicious, but bad for me."

Then you might also know one of the main actors, Zach Galifianakis. He made a big change in 2014, dropping 20 kilograms! When asked how he did it, he replied, "I stopped drinking, and lost a tremendous amount of weight as a result." Maybe it is easier than it sounds? Zach had simply decided on a better life – and he went through with it. "I had a lot of vodka with sausages… delicious, but bad for me", joked the actor in an interview. The former fatty admitted to himself that his original lifestyle and diet were probably not as good as he thought and decided to change his life:

No more alcohol! This was his motto – and it worked! Sometimes small changes are enough to achieve big things. How you also lose weight as successfully as Zach I will explain to you now!

First meeting to lose weight fast

We will do a short exercise to lose weight: I ask you right now to close your eyes. Then you will think of the best possible version of yourself as a human being. This is you. You will be that person! Take a deep breath and then let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe in it. You don’t need these parts of yourself anymore. Close your eyes now.

2. This is the reason why you could not lose weight until now

So correctly, there is also there again not the clear line and the reasons why humans eat, are meanwhile also completely different and it is evenly no longer in such a way that humans eat in the today’s society, because they have hunger, but there are frequently completely, completely different reasons and I am again and again fascinated and also startled, if I read nourishing plans, if I let customers fill out such a thing, then it says often in it "Boredom". You arrive somewhere, you have nothing to do, you put something in your mouth between meals. In the evening on the couch, that’s often boredom, or you had some kind of frustration at work, frustration in the relationship, whatever and then you just push in frustration food.

Reasons for being overweight and how you can lose weight

lose weight fast: Why people eat

Remember company celebrations, birthdays, Christmas. Sometimes it’s just a reward to indulge yourself. Going to the restaurant in the evening, inviting the wife, or, or, or and there we always reward with alcohol and with a real, big meal, you can say already. Then you might know it from funerals, too, there’s always eating and eating and eating. Some actually want to mourn, but then there’s always coffee and cake, at least for us Germans. Yes, and then there are also those for whom this is simply addiction, we would have already discussed this in the orientation meeting, which is then different for you. In the end all this does not apply.

You need good alternatives if you want to lose weight fast

In the end, that’s exactly the challenge, that you need alternatives. Alternatives for de-stressing from food and this is where you get recommendations, if you are eating because you are actually bored, then you should try a media cure. A media cure where you consciously leave out the TV, where you put away the newspaper, where you delete the social media apps from your cell phone and simply don’t use them for a few weeks, because then you will suddenly get even more bored and you will suddenly take more time for eating and you might notice that you don’t want to eat at that moment, but that you can use the time you gain, which according to experience is up to two hours a day, for something else. For something really nice.

The frustrated eater can lose weight faster if he talks

If you have eaten in the eaten out of frustration in the past, then in the future you will speak instead. Get your frustration off your chest. Call anyone who likes to listen to you. Pick anyone on the streetcar, on the road, your best friend, mother, child, whomever. Take anyone and talk the frustration from your soul. Really good would also be a jogging partner.

The reward eater can lose weight faster if he looks for a hobby

A Alternative to the reward, would be perhaps that you satisfy yourself with your favorite hobby and also rewarded. If you have drunk a bottle of wine in the past, then screw around with your classic cars, or invest in your favorite hobby, running, or in something else that is your hobby. A really nice alternative to eating in grief situation is grieving. It is perfectly okay and also important that you are sad and cry in between times and the world can be terrible in between times and then it will be beautiful again.

The addicted eater can lose weight faster if he makes a withdrawal

If you are from addictive reasons you have eaten until now, then a sensitization would do you good. Something like a detox, I am always a friend of cold turkey and usually a few days are enough. But even that, as we have already clarified in the orientation meeting, you should not do alone and even if you have eaten so far because you were hungry, try in the future to do sports instead of eating.

Because that’s how it’s actually programmed in our genetics, the way it used to be, that we didn’t run to the refrigerator or have the pizza cab come, but that when we were hungry, we had to go on the hunt and you’ll make the exciting experience that when you start doing sports hungry, the hunger goes away during the sport and also stays away for a whole time, 2, 3 hours after the sport.

to lose weight quickly: Homework

Your first homework to lose weight fast…

Your first homework here and now will be to please a food diary for a week and always keep the reason why you just ate write it down and that after this week please test the just discussed alternatives for yourself. Writing it down will cause you to become aware of what you are actually doing to your body and also get a sense of the amounts and why.

Most likely, your eating habits will change during the week, so we don’t have to talk about it much afterwards, and maybe the topic of "Stress and food" for you also interesting, because you either have a certain stress level at work, or the topic "Balance between professional context and private" If this is the case, you will be able to understand that with too much effort, with too much stress, the body sometimes feels like this foot and maybe you know that your nervous system consists of two parts, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system. One part is responsible for activity and the other for relaxation and they are ideally in harmony with each other and work equally. You may know this system from other cultures with the symbol of Yin and Yang.

3. The first secret weight loss tip to lose weight right at the beginning

Right at the beginning I’m going to tell you a secret weight loss tip that most people fail at because they don’t realize how easy it basically is to put into practice!

And this is what it is about, always stick to the goal, which is: Lose weight fast – In 6 weeks lose 16 kilograms. Later I will present you a weight loss plan, how you reach this goal in any case. In order to stick to the weight loss plan, you will learn numerous methods, tricks and tips throughout the article, which will make it much easier for you to stick to it. In order to stick to your goal, it is best to choose motivational quotes or images that will help you.

For example, print out a picture of your idol or imagine a person from your environment whose body you would like to have.

If you doubt yourself for whatever reason, you can always remind yourself why you started in the first place and realize that you are capable of doing it.

Replace the "I would" with "I will" and you will lose weight faster

Until now you have always wished to have a different body. You "wanted" to have it or said to yourself:

"I want to be slim so much!"

But that is the end of it now. You will no longer tell yourself that you wish or that you would like to have it. Because this time you will make it for sure. Tell yourself this over and over again! "I can do it." Repeat the phrase often, write it down if you want to and think it will help you. You are no longer working towards your dream, but towards a goal.

Unlike a dream in which you say: "I would love to be slim" you must now set yourself a fixed goal. Subtract from your current weight the 10 kilos you will lose quickly and internalize that number. If you do not know your weight, weigh yourself. If you don’t have a scale, buy one. You will need a scale in the course of the six weeks, because you will be able to see the successes directly and these in turn will make it easier for you to achieve your goal. Don’t be afraid of being at the beginning.

You have the strength, intelligence and willpower to lose weight quickly

We have now already clarified that you need to focus on you. But now we should also consider how your weight loss will affect your soul. With the fast losing of weight also in your brain some things will change. Of course in a positive sense. You will have more self-confidence and be able to believe in yourself better than you ever have before. But still you have to be careful and take the following hints to heart. Losing weight is not a physical challenge. This comes as a surprise and is contrary to everything you thought you knew so far. It’s best to let the information sink in for a moment before you continue reading.

Do not underestimate your head when losing weight

Losing weight fast also challenges the body, but what is much more important and elementary is that it is the mind that controls everything at that moment. It’s not your bacon-laden tummy that made the decision to leave little by little. It was your good will. Your soul is the limit that has prevented you from losing weight so far. And this is where the treasure is buried: You have to take this first step to lose weight. Accept that you will need your mind in the next six weeks and that you will challenge it like never before. If your spirit is not strong enough, you will not succeed. If your body is not strong enough, your mind will step in, encourage you to keep fighting. The American Henry Ford once said about this topic:

"Whether you think you can do it or whether you think you can’t do it – you’ll be right in any case!"

The greater your doubts, the more likely you are to fail.

The more precise your plan, goal and will, the more likely it is that you will reach your goal. Do you know the saying that in the rest lies the strength? I would like you to visualize all your thoughts when you notice that your soul is slowly getting tired. You fully concentrate on what is bothering you. Isolate yourself for a few minutes (longer if necessary), withdraw into a quiet room, close your eyes. Go into yourself, until you have become completely calm inside. Take several deep breaths. Then visualize your big goal, your big plan. Tell yourself that you can do it.

4. Stress while losing weight is like chocolate – an asshole!

In this graph you see first the healthy example, when both Sympathetic as well as parasympathetic nervous system balanced and can actually work in the same body in the same proportion and the slight increase is then the stressed body. If you have more activity, you will feel it by having a pressure on your head in between, that you can concentrate less, that your mouth is a bit drier, then your heart rate will increase. So you have an increased heart rate compared to a healthy person.

lose weight fast: Nervous System

You will also notice that sugar is released in the liver, but you will not notice that, you will notice that the bladder is full and you will not be able to go to the toilet as well. These are things that you can feel very well. The third stage is really bad, when you have such a high stress level, the sympathetic nervous system has to work so hard that it develops an automatism and you don’t even notice that the parasympathetic nervous system doesn’t work anymore, or only works to a small extent. You may only have a chance then if you take a vacation.

These are often then such situations where the Immune system The nervous system actually shuts down and tells you that I’m recovering, I’ve been working at full speed all this time and now I’m going to get all that back. These are the last harbingers before it then goes in the direction of burn-out and then you suddenly have another shovel on it and that is the shovel that then poisons the whole system. You have then quasi no more balance. You no longer have the part in your body that works for relaxation.

As a rule, you will also notice this in your sleep, you can then only sleep really, really badly, no longer restful at all. You sweat clearly more, are unbelievably nervous and at the latest at that point, you will then also actually with the program here no longer get on, but actually with a physician, with a therapist, with medicines possibly also to work must.

What happens in your body during stress

So that it does not come at all so far, we look at the topic times. There are many forms of stress and the biggest ones are eustress and distress, i.e. good and bad stress. Let’s look at what’s happening in your body. If you imagine what happens evolutionarily quite simply in your body, if you imagine that you go hunting for your clan, armed only with a spear and with such a nice fur coat around your loins, then you want to hunt down the mammoth in the ideal case and if then suddenly the saber-toothed tiger stands before you, then you get stressed and what do you do then??

You have two options:

either you start to fight or you run away. Either way, you would have to go into activity and that’s why your body’s sympathetic part, the part that is responsible for activity, in your autonomic nervous system goes into high gear, hormones are released, such as adrenaline, to get you into activity. At the same time sugar is released into the bloodstream, so that it can be transported from there into the muscle to be burned there, because you have to go into the activity. This is what the cab hormone insulin does. Insulin is released in the pancreas and you can imagine it like a cab, it has the task to drive into the bloodstream, to load the blood sugar there and to drive into the muscle, where the blood sugar wants to go.

lose weight fast: Stress Cycle

Keep your blood sugar at a low level and you lose weight faster

So the body’s response is that the blood sugar concentration in the blood goes down and drops down to the sober level and below. When your blood sugar drops below the fasting level, the alarm bell in your head starts ringing. Your head tells you, ey colleague you are hungry, you are hypoglycemic. That means, you are not hungry for a pork knuckle, or for a tuna salad, but your head tells you, you are hungry for Snickers, for chocolate, or for something else sweet.

That is, your body wants sugar quickly and immediately, if it doesn’t get it, your body continues to hypoglycate and then the whole thing is called "ravenous hunger". As a rule you know it from yourself, no matter whether you are in the car on the road and drive to the gas station, or whether you are in the office and if there is not this drawer in your office, then you know exactly where you have to ring the bell at the colleagues, in which drawer you have to look in the office where the chocolate is. There is something like that everywhere and then your body gets exactly that and then you have the following problem, because you shoot the blood sugar up again, you have a very high blood sugar concentration again.

The response is again insulin is released. Insulin travels into the bloodstream as a cab hormone, transports the blood glucose there, the blood glucose curve drops again, you’re hungry again. hungry for sugar, you take something again and then you are in the cycle. You are in the cycle until your carbohydrate storage, liver and muscles are full and the cycle goes on and on and on. But if your storage is already full, then the stuff does not just go out on the toilet, but the sugar is then converted into fat. This means that everything you eat ends up on your hips.

So stress makes you overweight

The bottom line to this slide is that stress makes you overweight and stress does not only make you overweight. But permanent stress is really unhealthy. Permanent stress causes that you cannot recover any more. If you have stress on a regular basis, then your stress capacity decreases, you weaken your immune system immensely, your muscle tension, your muscle tone goes up and also persistently goes up. So you get tense, tense up. You can get pains, muscle pains, back pains, up to the point that with permanent stress, you get into a hormonal imbalance, so that you for example completely lose hunger, or appetite, or even get sleeping disorders and the most blatant form are then mental consequences, that you get panic attacks, depression etc., which you then have to treat properly.

Of course I don’t know what happened to you in the past for stress but here are some classic examples of things that can trigger stress. Maybe your triggers are involved, maybe not.

At the end of the day, the point is to build a step-by-step guide for you on how to get out of stress. So now you have understood what happens in your body when you have stress and now you get three possible solutions from me.

Get out of stress to lose weight fast

The first and best solution is to look at what makes you stressed and change and reduce stressors. If there are things of an organizational nature, you can usually change that very easily and also in the short term. Should people in your life stress, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes you need some courage. If they are people you can easily separate from, then separate from these people. But if people are causing you stress, from whom it is sometimes not so easy, such as a co-worker, a colleague, a boss, a family member, your own mother, then you may have to learn how to deal with this situation.

That means you have to learn your own behavior and only you can do that or you actually have to take consequences there and the most common reason why people don’t do that is because they’re scared. Most people are afraid to say to the employee, the colleague, the boss, their own mother, you’re annoying, leave me alone, you’re an asshole. The worst thing that can happen is we want, here you get friendship terminated, you lose a family member, or you lose your job.

to lose weight fast: Permanent stress

If you now have to entertain a family of three as a solo entertainer, then that can of course cause stress. But it is still no reason to accept and tolerate it all your life, because you are destroying yourself and in the end you also have responsibility for your family and for yourself. Then maybe one possibility would be that you build up a financial cushion that allows you to get by for three, four, five months without a job and you go into a conversation, into a clarifying conversation. Match the right situation and the right mood and try to talk for the time being. If you have done this once and nothing has changed and you now do it a second time and still nothing changes, you can still show the people the red card and separate from this person.

If the first way, the best way, doesn’t work for you…

…then here comes the second solution. So you allow yourself to be stressed and what happens in your body is that adrenaline is released, blood sugar concentrations rise and insulin is released. So your body is activated. Your body is completely adjusted to movement and now you don’t do it like in the past, that you just sit in your chair, that you stay in the meeting, but you get up and move around. Of course, in today’s society, you can’t always go into competition and punch the other person in the nose, and it’s not appropriate to start crying in meetings, with customers, wherever.

That doesn’t work, but what always works is that you take a short break, go out briefly, a time out, run once up and down the staircase, run once around the block. In school there are real rooms where kids can let off steam, hit the punching bag for five minutes and then come back to class. That’s exactly what you do, you just break it down in a controlled way through movement.

Super. Everything that comes now is actually already really stupid…

and no longer recommended. For the sake of completeness I will explain it to you anyway. The third way is, you can’t do the first one, you can’t do the second one, so you allow your blood sugar to drop, you allow hypoglycemia and you don’t wait until you get ravenous, you go and prepare something that is a mixture of carbohydrates, different sources of carbohydrates in combination with a little bit of fat and a little bit of protein, which will keep you full for three or four hours. You take a break, eat that and only then continue.

What nobody tells you to lose weight fast

The secret that I am going to tell you now, you may have heard before in a modified form. Everyone knows that if you want to lose weight quickly, you need to pay attention to both diet and exercise. But to what parts it is necessary and useful? This is where the 80-20 formula comes into play. Guess what: Do you think your weight loss will work better if you eat 80% and exercise 20%?? Or do you think that 80% exercise is easier – especially in combination with 20% diet?? The solution is that 80% is indeed the diet. But that is good. Because as much sport as you would have needed in the other calculation is impossible for most people to accommodate in their daily lives. The secret is that diet is far more than predominant when it comes to losing weight.

You have never had the desire to do sports? You’ve never had the motivation to go to the gym? No problem, because more than the main part weighs anyway on the nutrition. How your diet should change, you will now learn.

That alone counts when losing weight

If you were to ask me what is decisive for losing or gaining weight, then I would answer that in the end it is only the energy balance that is decisive. So if you give the body less in energy than it actually needs, it will lose weight. If you give your body more energy than it needs, it gains weight. This is what diets do to you and if you have dieting experience you know this and can confirm it.

If you diet again and again in the long run, you train your metabolism down.

The body gets used to fewer calories and adapts and most diets are structured in such a way that you have to count calories or points and that’s exactly what we don’t do, because if I were to explain to you briefly what we would do, it would be a waste of time and by the time I’m done talking, you wouldn’t want to do it anymore. You would have to go and first calculate for yourself, what is your basal metabolic rate?. Basal metabolic rate is what you would burn for energy if you just sat on the couch for 24 hours and did nothing.

You calculate this very roughly as a rule of thumb for men: 1 kilocalorie / kilogram body weight / hour, so that on 24 hours, that would be your basal metabolic rate.

lose weight fast: Calculation energy balance

Since we can’t afford to just sit on the couch for 24 hours, you would then have to add your work metabolic rate, which of course depends on what kind of work you do, whether you are in the office, whether you are on the construction site, and even then again, whether you do a lot of mental work, whether you do a lot of physical work, and so on, and thirdly, you would add your power metabolic rate. Say, what you do as a sport, also there depending of course on your body composition and so on and so forth.

So you realize, you would have to calculate that for every day first, so you know how much energy you are allowed to eat that day. Then you would have to log everything you eat and add it up. Of course, these days there are app options that make this easier for you, but if you really want to do it down to the calorie, it’s incredibly time consuming and usually not worth the time investment.

You will learn right now the basics of nutrition, which you need, no more and no less. The thing that speaks for changing your diet more towards a protein-rich diet is food-induced thermogenesis, a complicated word for a simple process, namely the loss of energy through food intake as such. Means, if you eat a very protein-rich food, then 18 to 20 percent of the calories you take in are already burned in the process of ingestion. For carbohydrates, that’s 5 to 9 percent and for fats, about 3 to 4 percent. We usually eat a mixed diet and then we average about 10 percent. So for that reason alone, if you’re eating very high protein and you already know you’re burning 20 percent of the calories, it makes sense to invest more because you can save a little bit.

Throughout the day

In the following you will learn important aspects of losing weight. Both tricks and tips will help you get enough nutrients throughout the day. We go through the day slowly and I will help you in the places where you failed on your own and tell you tricks how you can persevere in the future.

In the morning to lose weight quickly

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You may remember this sermon from the past. If you leave the house without eating breakfast, your mom would not like it. And it is also the biggest mistake you can make. Not eating breakfast drastically increases the risk of food cravings. Breakfast is the meal that allows you to lose the most weight. Here you should eat as much as possible, but also as healthy as possible. A lot of fruit makes you awake, increases your energy considerably and helps you to start the day full of energy and healthy.

You are not a big fan of fruit? Then you must like ice cream? Who does not like ice cream? Then try mashing a frozen banana with a regular banana. Add some frozen berries and vary the amount with pleasure. If you puree everything, you will get a delicious ice cream that you can eat as much as you like without any doubt.

You can use other fruits, nuts and healthy grains as toppings. Such a delicious breakfast makes you want to start the day and satiates you for a long time. Besides, who can claim to enjoy five scoops of ice cream for breakfast every day and still be slim?? You in the near future! If you are a chocolate freak, then indulge in chocolate in the morning. According to the Center for Health dark chocolate is even healthy! The flavanols contained in it are good for the heart and visibly strengthen it. A small bar or two to three pieces of a bar are fine and can be included in your diet plan. Snacking is important for your stamina and chocolate looks great on your homemade ice cream.

Lunch to lose weight fast

You should not eat anything between breakfast and lunch. Too many meals will crank your stomach too often and your hunger pangs will be distorted. At noon you eat best a warm meal. A low-calorie side dish such as potatoes or plain rice will help you lose weight quickly. Low-fat meats like turkey or chicken will give you the protein you need, and several vegetables will spice up the flavor. You can find numerous recipes on the Internet. Ideally, you eat your lunch with a salad, which you dress with low-fat dressing. It is very important that you do not drink anything during the meal. During the meal, you must not do anything unimportant, such as using your smartphone, watching TV or answering e-mails. Concentrate on the food itself, eating slowly and with relish, chewing each bite about thirty times. Before eating, you should consume a large amount of water.

About 750 ml to 1 l are the right units of measure. The water fills the stomach and creates a feeling of satiety before eating, which will help you eat less and thus save calories. You are not a fan of drinking a lot of water at once or you don’t know how to do it? Then just squeeze the juice of a simple lemon and mix it with your water. So the water tastes like something and gets a taste. In addition, lemons are known to naturally provide energy, remove unwanted substances from the body, and balance PH levels. But that’s not all. Lemons prevent and improve acne and increase the speed of the immune system. In any case, a real miracle cure for your water.

In the evening to lose weight quickly

As you can see, there are no other snack times besides the three main meals. That is also quite correct. Your body simply does not need extra meals when losing weight fast. You get along very well with three meals a day. In the evening, you should eliminate rich foods from your diet plan. It is better to combine protein-rich foods with carbohydrates, which, according to a fitness magazine, allow the body to release a happiness hormone that is closely linked to the sleep hormone melatonin. How about a simple banana?

This is relatively high in calories for fruit, but it does wonders for lowering your stress levels and calming your nerves. In general, a dinner should not have more than 200 calories. Note here that cereals like bread and toast are relatively high in calories and can add to your stomach at night. Did you know that a simple bread roll has about three hundred calories?? Half a roll will hardly fill you up, but corresponds to what you should eat in the evening. Not a good choice.

Meals want to be considered. It would be great if you have or find the possibility to plan your food and your meals on the previous day. Planning will help you stick to your plan and help avoid eating anything unplanned or suddenly finding yourself in the office without food and then forced to consume unhealthy mensa food.

6. Lose weight crash course through nutrition basics

Okay, so the crash course once through the nutritional basics:first there are the carbohydrates. With carbohydrates we distinguish between single sugar, double sugar, multiple sugar, multiple sugar. Ultimately, this determines the complexity of the chemical structure and so you see the variety of carbohydrate forms here. What do you need carbohydrates for? Ultimately, carbohydrates are fast energy sources that are stored in your liver and muscles and here’s how it works in the example of a white roll. So it goes through the stomach, through the digestive tract, through the small intestine, through the large intestine and is finally broken down to sugar.

Then it ends up in the bloodstream, insulin is secreted as a cab hormone, you’ve just heard that before, and is ultimately then pushed over into the muscles and liver, transported. If this storage is full, because of too little exercise, or too many carbohydrates, or the stress curve, the vicious circle that we have just looked at with the chocolate, then it is so that the body converts the whole thing into fat tissue and the storage for the times of need becomes larger and larger.

Basically we can differentiate between the quality of carbohydrates depending on how they affect the blood sugar level and you see two different graphs here. Once at carbohydrate intake that just strongly affect blood sugar, you see here the food intake, the blood sugar curve goes up, correspond to the response reaction of insulin. As soon as insulin is released, the blood sugar curve goes down again. The gray is the sober level, so where your head tells you, I’m hungry and the yellow, that is the area where your body can burn fat.

So whenever you eat poor quality carbohydrates, not only is your blood sugar spiked and insulin released, no, you also have poor to no fat burning during that time and you see down here yes the time curve is running along. You see that after one or two hours you come back to the sober level, but at the latest after that you are really hungry again. Your head tells you in this case, hey, I am hungry.

On the right side, on the right graph, you also see a carbohydrate intake with higher quality. These are more complex carbohydrate sources, multi-chain carbohydrate sources, where the blood sugar curve does not have such an extreme upward effect, where you remain in the fat burning process the whole time and where you do not have any cravings afterwards. What this means in concrete terms, we will clarify in a moment. You have to translate all this into food that you can put on your shopping list or in your fridge.

lose weight fast

Building blocks of the body

As a second large area let’s look at the proteins, the proteins amino acids. So you see here the function of proteins and you have already heard that you burn up to 20 percent of the energy during food-induced thermogenesis and also during the intake of proteins, of amino acids, we can divide food, food into different high quality and that is done in this case via the BW, via the biological value. The biological value indicates how many grams of the body’s own protein can be replaced by 100 grams of dietary protein and as a reference is the whole egg with one hundred, with a biological value of 100 and you see then corresponding the gradation, that is meat and fish is very, very high quality, has a very high biological value and vegetable protein sources then correspondingly after and always something descending from the biological value.

Overall, it is so that we Germans tend to consume a lot of meat and you probably also and that I would therefore recommend you, so with the protein sources, more on fish, if you tolerate it also quiet dairy products and because of the fiber density and also mineral and nutrient density also vegetable protein sources should not underestimate and should also get more and more of it purely.

Fats and fats to lose weight

The fats as the third and last major area. Here you can see the physiology of fats. So fats are very, very important and even if in certain diets and nutrition concepts fats are demonized, we have to differentiate a little bit and you probably know the terms monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids and that is always what is written on the back of the package and finally you can imagine it, also here from the chemical structure. The more unsaturated a fatty acid is, the more complex its structure, the more the body can work with it, use it, convert it and the higher its biological value.

The more unsaturated a fatty acid is, the less useful it is for the body. This is how you can roughly imagine it. The most valuable fatty acid in the race is the Omega 3, whereby, if you will continue to observe it in the next few years, it will probably also be scientifically proven that the combination of Omega 3, 6 and 12 is so incredibly important.

If you have problems with the immune system, or with the absorption, or usability, if you are often tired and sleep poorly, then you should know above all that the cell membranes are made of fatty acids. The cell membranes consist of fatty acids and depending on the food fat quality these cell membranes are just permeable, or less permeable and what you eat at green stuff, you want it to arrive at energy also in the cell nucleus inside and if you take up a bad fatty acid quality about the food, the membranes are less permeable and all the healthy stuff you think you’re doing for your body actually ends up in the toilet and I recommend you do the same as an oil change in your car every now and then, you should also do an oil change in your body in your cells, so get all the old crap out and load it up with high quality and healthy fatty acids.

Altogether you get for the next 6 weeks, so that you lose 16 kilos, plus minus and even if you want to lose 2, 3, pull it also then in any case 6 weeks through.

7. The 5 golden rules for losing weight& most common mistakes

Five rules to lose weight fast:

1. Rule to lose weight fast

Avoid white carbohydrates, by that I mean anything rice, potatoes, pasta, bread, sweets, alcohol, sugar, sugar substitutes and fruit. All that, out.

2. Rule to lose weight fast

Second rule is, always the same meals. You’re already doing this without realizing it, but it makes it easier, if you have 5, 6, 7 standard meals, you know where to get them, how to put them together, and that they taste good and are good for your body. No more, no less.

3. Rule to lose weight fast

Third rule, no calories drink, means everything what you drink at milk in coffee, or what you drink at juices, alcohol, everything out. Completely everything out, that are all calories, that all makes no sense. What you should drink is water, tea and from me coffee.

4. Rule to lose weight fast

Rule number 4: No fruit, also white carbohydrates, also everything with ending "ose" and in fruit you have fructose, that means fruit sugar. Is also all sugar, works the same and is not desired in this case.

5. Rule to lose weight fast

Rule number 5: Take one day a week off. That’s good and bad, something like a cheat day, maybe you’ve heard of it and you’ll definitely be able to implement it, because you might be traveling for work during the course of your week and then you just can’t… But maybe you have a party and do not want and so you always have a day in the week where you can push, where you can plan better. It makes the whole concept and the whole 6 weeks much more realistic.

That’s one thing, the other is when you do that, the body doesn’t get used to fewer calories, or a pattern. That is, you have with it the effect, you do not make your metabolism kaput. You always charge on the days. What will happen is that you will weigh a kilo or two more the next day, but that will be gone by the next morning, the second morning.

The most common mistakes that people make in these 6 weeks, I have listed once, so you can orient yourself and already know about it.

Weight loss mistake number 1:

That you don’t eat in the first hours after getting up, or the other way around you should eat in the morning. You don’t have to, if you are not hungry, that’s fine, but then prepare something so that you have eaten within the first two hours until work at the latest. You need to offer your body something in food, in energy, so it burns.

Weight loss mistake Number 2:

You’re not eating enough protein. The recommendation of the DGE is one gram per kilogram of body weight, if you are now doing sports, from the head a little more strained and want to pull through these 6 weeks intensively, I recommend one to two grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, so if I weigh 80 kilos, then I would have to 80 to 160 grams of protein per day food, take to me. If I would convert that now simply times only in hen eggs, normal hen egg size M has 7 gram protein, then that would be thus loosely, scarcely one and a half to two and a half pallets eggs and indeed each day.

Weight loss mistakes Number three:

You drink too little. By that I don’t mean alcohol, I mean water, liquid. Your body needs fluid, fluid, fluid, fluid. Look there that depending on the region, depending on the source from me, you also drink tap water. You don’t always have to buy some expensive waters. We also tend to eat a diet that is too acidic. That means, if you drink low-carbonated water, all the better, it’s a tad more alkaline and you can also detoxify your body at the same time.

Weight loss mistake Number four:

If you don’t normally cook, don’t start either. It’s very simple, you just have to keep it off for the 6 weeks. It is useless to stand at the stove now and conjure up some recipes. If you never did it before, you won’t have fun with it now either.

Weight loss mistakes Number 5:

Weighing at the wrong time. I am not a fan of weighing anyway. I do it quite often with my clients that the scale flies out, because people then suddenly decide in the morning on the scale and depending on whether there is more or less on the scale, whether just a good day will be or a bad and that is complete nonsense. You need to feel good in your body, yes and you should also get off your ass, yes by all means, but you shouldn’t make your satisfaction dependent on what’s on the scale. Weighing at the wrong time, if you do it, always do it at the same time and please consider that there are whole many factors that make your weight fluctuate.

As a woman, when you have your period, for example. If you exercise regularly and have sore muscles, you can, and even if you don’t have sore muscles, you can assume that you have water retention. For example, if you go out on your cheat day and have a good binge, that you also have water retention because your body is just making up for it, and, and, and… There are so many ways to make your weight fluctuate that it doesn’t make sense in my opinion.

Weight loss mistakes Number 6:

Too many domino foods. That means energy dense foods, nuts, hummus, peanuts, macadamia nuts, that kind of thing. You have to watch out a little bit, because you will have eaten the whole bag very quickly. Take a bowl and not the whole bag.

Weight loss mistake Number 7:

Too many artificial or even all-natural sweeteners. Anything ending in "ose", anything with sweetener substitutes. Do a detox, get away from all the sweet stuff, drink your coffee without sugar, without milk, just black. You get away from it in the 6 weeks, make a really nice withdrawal.

Weight loss mistake Number 8:

Go to the gym too often. Doesn’t make sense in the 6 weeks either because the body has water retention here too and that tends to make more weight on the bottom line.

Nicely, you realize, we’ve got a somewhat lengthy workout right here and that’s right we’re going to work through this guide step by step and also in this order because you invest in your body and everything you invest in your body you get back double and triple anyway.

8. Turn your body into a weight loss machine

In connection with the previous topic, you are of course now asking yourself whether it is absolutely necessary for your body to start functioning like a machine in order to lose weight fast. This question can be answered with "no" without any ifs and buts, without the slightest doubt about it. Your body can’t become a machine overnight. Flabby fat can’t turn into a six-pack or an eight-pack. The expanded stomach cannot contract again within a few hours, so it needs less food. All these processes take time. The body must be given time to recover from loads and efforts.

Your mind the machine

In contrast, however, the mind must function. As mentioned above, you really have to be alert at all times. You must convince your mind that you really want to lose weight. When your body can’t take it anymore, the mind fights on. And in fact, for the time of losing weight fast, it would be better if the mind works machine-like. This does not mean hasty, robotic decisions, nor choppy actions, but simply the release of unimportant things that unnecessarily burden the mind in the process of losing weight quickly. In 2014 the mind warmed up, in 2015 it trained and in 2016 it’s time for battle. You have prepared your mind enough and you are ready for this.

Responding to cravings the right way

If we have a ravenous appetite and have taken the wrong precautions or not taken any precautions at all, we usually end up overeating. If it comes then nevertheless once to the fact that a Food cravings When you have a craving, it is important to forgive yourself. For this you must first admit to yourself what has just happened. Accept the course of action and become aware that the action is in the past. Afterwards you determine the person who is harmed by your actions. In this case only you. A walk in nature will manage to distract you and is conceivable when you can’t stop eating. A change of your environment is usually already a big help. If you want, a conversation with a friend or a close family member can also be helpful.

You can report your binge, but you don’t have to. Just shifting your thoughts to something else will help you find your way back to your real goal. In the best case you go outside to make a phone call. After a binge or a ravenous appetite attack you feel sluggish and probably have severe abdominal pain. Drink a lot of water. It will help you to settle your stomach. Never try to throw up or skip meals to compensate for the calories you’ve consumed. Continue eating normally, as you would have on a normal day. A deep and long sleep can help to process the experience.

Food diary

Keeping a food diary is a nuisance and not much fun. Possibly having to search out calories is annoying and takes up a lot of time. The weighing of the food is not always possible and if one indulges oneself then times a small thing, which is not completely so healthy, one conceals it to the nourishing diary rather. But at the same time a food diary can also help to make losing weight quickly feasible and to steer the goal in an achievable direction. Nowadays, there are numerous apps that make it much easier for you to calculate around calories and quantities. All you have to do is specify quantity and scan the barcode of the product. You already know all the ingredients and are aware of the calories eaten, which makes the food intake much more intimate and conscious.

Writing down what you have eaten may seem a bit excessive at first, but it helps enormously on the way to losing weight fast. In the appstore you can find various apps for counting calories – a little trial and error until you find the one that suits you is definitely worth it. You too will have to keep a food diary. Now you may think: what is this nonsense, it won’t do me any good anyway! But believe me, it will turn out to be more effective than you ever thought possible. Let’s review the three ways you can do this.

Apps to lose weight

An app is the easiest and quickest way to track, i.e. record, your food and exercise. There are numerous offers in the Appstore, many of which are also free of charge. The app calculates at the beginning how many calories you are allowed to eat if you want to lose weight fast. For the calculations you need to provide various information about yourself as a person, such as age, weight, time frame in which you want to lose weight quickly and so on. Daily use of such an app makes you steadfast in your will and is considered the easiest as well as fastest method of calorie tracking. Another plus is that you won’t forget anything when recording your calories – because your cell phone always accompanies you.

Pyramid to lose weight

The most inaccurate method without counting calories is to print out food pyramids and tick off what you eat from them throughout the day. Here you will find an example Pyramid. It is very easy to follow this method, but also difficult to estimate the calories eaten, so this method is not necessarily recommended.

Of course you are not forced to count calories. But it’s a step that will definitely make losing weight fast easier. With each day you will try to make the previous day better. Eat less and you will feel good because you will improve every day.

The mega weight loss booster: sports

Exercise is indispensable for your fast weight loss plan. It will not work without it. But what sounds like torture to you now, you will soon not want to miss it anymore. During the sport the happiness hormone serotonin is released. The neurotransmitter is the reason we feel good after exercise and why exercise can prevent depression. If there is a lack of serotonin in the brain, anxiety, aggression or increased appetite can be the result, in addition to the aforementioned depression. So if you feel an increased sense of "hunger" while losing weight, try to do more sports.

Probably your brain lacks the neurotransmitter. So sport makes you happy. If you don’t quite believe it, just try it out to understand what high-performance athletes are trying to describe when they arrive at the finish line completely overtired and overworked and happier than ever. If you can’t really persuade yourself to do sports, then buy yourself some new sportswear. Best in black.

If you wear black clothes, you will feel like you are attending the funeral of your fat.

And isn’t that a beautiful idea? That you are getting lighter with every step you take? That sweat is just your fat crying. Motivate yourself to exercise with your own personal methods. No matter how, as long as you go for it. Besides dance classes like hip-hop or Zumba, cycling or other sports that burn a lot of calories, it is also very helpful and easy to go for a run. While almost all sports require an aid, running is a sport in which you move your body without an aid, which logically burns more calories than riding a bike. It does not matter how slow you run in the beginning. Even if you are slower than a turtle having a bad day and marching through mud: The main thing is that you run. A little further down you will learn how to quickly improve your fitness and keep challenging yourself.

At the beginning it will seem time-consuming, annoying and unnecessary, but in time the exercise you hated at the beginning will become one of your favorite activities. You can turn off your brain and listen to music, just walk and let go of the everyday difficulties. There is no workout you regret or other sport you shouldn’t have done in retrospect. The only sport you regret afterwards is the one you didn’t do.

If you get to a point where you forget to believe in yourself, realize why you started doing it. Losing 10 kilos in six weeks is not a physical challenge, but a mental one! Hold on to your goal. Remember: your mind must work like a machine. Your mind must persevere in order for your body to persevere. I believe in you. I believe that with the help of this article you will make it to the top and lose weight fast. But you have to believe it yourself. You can and you will do it. Shock all those who do not expect it. Make everyone jealous.

When you are about to give up, think of those who do not want you to be slim and do not believe in you. You have to prove these people wrong. You will manage. I would wish you good luck, but I am convinced that you will not need it, because you have a guide that will help you much better.

Who writes here:

I am a empathic game changer. It is my personal mission to get people out of Motivation hole to help. In doing so, I refrain from superficial motivational slogans or "chakka" and stick to techniques that work factually. I know exactly what works and what doesn’t, because I have many Extreme situations tested& ..

Challenges and personal development are my passion. Not being stuck in a rut and breaking new ground. To get the maximum out. Whether running 250 km desert marathons, 1.Paddling 200km down the Rhine on a SUP board, getting by for 1 year on a 2 hour nap, or running a marathon in Siberia at -15°C degrees, wearing only shorts, living with monks in an Indian monastery – I have tested in numerous self-experiments how much more our body is capable of doing. I give lectures on these topics and inspire people from their own backgrounds Comfort zone To come.

Granted: No one really wants to learn now how to run a 250km desert marathon with minimal training or how to get by on just 2 hours of sleep. What you need are interesting personalities who can take people with them. And that is exactly what I bring with me! (more than 800 TOP references!)

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