Lose weight with sports – these sports burn the most calories!

Losing weight with sports is effective and fun: But which sports are best for losing weight?? Which burn the most calories? And what else do I need to consider? Drinking food clarifies: With calorie chart and H.I.I.T.-Exercises!

If you want to lose weight with sports, you should

1. choose a type of sport that he enjoys.

2. choose a type of sport that can be easily integrated into everyday life (in terms of time) even after the diet, in order to prevent the yo-yo effect.

How many calories one burns with which sport depends strongly on how professionally one practices it. In addition, your own weight and muscle mass determine calorie consumption. Those who weigh more and have a lot of muscle burn significantly more calories. To provide a clue, at the end of the article we list the sports that are true calorie killers.

Lose weight with sport: endurance training

Endurance sports are very good for losing weight. Swimming in colder pools (up to 28 degrees) is particularly effective here, since the body additionally uses up energy by "heating". Swimming is also easy on the joints.

Lose weight with sports - These sports burn the most calories!

Also Jogging or training on the treadmill are good methods; here you should adjust the pace to the duration of the workout. Exercising for longer periods at a leisurely pace is more effective and healthier than doing short laps when we are completely out of breath. However, if you only have a short amount of time available, the calorie consumption increases significantly at a fast pace. It is best to alternate fast short sessions with slower longer sessions. Untrained people, regardless of the type of endurance sport they choose, should just 2-3 times per week training, so that the muscles can regenerate well.

Cycling at a leisurely pace (city traffic, 15 km/h), on the other hand, is only suitable for losing weight to a limited extent. So fast walking is already more effective than slow cycling. Inline skating is a good alternative here, where you burn significantly more calories.

Fans of Ball sports Should rather opt for sports that involve a lot of movement. Badminton or volleyball are usually less effective than soccer, basketball or handball. The ball sport with the highest average calorie consumption is Squash. Of course, there are big differences here, depending on how much effort you put in.

Lose weight with sports: strength training

If you are already well trained and are afraid of losing muscle mass through dieting, the best way to protect your muscles is through strength training in combination with the right diet for athletes. An additional positive effect: the more muscle mass we have, the more calories we consume. Already who 2 times a week will notice the difference.

Lose weight with sport: interval training

Lose weight with H.I.P.P. Here: Man with dumbbells in push-up position

As an effective and time-saving weight loss method are considered H.I.I.T workouts. Behind the hip term is no more and no less than circuit training, similar to what we know from school. However, this has it in itself. Because the High-Intensive-Interval-Training stresses the circulation through the fast alternation of load and recovery more than with pure endurance or strength training. This way the metabolism remains strongly pushed up to 2 hours after the workout; the so-called Afterburn effect ensures that we consume significantly more calories while still at rest. The short units of 15 minutes can be easily integrated into everyday life and performed at home. In contrast to strength and endurance training, H.I.I.T.-Workouts as possible 4-5 times a week to be performed.

Lose weight with H.I.I.T.-Workout: How it works!

H.I.I.T. For beginnersBeginners should alternate 15 seconds of exercise with 30-45 seconds of recovery. A total of 8 intervals is enough here.

H.I.I.T. for averagely trained people: If you already do sports 2-3 times a week, you can start directly with 30 seconds of load, 60 seconds of rest and 10 intervals.

Simple H.I.I.T. exercises: With two simple exercises that everyone knows, push-ups and squats, you already have a good basis for your H.I.I.T.-Workout. Both exercises become even more effective when combined with jumps and weights. For this 3 examples:

Exercise 1: Squats with jump

  • Stand hip width apart
  • Squat with momentum (keep arms in front of body)
  • Jump as high as possible and stretch at the same time

Exercise 2: Squats with 2 weights

  • Stand shoulder width apart (toes out)
  • Squat down and put weights (kettlebells, dumbbells or two full water bottles) in your hands
  • Straighten up and stretch the weight to the ceiling

Exercise 3: Push-ups with jump

  • Stand upright
  • With momentum in push-up position
  • Do 1 push-up
  • Stand up with momentum
  • Jump and stretch arms upwards

Tip: Another easy and effective exercise is Jumping rope.

Lose weight with sports: Types of sports and calorie consumption

(Average values per hour at 80 kilograms of body weight)

Conversion tip: per +/- 10 kg you will consume 12,5 % (1/8) more/less calories.

Dancing: 240 kcal
Volleyball (6-9 team): 240-320 kcal
Beach volleyball: 640 kcal
Cycling (15 km/h on the flat): 320 kcal
Cycling (21-24 km/h on the flat): 800 kcal
Walking: 340 kcal
Badminton: 360 kcal
Badminton professional: 560 kcal
Basketball: 480 kcal
Basketball professional: 560 kcal
Soccer: 560 kcal
Soccer professional: 800 kcal
Tennis (singles): 560 kcal
Tennis professional (singles): 640 kcal
Zumba: 560 kcal
Handball: 640 kcal
Handball professional: 960
Swimming (crawl, slow): 640 kcal (+ heating effect)
Swimming (crawl, fast): 880 kcal (+heating effect)
H.I.I.T.: 690 kcal (including afterburn)
Jumping rope (medium speed): 800 kcal
Squash: 960 kcal
Inline skating (slowly): 560 kcal
Inline skating (fast): 960 kcal
Jogging (7 min/km): 660 kcal
Jogging/running (5 min/km): 1000 kcal

Lose weight with sport: The most frequent mistake and how you avoid it!

A scientific study by Arizona State University in Phoenix 1 concluded that losing weight with exercise is without dietary change is counterproductive. 81 overweight untrained test subjects did treadmill training for half an hour 3 times a week, with the indication of not having to change their diet. After 12 weeks, however, they had gained not only muscle mass but also body fat. The researchers concluded: Those who exercise tend to reward themselves excessively with food after exercise. Therefore, when losing weight with exercise, it is especially important to pay attention to the Nutrition after training to watch out for. We’ve developed Trinkkost Active, a product that provides you with everything your body needs after exercise: Vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fatty acids. And that’s with only 291 calories per meal. Trinkkost Active you can of course also combine with Trinkkost Slim Fruity. Both shakes replace a complete meal.

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