Motor for a baby hammock

The movement your baby is used to through pregnancy and comes through the Spring cradle again in the enjoyment. It takes place to the Rest, RELAX. Tummy aches are alleviated and it falls asleep happy and content. Our Feather cradle supports likewise you parents thereby, to the Rest And Relaxation to come. You now have the opportunity to regain your strength, to feel yourself and to perceive the baby in peace and quiet. In this way Connection with your child strengthened. "For an exhausted, overtired mother (and fathers) it is a relief, especially since their search for help often resembles an odyssey, where they have tried the most contradictory advice, but without getting out of the vicious cycle."

The automatic spring cradle swings with a motor

There I had to speak first with a mummy of an "attentive" baby, in order to come on the expression "Motor for a baby hammock" to come. Actually, however, it is exactly what we offer, sometimes you seem not to see the forest for the trees. Since we rent this "Motor for baby hammock now for 16 years but always had other names for it in mind.

  • Electric spring cradle
  • Automatic spring cradle
  • Spring cradle with motor
  • Automatic baby swing
  • Baby hammock with motor

For us, it’s now an automatic baby swing or an automatic spring cradle, but sometimes you(re) just nailed in the head. However, this is certainly also due to the fact that our classic customers in the past were almost always families with so-called writing babies. However, this has changed in the last 3 years. The hammock has become more and more popular in the nursery in recent years. Justified, since it represents a dream sleep environment for baby’s.

In addition, especially babies who sleep poorly anyway, wake up pretty quickly when the rocking ends. And exactly then is the best Baby cradle no real help, because who wants to sit for hours next to the bed and rock the child to sleep?

No need to push for hours on end

Since more and more families have the baby cradles in use, but they sometimes have to rock manually for hours, our clientele has also changed a lot. Many parents are after hours of rocking, and this over days or weeks, at the end of their strength and are looking for an alternative, a " motor for the baby hammock". Operating the spring cradle with a motor has many advantages. In the video go into it:

Meanwhile, the market of spring cradles offers a variety of different sleeping nets. No matter what manufacturer of baby cradles our customers have in use, whether a Kangurooh, Dondolo, Babyjojo etc., our motor for the baby hammock is compatible with most suppliers.

Is the motor also usable with other baby cradles? Yes, but the control unit alone is not enough here! In the video I explain it in more detail.

Advantage of a baby cradle with motor

Here it is actually the better solution to have a Baby cradle with motor The swing2sleep baby cradle offers a variety of different sleeping nets, which can be individually adjusted in terms of how intensively and for how long the cradle rocks – just as the swing2sleep baby cradle does.
The motor The motor is located above the springs and can be adjusted as desired so that the baby cradle rocks either gently or more intensively. From a few minutes to a longer period of time over hours, everything is feasible.
So you can finally enjoy the time in which your baby slumbers and either do something for yourself or just get a capful of sleep, which most parents need so badly anyway.
So: one Baby cradle with motor Is not absolutely necessary, but can be quite helpful and useful.

In the video: Baby cradle with motor and additional White Noise

We know how nerve-wracking a restless and bad sleeping , much crying baby for the parents is, we have 3 children ourselves. Many parents are dismayed to discover that the long-awaited Baby through intense crying aggressive feelings wakes up, they never would have dared to. Especially if the same person (mother) takes care of the much too small baby the whole day, this can be very restless baby the mother, this can disturb the mother-child-relationship very much. Inside are 3x 12 volt motors installed, these ensure that the Baby hammock is continuously moved gently up and down. The gentle, even up and down movements of the swing2sleep reminds your baby of the time in the womb. There it was, by the maternal rhythm, in constant motion. Many babies miss this feeling after birth. However, with the spring baby hammock motor your baby will get back this familiar feeling.

From what age is a baby cradle suitable

A Baby cradle is undoubtedly a real relief for parents and baby. As well as in a baby cradle it slumbers itself elsewhere hardly.

In this context, the question arises again and again, when a baby cradle is actually suitable for the baby. The answer to this is quite simple: as early as possible! Because the baby feels in the baby cradle with motor reminds of the wonderful time in mummy’s belly, when the baby was permanently rocked. This is exactly why it will get used to its new sleeping environment better in a bassinet than, for example, in a "normal" crib or in a cradle that only rocks back and forth slightly and only if it is repeatedly nudged by hand.
You can therefore consider buying a baby cradle for your baby during pregnancy buy or to rent. This will make it easier for him to get started and get used to the cradle – the baby will slumber blissfully and you will have at least a little time for yourself. We recommend the Purchase or the Rent but only when it is really necessary. We ship in 99% of the cases the Baby cradle with motor overnight, so the swing2sleep is within Germany’s from one day to the other with you.

My baby is already 12 months old – is a bassinet still worth it??

But of course it is never too late to buy a baby cradle. Babies who just don’t want to fall asleep in their cribs or bassinets and are therefore carried around a lot, usually fall asleep in a bassinet without any problems and also sleep through it faster. It simply feels secure in the baby cradle, as it gently rocks and swings and also feels a boundary from all sides.
For babies it is quite natural to sleep when rocking. In this respect you do him and also you with the acquisition of a baby cradle something good. We can’t guarantee that it will work with older babies, but in the last 4 years it has often proven itself, as it has with this mother:

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