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Saint Nicholas and his cult are common in many parts of the world, including Italy.

He is one of the most popular and revered saints and unites Catholics and Orthodox. About him there are numerous legends and miracles.

He lived between the III. and IV. Century A.D. and died on 6. December 343, a day that was later chosen for its celebration.

His relics are kept in Bari, a city that has venerated him as a patron saint for centuries. This is a day of great celebration both in Bari and in other parts of the world.


St. Nicholas, who has gone down in history as a man of immense goodness, is described as a man who was always ready to help the poor and the unfortunate.

The saint has become so popular that he has even become the figure of the Santa Claus INSPIRED.

the episode that made him become santa claus

It is said that St. Nicholas came across a poverty-stricken noble and rich family.

The father of the family, ashamed of the state of poverty, urged his daughters to prostitution.

To prevent the three sisters from prostituting themselves, St. Nicholas took a large sum of money, wrapped it in three bundles and threw each bundle into the house of the unfortunate family for three nights.

Other versions say that St. Nicholas gave them three golden balls (which are often depicted with him in classical iconography).

The saint’s gesture saved the three daughters, who in this way received the dowry to marry.

It is also said that on a similar occasion, Nicholas gave three poor children three apples. The next morning, the fruits had become precious golden apples.

Similar episodes led to the tradition that the saint was portrayed as a friend of the poor and children, to whom he often brings gifts.


Over the centuries, St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, has been associated with the figure of Santa Claus.

He became Santa Claus for the Anglo-Saxon countries and Nicholas for Germany, bringing gifts to children at Christmas.

Each people, in its own way, has made its own and interpreted in its own light.

However, all versions preserve the basic characteristics of the saint, especially that of the defender of the weak and those who suffer from injustice.


While in other European countries the santa claus to bring gifts at Christmas, in Italy the gifts are brought by different people throughout the vacation season.

One starts with the night of the 6. December on! On this night St. Nicholas brings gifts to good children. Children leave socks and shoes outside on windowsills, hoping to find them filled with small gifts the next morning.

Many cities in Italy organize parades, events and carousels to distribute sweets and gifts.

The Santa Claus brings on the night of 25. December gifts, and the Befana (an old woman flying on a broom) gives on the night of 6. January Chocolates and sweets.

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