Outdoor thermometer test – what are the temperatures outside – comparison of the best outdoor thermometers 2022

Outdoor thermometer best sellers give an idea of what is often purchased.Thus, they provide a good guide for their own shortlist and ultimately for the purchase decision for an outdoor thermometer.

Author Emilia Schneider

I come from the foothills of the Alps and love to spend every free second together with my two dogs in the fresh air. My private ‘animal park’ at home also includes rabbits, several aquariums, 4 budgies and a cat. As a testing editor, I focus on outdoor and pet products.

Outdoor thermometer best list 2022 – The best outdoor thermometers in test& Comparison

Last updated on: 06.01.2022

Author Emilia Schneider

I come from the foothills of the Alps and like to spend every free second together with my two dogs in the fresh air. My private ‘animal park’ at home also includes rabbits, several aquariums, 4 budgies and a cat. As a testing editor, I focus on outdoor and pet products.

What is an outdoor thermometer?

What is an outdoor thermometer test

Thermometer are encountered everywhere in everyday life. In the living room, in the oven, in the refrigerator or directly en the heater they are as common as in the car. And also outdoor thermometers can be found (almost) on every house. Because despite more and more concrete weather data, which can be obtained through the media or on the Internet is the current Outdoor temperature most reliably at one’s own front door, if there is a Outdoor thermometers is located. Because sometimes climatic differences can be determined even within a place, which can be quite significant. In winter, for example, you can see that there is frost on the ground in the higher areas of a city, while in the valley there is no frost.

An outdoor thermometer measures the actual temperature, provided that it is placed outdoors in a place protected from the wind and light.

Diagram of the price-performance ratio of outdoor thermometers

This is how an outdoor thermometer works

How an outdoor thermometer test works

To obtain Temperature to be able to measure, there was for a long time only one Method. A glass tube contained a liquid that expands or contracts depending on the temperature. Depending on the altitude thus displayed, the temperature could then be read off. For the most part, the used liquid around the highly poisonous Mercury, therefore such Mercury thermometers never get into the hands of children.

Mercury thermometer are still used today, as they are still considered particularly accurate and also often exude a nostalgic charm.

In addition, there are now also electric thermometers. These have either Contact sensors, which allow a fairly accurate determination of the Temperature allow, or they work with a so-called bi-metal function. In this case, the temperature is measured by the temperature-dependent change in length of a metal determined.

Advantages and areas of application

There can be many reasons for the current Temperature to know outside the front door. This plays a major role, for example, when the Heating or Ventilate of the apartment goes.

In the summer, however, it is rather the plants, which, depending on the temperature and weather conditions, require a different degree of care and attention. Everyone knows that plants on the terrace and in the garden in the midday heat should not be poured. But how hot is it actually? Garden advisors actually always call exact values, which must therefore be determined beforehand.

What are the types of outdoor thermometers?

As already mentioned there are currently three different techniques that can be used for Outdoor thermometers are used.

Mercury thermometer

Mercury thermometer can be recognized immediately. For characteristic here is the glass tube with the mostly red colored Mercury and the temperature scale next to it. So this is a classic, as it has been around for a long time already. Not infrequently one builds a Mercury thermometer The most important element of a weather station is the air pressure and its tendency, for example, which is determined by a well-tried method. Many people appreciate the comparatively simple, tried-and-tested technology and also enjoy the often historical appearance. However, the mercury it contains is highly toxic, so such a Thermometer or a corresponding weather station could always be placed out of the reach of children.

Another disadvantage: The classic Outdoor thermometer can be read only directly on the spot. So if you want to know the temperature, you always have to go outside.

Digital thermometer with temperature sensor

For some years now Digital thermometer, which with appropriate temperature sensors equipped, have prevailed as a cheap as well as accurate alternative to the mercury thermometer. Of course, a digital outdoor thermometer requires electrical power, but this can usually come from a commercially available battery. The Energy consumption is minimal, but the outside temperature can usually be read to within a tenth of a degree.

Already the first digital outdoor thermometers often had the possibility to display the Values read from indoors. However, at that time it was still necessary thin cable be conducted indoors. In modern devices, however, the values are transmitted wirelessly. Especially popular are the devices that can do more than just the Temperature display. Often it concerns combined Indoor and outdoor thermometers, the Display thus display two values. Of course, a barometer can also be installed here to provide additional information about the weather.

Electric Bi-Metal Thermometers

The electrical bi-metal thermometers can only be distinguished from the digital outdoor thermometer of a different design by the expert. display and functions are in any case completely comparable.

This is how outdoor thermometers are tested

At first sight it seems to be impossible, Outdoor thermometer test in such a way that an objective Comparison the individual Models can be reached. Of course, in the Product test the differences of the individual types considered. So the testers also come to Results, the situation-dependently sometimes the one, sometimes the other type as particularly well designate.

Test criteria for outdoor thermometers are:

the accuracy

It almost sounds like a truism, but nevertheless. An outdoor thermometer should, provided it is in the right place, also show correct temperature. Minimal deviations are not a problem, but sometimes a few tenths of a degree are already relevant. So here the testers look closely, in the truest sense of the word.

the weather resistance

This aspect makes the essential difference between Outdoor and indoor thermometer. Although modern materials also make it possible for the Outdoor use Great design variants. In case of doubt the weather resistance but as the most important aspect. If moisture can penetrate into the interior of the thermometer or the thermometer is even completely weathered, it is generally judged to be defective.

available extras

Here testers evaluate the added value of an outdoor thermometer. This can be an additional Built-in barometer act, one Lighting or a Transmission of temperature values to a digital display located in the house. A special evaluation receives thermometers for a recording of the weather data or the control of the weather via smartphone app.

and the energy consumption

Of course, mercury thermometers are not considered here, as they consume a lot of energy no electric current need. With all other outdoor thermometers, however, a battery necessary. Here the testers are of course interested in the intervals at which the battery must be exchanged. Although outdoor thermometers usually only little power need, significant differences are noticeable here.

What to look for when buying an outdoor thermometer?

What should I look for when buying an outdoor thermometer test

The Purchase criteria depend of course above all on own desires and requirements. Who his Thermometer would like to read off anyway only in the garden, comes thus possibly with a simple mercury thermometer from. In any case, when the thermometer is not children can be achieved. Hobby meteorologists, however, will hardly miss the opportunity to use a technically sophisticated meteorometer weather station to acquire.

generally valid criteria however are the Accuracy as well as the weather resistance. In both cases, the best should be just good enough, even if a deviation of half a degree perhaps at first sight seems to be meaningless.

individually different are of course also the conditions on site. Therefore, the question of Size and Format of the thermometer will have to be answered differently in each individual case.

The temperature range should of course also be chosen correctly. Mostly this is enough from -30° to +50 and is therefore sufficient for Central Europe. If a outdoor thermometer ordered online, but this factor should be given special attention – after all, these products can theoretically also be shipped to Greenland or Egypt order.

Last, but not least: How complicated is a Outdoor thermometer built, to operate and to read? Also here an Tech geek make different decisions than the eighty-year-old amateur gardener.

Brief information about 7 leading manufacturers

With most devices that are commonly used in the home and garden, at least a few manufacturer names spontaneously come to mind. But who actually produces outdoor thermometers? Among the leading manufacturers one stumbles over the following representatives again and again.

  • TFA Dostmann
  • Beurer
  • Pearl
  • GardenMate
  • Dr. Richter
  • Hama

For decades, TFA Dostmann has been known as one of the leading manufacturers of Outdoor thermometers and weather meters for home use. However, the company is mainly known in its home town of Wertheim in the Tauber Valley – and of course in the growing community of hobby weather observers. But also professionals like to rely on the technology of TFA Dostmann.

The Ulm-based company Beurer GmbH has been in existence since 1919 and has since made a name for itself, especially in medical circles. Because superficially Beurer Healthcare produces products, from the heating pad over the blood pressure measuring device up to the personal scale. The portfolio also includes Outdoor thermometers and weather stations, which are also available in numerous Tests can always do well.

The name Pearl is known especially among all those who are interested in buying cheap software and hardware for their own computer. Founded in 1989, the mail-order company from Buggingen in the Markgraferland region mainly sells own brands, which are used exclusively for its own Mail order are produced. Conspicuous is the Price-performance ratio, which often appear to be better than those of their competitors. This also applies to products that were not originally part of the core business of Pearl belonged, for example the Outdoor thermometers.

Never heard of GardenMate? That is not surprising, because the company behind it All Mates GmbH from Friedrichsdorf in Hesse has only existed for a few years. Many figures, data and facts about Garden Mate can unfortunately not be found out. After all so much Garden Mate distributes in its own Online store numerous products around the garden, but always under their own label. This also applies to Outdoor thermometers respectively weather stations.

Winemakers and hobby winemakers know the name Dr. Richter mainly because of the premium distillates offered under this label. In addition, numerous dealers Thermometer from Dr. Richter in the offer, whereby the selection seems quite extensive. Besides Special products sells like wine thermometers Dr. Richter also Outdoor thermometer. Unfortunately it seems that Dr. Richter to attach great importance to discretion, therefore closer Imformationen to the enterprise are not to be found.

EXCELVAN was founded only in 2003 in California and is thus probably one of the youngest manufacturers of outdoor thermometers. These are of course not the only product group offered by the company. EXCELVAN offers numerous articles of home technology, from the car hifi area as well as accessories for computers and photography. Started EXCELVAN as a small garage business, but is today, according to its own statements, one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

Also Hama does not count itself to the "usual suspects", if it around Thermometer goes. Hama is better known as a supplier of accessories for photography and computers. In general, the company, whose assortment meanwhile around 18.000 different products, an excellent reputation: Hama products have, like Tester confirm again and again, a good Price-performance ratio and are also otherwise up to date. Outdoor thermometer may be a marginal product for the company based in Monheim, Bavaria, but the. Qualitatively as well as optically however, they can keep up well with competing products.

Internet vs. Specialized trade: Where is the best place to buy an outdoor thermometer?

If you look at the established Specialized trade a outdoor thermometer would like to buy, one must look mostly very long for it. In addition, a clear distinction is made here according to the technology of the thermometer. A classic Mercury thermometer can be found in some furniture stores or in the trade of decorative items, the digital variants, however, are more likely to be found in electronics stores. A wide choice can hardly be discovered anywhere.

The Internet on the other hand offers the largest selection. Here are outdoor thermometers of each category and each price range to discover. And since one Outdoor thermometer in the specialized trade cannot test itself anyway, is the Online purchase particularly useful. Here you can also find out if and how an outdoor thermometer of Experts was tested. The risk of buying a thermometer that does not meet one’s own requirements is thus extremely small.

The history of outdoor thermometers

Installing an outdoor thermometer correctly Test

With the Thermometer it is not a product whose invention could be attributed to a single person. In fact Thermometer already a many centuries old History.

Already from the antiquity methods of temperature measurement known. The Greek doctor Galen In the second century A.D., the author of the first thermometer named "8 degrees of heat and cold," which he derived from rather inaccurate data Measuring methods determined.
Later also Gallileo Gallilei with the Temperature measurement. The findings of the latter formed the basis for further research by the Padua-based physician Santorio Santorio.

With all of the up to then developed Thermoscopes they were devices that worked with the thermal expansion of the Lut worked. However, it was realized that the measurements were also dependent on the air pressure, which resulted in correspondingly inaccurate results. The first thermometer let Ferdinando II. de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, then manufacture in 1654. This functioned via the expansion of alcohol contained in a closed glass tube.

The still today used Temperature scales Fahrenheit and Celsius were not introduced until many years later. In 1714, Gabriel Fahrenheit succeeded in, the first mercury thermometer The basic principle of the digital thermometer is still in use today. This allowed a reading of the temperature in real time, even if the temperature changes within a short period of time.

The history of outdoor thermometers test

For domestic use, as for everyone to affordable prices to buy were Outdoor thermometer only from the 20. Century. Whoever was a man of distinction acquired a complete Weather station, on which one could read also the current air pressure as well as its tendency. Such Weather stations, but also the outdoor thermometers themselves could now not only be comparatively low prices offered. In the meantime they were also made from especially weatherproof material was manufactured, which is of crucial importance in Germany, where the weather is known to be very changeable.

First Digital thermometer for home use could admittedly only be developed with the development of digital technology arise. What began in the 1970s with clocks and pocket calculators, was soon also applied to thermometer used. As with first temperature sensors a new method of heat measurement had succeeded, the determined values could now also be displayed on a Display be displayed.

Today Outdoor thermometer in every only size, shape and color to get. Depending on the technology used there, the values can be calculated directly on the Thermometer readings or are sent wirelessly to a display board. There are even Weather stations, which can be read via an app in the smartphone. So, theoretically, even from a distant vacation spot, one can read in real time how the Weather at home.

Numbers, data& Facts

Facts, figures and data test

Although a fairly temperate climate prevails in Central Europe, extreme temperature values must be expected here as well. In winter, the temperatures locally below -30 degrees fall, while in the High summer in some places +40 degrees be reached. The manufacturer of Outdoor thermometers are of course aware of this fact and offer their instruments with a correspondingly large Temperature scale at. The highest ever measured outdoor temperature of +56.7 degrees was, however, not shown in Europe, but in Californian Death Valley measured. And also the coldest ever measured temperature was recorded far from Europe: On 21. July 1983, one measured in the Vostok station in the Antarctica a outdoor temperature of -89.2 degrees Celsius.

Of course, for the Measurement such extreme temperatures special thermometers, as they are hard to get for home use. Generally, one should rely on the displayed Temperature also not to leave the thermometer too much, if it was not mounted optimally. In Tests has been proven that solar radiation, wind, rain or the Temperature from near the Outdoor thermometer buildings can change the measured Values can influence quite strongly. This can be seen most clearly in winter, when a sunlit Outdoor thermometer quite once more than +20 degrees even though there is still snow all around and you would not go outside without a winter jacket.

Install an outdoor thermometer properly

The history of outdoor thermometers test

With Outdoor thermometer there is only little to consider regarding the installation. The most essential aspect is the choice of the right location. This should be done as far as possible before protected from wind and weather be and, if possible, never be directly illuminated by the sun. This has not only to do with Protection of the thermometer do it yourself.The temperature displayed can also deviate considerably from reality due to the factors mentioned above.

At Thermometers, their measured data wireless to a station or pass on a display located elsewhere, the distance between the two locations must also be taken into account. Only if a stable connection the values can be transferred reliably.

Tips for care

In general, an outdoor thermometer requires almost no maintenance. If you pay attention to a few things, you will probably enjoy your thermometer for years to come.

  • Tip 1
  • Tip 2
  • Tip 3

As already described, the display of the Thermometer be distorted by sun, wind and rain. But even the thermometer does not improve when exposed to the weather. So there are several reasons for the thermometer to have a Location to choose a location where it can be Factors is well protected. Under certain circumstances, it may also be useful to Location to change. If, for example, a previously shady tree has been felled, the thermometer needs another place to stand.

Dust and dirt grip the housing of the Thermometer and can also make accurate reading difficult. However, an outdoor thermometer is quite easy to clean or keep clean with a dry cloth. In the case of more severe pollution, such as that caused by mud or bird droppings can arise, of course a more intensive Cleaning necessary. Whether something must be considered, however, can be taken from the manufacturer’s data. Caution with mercury thermometers. If the glass tube breaks, the thermometer is beyond repair. In addition, one breathes the toxic Mercury vapors one, which should be avoided at all costs.

If the Batteries of an outdoor thermometer become weaker, this can be recognized mostly by the display.A digital display usually gets weaker and weaker before it finally disappears completely. Normally an empty Battery battery is not a problem, but in the long run it can leak and damage the technology of the thermometer. This can happen, for example, if a thermometer over long Time was not used. With a regular change of Batteries but there is no such risk.

Useful accessories

An outdoor thermometer is generally needed no accessory, one sees once of the batteries for electric thermometers from. However, it can be useful to monitor the air pressure with an additional barometer. So one has not only the current temperature, but also the weather change in view.

Alternatives to the outdoor thermometer

A real Alternative to the outdoor thermometer is in principle only the Weather station, but in which there is also a thermometer. Not quite as reliable, but always and everywhere available are the Weather data, which can be downloaded from various Weather apps on the cell phone can get. Here, it is generally possible to query the data quite locally, down to the street exactly. However, the data mentioned there from those more central Weather stations calculated and can therefore never be as accurate as the information on your own outdoor thermometer.

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