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So both disks are FAT32 – doesn’t it really matter which USB interface (1) is used?.0 or 2.0) one has? is only the speed.

Otherwise, the player also supports many codecs (DivX, Xvid. ) so it should recognize at least some of the movies.

I am desperate :no:

Question about Scott DVX i960CS

I bought this player mentioned above and was going to connect my external hard drive via USB and watch the movies on it!

Unfortunately one harddisk doesn’t show anything and the second harddisk stops reading at 97%. So can I watch movies or is the USB part meant for something else?? Do I have to be careful to use only certain formats? What partition type must be the HD?

Problem with Outlook!

A friend of mine has since a while a problem with Outlook and Outlook Express. When he gets e-mails the attachment (if any) is simply deleted! Do any of you have an idea what could be the reason for that??

6 VCDs on one DVD

  • VCDgear
  • CDXA2MPG (part of VCDeasy)
  • IsoBuster

Thanks a lot! I’ll give it a try :D!

6 VCDs on one DVD

I bought 6 VCDs at an auction today and want to copy them to a DVD. The DVD does not have to be "DVD compliant" be, but I would like to be able to play the videos simply on the PC. That means I have to extract the VCDs to a playable file. Since I don’t have time to do a big search I just wanted to know short know With which programs I do this .

am grateful for any help!:tongue:

Which DVDs are recommended.

Since I’ve been a bit of DVDs etc. for a long time. and just a little money loosely hab, I wanted to inform me so what an "really" good movies came out in the last few months, and justifies its money. Of course I would be especially interested in newer movies !

New PC – No signal!

I don’t think it’s the case, costs €80 from DTK with 300Watt power supply.

. I know that was not an aggressive comment, but I must say I’m not stupid. I read every c’t that comes out and have already assembled a lot of computers. And believe me – with no one I have experienced such a shit as with me as my two computers were lying there, and I have exchanged both power supplies, and still I have not found the error The mainboard (by the way P4 computer) was one millimeter too deep ( too close to the case wall ) and exactly under the fan it has closed a few contacts.

So for quite a while I also assumed that it can’t be the case>but now I don’t trust any screw anymore

New PC – No Signal!

Here’s another thing that comes to mind .

I have on my computer (not the one I have written about , . )
a problem since I upgraded my RAM to 512 MB Nanya DDR. Because when I turn on the then everything runs, but it comes small picture. If I disconnect it from the power supply and switch it on again, it will run . and that always when I want to have the. Have the MB already exchanged a few times, but with all the same ! (MSI K7 Master with AMD-761 )

New PC – No signal!

Have had something similar before> in my case it was a short one, because the mainboard was screwed to the case (at least I think so)> Power supply can also be. One thing is fact> If no signal daste and your Speaker Feierabend makes then it must be in no case the Graka> If I have a monitor without a computer, it also shows No Signal when you turn it on.

In any case my tip: Never save on the housing>70 € is minimum!

Everything that can go wrong, goes wrong!

– that first of all in addition !

Personally, I always have the luck whenever I have to go somewhere where I can not be absent, on the way always finds a beautiful Reisszwecke for my rear tire (ride a bike). OK is nothing borrowed what is broken but also nice stupid the situation on a 10 km route after 4 km to have to push.

Then the cooler of a buddy of mine on his AthlonXP 1800+ has broken down after half a year. And no it did not stop or something . the 350 gram monster is whirred off like a feather, so you have not even heard that the part has gotten rid of the computer.

According to Murphey’s law: "Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong"!"

did not go that a little differently ? I think of "When you need it the least everything goes wrong that can go wrong ." But I may be wrong.

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