Setting the table correctly: how to create the perfect festive table

With the right combination of tableware, table linen and decorations, you can conjure up a festive atmosphere on your holiday table. We explain how to set the table properly and what the ideal cutlery arrangement should look like. Delight your guests with a perfectly arranged festive table setting!

You will find out in this article:

  1. The right table linen
  2. The matching tableware
  3. Arrange glasses and cutlery perfectly
  4. Table decoration for the final touch

The right table linen

The first step is to place a beautiful tablecloth on the table. On the classic festive table fits best a smooth white, wrinkle-free cloth, that completely covers the table. On each side hang it about 30 cm above the edge of the table. So no one gets stuck sitting down and involuntarily clears the dishes.

Think of pretty Cloth napkins, best lightly starched. They look far more premium than paper napkins.

The matching tableware

The hostess opted here for golden place plates with matching dishes.

The central element on the table is the tableware. With uniform plates, bowls and platters succeeds a coherent effect most simply.

If you want to set the table really festive, you should resort to this trick: Your arrangement will look especially festive if you set one for each guest Placemats cover. This decorative plate remains in place throughout the meal and is the central point of each place setting, around which everything else is arranged. Place the appropriate tableware for each course on the place settings. Eating from this plate is not, it is mainly a decorative element.

Arrange glasses and cutlery perfectly

Cut glasses look very classy with white service, especially when candlelight is involved: the glasses reflect the flickering light and become sparkling crystal.

The tableware should be accompanied by uniform glasses and cutlery. If you want to set the table correctly, you should pay special attention to the cutlery arrangement.

The cutlery arrangement becomes quite classical from the outside to the inside covered. Means: The outermost cutlery is for the first course.

For the right cutlery arrangement, the following applies:

  • The Forks always lie to the left of the plate.
  • The Knives lie to the right of the plate. The cutting surfaces should point in the direction of the plate.
  • Is there soup? Then the Soup spoon on the far right next to the knives.
  • The Dessert cutlery lies above the plate. The handle of the spoon should point to the right and the handle of the fork to the left.
  • To the left of the cutlery, a small Bread plate is arranged with a knife.
  • The Glasses place above the knife. Here, too, the rule is: work from the outside inwards. On the outer right edge is therefore the water glass, to the left of it the white wine and finally the red wine.
  • The Napkin lies on the top plate.

The perfect cutlery arrangement looks like this:

Table decoration for the final touch

A festive menu always includes Table decoration, Candles or Flowers. But remember: less is more! Make sure, if you set the table properly, that the decorative elements do not disturb anyone. Choose the height so that all guests can still comfortably keep visual contact and not "through the flower" have to talk to each other.

For example, how about these beautifully folded cloth napkins? We show you how to fold the small fir trees themselves "

And: With our atmospheric table decoration ideas for Advent and Christmas you set your festive table particularly effectively in scene!

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