Smoked yourself – from fish and furs

The way to our smoker behind the garage is fortunately short. The internet, on the other hand, is a total maze. If you use the principle of the web, go to the right pages and follow interesting links, you might be busy for hours and get the world explained. That’s how I felt today, when I was actually just looking for a store with smokehouses and smoking accessories.

Suddenly, however, the word smoked caught my eye on a website. A term used (famously or not) to refer to tanned animal skins that have not yet been processed into fur. The so-called Rauware or just Rauchware. Smoke, rough/raw are ancient terms for "shaggy/hairy".

Smoked products and Allerleirauh

No sooner do you get to the smoked goods on the Internet than you come across the Brothers Grimm. They, in turn, have in their collection a fairy tale entitled "Allerleirau" (All kinds of smoke). – And Allerleirauh is in the technical language of the furriers a fur part composed of different types of fur, but also a fairy tale, with an incestuous background! There’s a short summary of this on Wikipedia, of course, but since I don’t remember this story at all, I really need to read up on it tonight.

Smoking fish

But back to the subject of smoking. Because a collection of stores that under the term Edingershops pretty much everything that has to do with home and garden and our private incense, I have of course also still found. From the simple, galvanized telescopic smoker for 50 euros over noble smokers made of stainless steel, to the smoking flour and the wooden plank made of cedar wood, there is a large selection here.

Freshly smoked trout, still warm from the smoker directly on the plate. Smoking fish brings real pleasure.

Who does not smoke straight around fish, and/or. Preserving meat, or giving other foods a special flavor, certainly carries out a ritual tradition. Finally, sacred smoke is an integral part of many spiritual ceremonies. Beginning in the Christian church, where incense is still handled on special feast days, and ending in Far Eastern temples.

Even the little incense stick that we put on every now and then brings us to a spiritual level, even if it’s just to let the soul dangle in peace and quiet. Spirituality, however, is everyone’s private matter, which is why we would rather deal with how to smoke properly.

To strive for the possession of an own small smoker, I have already recommended in another place. Previously it must be ensured only a possibility to set up such a small metal box also. The balcony in an apartment building is definitely not the right place for it.

How to smoke fish? Trout are wonderfully suitable

To be able to serve your guests freshly smoked fish, still warm from the oven, is a very fine thing! Trout, char or carp are best, but mackerel and dorado are also easy to obtain and have a delicious smoked taste. In addition, smoking fish is also fun.

Ingredients: Apart from the fish, the most important ingredient is simply time.
Then of course:
* Smoking flour or chips (beech)
* a lot of salt
* 1 potato
* herbs (as desired)
* Pepper
* Garlic (eventually)
* Juniper berries (definitely).

After the fish have been washed and cleaned, we need a brine in which the fish should lie for 10-12 hours. To get the right mixture of brine there is a little trick.

Smoking fish. Trout and gilthead in the smoker

The potato trick. How much salt should be in the brine

First, peel the potatoes, put them with water in a large container that will hold the fish. Now gradually stir salt into the water until it is dissolved. The optimum amount of salt is reached when the potato floats on the surface of the brine.

When the fish are done, take them out of the brine, dry them well and put them in the preheated smoker. The juniper berries are crushed and mixed into the smoked flour, which brings a wonderful aroma. The inside of the fish can be seasoned with herbs, pepper and garlic beforehand. The temperature in the oven should be 80-90 degrees. It is difficult to make concrete statements about the duration of the actual smoking process.

Trout weighing around 300 grams need 30-45 minutes, larger fish such as gilthead take correspondingly longer. When you can easily pull out the dorsal fin and no meat sticks, the optimal cooking point is reached. It goes wonderfully with simple farmhouse bread with chives, horseradish and a cool glass of beer or white wine. Enjoy your meal!

A sandwich with chives. Delicious addition to smoked fish.

Smoking fish is not difficult. With the right equipment only a question of time

Smoker oven. Simple design, in which you can smoke up to nine fish at the same time.

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