Smoking cbd the right way – but how?

When smoking CBD, there are a few things to keep in mind to get the most out of the experience. If you value safe consumption of your hemp flowers, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s what to look for when smoking CBD and why it’s the most effective way to consume it. We also give you tips on how to reduce the health risks of smoking cannabis to a minimum.

No matter if you are a novice or a long time user of this wonderful plant. In the following article you will surely learn one or the other "Schmah", which will improve your smoking experience.

CBD is on everyone’s lips. No wonder, because the effect of CBD is wide-ranging.

Besides stress-reducing, anxiety-relieving, decramping and anti-inflammatory Properties it is also increasingly used as a lifestyle product.

Finally, there’s something about lighting up a small, legal CBD bag in public without a second thought. If you’re unlucky, however, the police may still mistake it for illegal THC weed and send it for lab analysis. There it can be helpful to have the bill of the CBD flowers with you.

You can smoke CBD or take it orally in the form of an oil. However, for the best effect, we recommend you smoke the CBD. More about this later.

Smoking CBD the right way – these 3 options are available:

Joint is being built

The bag – the classic way to smoke CBD flowers

1. The joint

The classic among the consumption forms of CBD flowers is the joint. Also known under partly very funny names like Bag, Hemp Cigarette, Stove, Plug, Torpedo, Trumpet, … here is hardly limited to the imagination.

But how do I build a joint? What to look out for?

To build a CBD joint, you’ll need the following equipment:

CBD flowers

  • Twist paper (so-called Papers)
  • An herbal grinder (a so-called Grinder)
  • Optional herbs to mix

& Hot tip for your CBD joint:

Using our nicotine-free Herbal Mixes you have the perfect tobacco alternative to mix with CBD. Without nicotine and other harmful substances as found in conventional tobacco. And at least as harmless as hemp itself.

Improve the taste and effect of your CBD joint with our herbal blends:

A Day-Dream herbal mixture picture 3

A Day-Dream herbal blend picture 1


Smoking CBD the right way - but how?

Herbal Pleasure 6

Smoking CBD the right way - but how?

A Day-Dream herbal blend image 1

CBD flowers you can buy online or in a CBD store. It is also possible to grow your own – more about this here.


At the beginning you crush your CBD flowers in a Grinder.

A grinder is a herb grinder that grinds your weed or herbs with its teeth inside. If you don’t have a grinder yet, get yourself a halay decent metal grinder. Otherwise you will only be annoyed if you use a cheap one that does not allow you to grind well.

A good grinder has 3 chambers. One where the buds are crushed, below that a collection chamber and a third one at the bottom where the pollen collects.

Also advantageous is a coating in the grinder. This is usually made of ceramic and serves as a non-stick coating. It prevents the flower resin from sticking to it. A grinder that meets all these requirements would be like this one.

If you want it to be a bit cheaper, you can also use one of the following models.

The crushing of the buds is necessary so that the marijuana can be better formed into a cigarette. Furthermore, the combustible surface of your weed is increased, whereby more active substances can be dissolved.


Next you need paper for turning. So-called twist paper, also called papers.

For this purpose we can recommend our unbleached king size papers made of hemp.

Also popular are "Endless" Papers, for example from OCB, because you can determine the length yourself with them.

Another selection of Organic Papers you can find here.


To be able to smoke your CBD, you will then need another Filter. There are so-called filter tips, which are basically thin pieces of cardboard. These are formed into a small roll and serve as a mouthpiece for your joint.

But you should definitely do without these common filter tips and use instead Activated carbon filter use. These are a bit more expensive, but reduce the harmfulness of the burned material many times over. The activated carbon binds a large part of the pollutants and cleans and cools the inhaled air. So these filters make CBD smoking a lot more enjoyable. And don’t worry, the active ingredients of the flowers will not be filtered.

There are charcoal filters in different sizes. Smaller ones about 6-7mm in diameter, such as these, and also larger ones, which are often marketed as pipe filters. See which ones appeal to you most. Our favorite are the larger pipe filters with 9mm diameter from Dr. Pearl, as these very rarely clog.

Clogging of activated charcoal filters can occur, for example, outside in cold temperatures or when they are tightened too much. This causes the activated carbon inside to stick together and there is no longer any filtering effect, resp. a tightening is then no longer possible.

building instructions:


First you take your rolling paper. When making your bag, it can help to fold your paper lengthwise in the middle beforehand. This is especially advantageous for Endless Papes, as they can otherwise curl up.

Then you place the paper with the sticky surface of the adhesive strip facing upwards. The gluing surface can also point downwards, but then the bag must be turned inside-out style. But this is only something for advanced farmers ;).


Then you put the activated carbon filter on your paper. If the filter has a plastic end, this must point outwards, i.e. towards the mouth.

Once you have your paper and filter ready, you can place the crushed CBD weed on your paper as shown in the picture.

Optionally, you can now mix your weed with various herbs, if you do not want to smoke it pure. Which herbs are suitable for this, you can find out here in our article Mix your weed.

Attention! Never mix your weed with tobacco. The harmful tobacco and nicotine would not do justice to the positive properties of CBD. Even your activated carbon filter won’t help much.

Smoking CBD the right way - but how?

"The supreme discipline – The rolling"

Now the turning begins, with us in Austria also "Wuzeln" called.

To do this, take both ends of the paper with your thumbs and index fingers and try to roll the weed into a roll. Hold especially the end with the filter and go with the other hand over the entire length, so that the shape can be adjusted throughout.

By moving your fingertips up and down, you now shape the contents of your bag so that it becomes nicely cylindrical. Make sure that no pieces of grass slip between the filter and the paper. If this should happen, you can still take out the filter here without problems briefly and push it in again.

"Finish twisting and gluing"

When the weed has reached the desired shape, it goes to the Gluing your bag.

To do this, the edge of the paper must be clamped tightly under the rest of the paper without adhesive tape. Once this is done, continue to roll the bag until everything is tight and finally the adhesive strip can be moistened with your tongue or a wet finger and pressed down over the entire length.

This is by far the trickiest part and is difficult to describe. Here helps best frequent practice.

Even if it doesn’t turn out perfect, or super nice, as long as you can smoke your CBD, that’s enough for now.

Joint is tapped and compacted


After plugging your bag must still be "tapped" will.

To do this, drop it from a height of a few centimeters with the filter down on the table (keep your fingers around the joint so that it doesn’t tip over in the process). You’ll do this a few times.

This will allow the contents stuffed, or. condensed. An important step that is needed so that your bag burns better and the ash does not crumble too much.

You can also insert another activated carbon filter at the top of the open end, so that the weed is compacted even better. You can also use a pen or the pull-out part of a clipper lighter to stuff the weed from above.

Don’t feel like rolling your own? Try it a lathe. Cheap, fast and super easy.

The open end of your bag can be twisted afterwards, so that nothing falls out.

To build a joint is often not easy and requires much Exercise. Everyone has a bit of their own style of rolling a joint. Also try different techniques and see how you find it easier.

Often it is also easier to follow a video.

We found a good video tutorial on how to make a joint for you here:

If your first joints don’t turn out so nice, don’t give up. No master has fallen from the sky and especially in the "bag making" you have to practice often and long until you can roll really nice hemp cigarettes. But it’s fun and as long as you can smoke your CBD, you’ve already won!

Now once again the most important things about joints summarized:

Get CBD flowers, a good grinder, papers, filters (preferably activated charcoal filters) and, if desired, herbs for mixing.

Never mix with tobacco. Your body will thank you.

Make a nice bag with the crushed CBD, preferably with the help of a video. Tap your bag to compact the weed.

Ready! Your bag can now be smoked.

Buy CBD online

Update to buy CBD:
High quality CBD flowers, resins and oils, from organic cultivation, you can buy cheap in special online stores, such as on!

activated carbon filter clogged?

When smoking you should be careful not to tighten too much. If the charcoal filter gets clogged, so no more smoke penetrates, it must usually be replaced. To do this, simply tear the paper around the filter lengthwise and put in a new one. Sometimes your joint can also be clogged by too much knocking, then the content is usually pressed too hard against the filter. Here already helps a slight pulling out of the filter. Then loosen up the grass a bit with your fingers by pressing on the paper.

2. Pipe or bong

The pipe

The second way to smoke your CBD is by means of a pipe or a bong.

Here we recommend the use of a classic wooden pipe, in which an appropriate activated carbon filter can also be added. About the by Dr. Pearl, which you can also easily use for joints.

You crush the CBD in the grinder beforehand, put it into the "combustion chamber" of your pipe and then press it down lightly.

After that, you ideally light the weed with a match and pull the mouthpiece at the same time. This is how you can smoke your CBD with a pipe.

The Bong

It is also possible to use a bong, a kind of water pipe, to smoke your CBD.

However, we do not recommend this, because the smoke can not be filtered. Otherwise, however, the principle is similar to that of the pipe. First the bong is filled with water. In the so-called "Chillum" the crushed CBD is then stuffed in to finally ignited by simultaneous tightening on the large mouthpiece. Through the water, the smoke is cooled somewhat, but just not filtered.

Different vaporizers

3. The vaporizer

Last but not least – the indisputable healthiest form of CBD smoking – vaporizing, i.e. vaporizing your CBD.

The crushed CBD is heated in a vaporizer only until the desired active ingredients are vaporized. Unlike burning, as is the case with the joint and the pipe, no harmful substances are released in the process.

In order to smoke CBD, set the vaporizer to a temperature of 180-200°C a. As at 180 degrees the cannabidiol begins to dissolve.

The psychoactive ingredient THC, on the other hand, already vaporizes at a temperature of 157°C. So if you are using THC weed, a lower temperature will suffice.

Pour some of your grinded cannabis into the vaporizer, set the desired temperature and inhale the delicious taste of the vapor.

Which vaporizer is the best?

Good vaporizers are available in different price ranges. The halay useful models start at about 60-70€.

A good vaporizer in the lower price segment would be for example this model, which is already completely sufficient.

Higher quality vaporizers definitely come at a price. But it pays off! So if you plan to "vaporize" on a regular basis, you better invest a little more money right away. Good upper class models start at around 150€ and there are hardly any limits upwards.

An upper class model with a very good price-performance ratio around 150€ would be this vaporizer from Fenix.
For a good 100€ more you get this luxury model from Wolkenkraft.

Table vaporizers are also an option if mobility is not a top priority. These are often connected by cable to the mains and offer much more power and larger combustion chambers. However, tabletop vaporizers are still quite a bit more expensive than their smaller brothers. A very good model, the Volcano, we have picked out here for you.

Update: The vaporizer market is very fast-moving and new models and technologies are constantly coming out. We try to keep the provided selection as up-to-date as possible for you.

Nice to know:

CBD smoking with a vaporizer is not only the healthiest but also the most efficient way of consumption. Since vaporizing allows the highest amount of active ingredient to be absorbed.

As an alternative to the vaporizer, CBD can also be vaporized with a E-cigarettes can be consumed. However, these can only be so-called E-Liquid, vaporizing, i.e. specially extracted liquids. So for the e-cigarette you need CBD e-liquid instead of CBD flowers. Attention: Normal CBD oil, which is intended for oral ingestion, cannot be used here!

You do not want to smoke CBD?

Why not try CBD oil?!

CBD oil is extracted from the resin of CBD flowers and can be dripped directly under the tongue. After that, nothing should be eaten or drunk for about 20 minutes.

Compared to smoking and vaporizing CBD flowers, however, far less cannabidiol enters the organism when taking CBD oil. So for a more noticeable effect, the smoke or vapor of the flowers should be inhaled.

Under no circumstances should the CBD oil be smoked or vaporized! There are special CBD e-liquids for e-cigarettes.

Since many people are more comfortable taking the oil orally, CBD oil is becoming more and more popular.

Unfortunately, however, CBD oil or. Drops often have a pharmacologically insignificant amount of contained CBD on. Thus it is not yet conclusively clarified whether CBD oils can develop a corresponding effect at all. Another disadvantage is the usually very high price of the small vials.

We prefer to smoke our CBD in a bag, mixed with our delicious herbal blends.

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