Successful learning at home – what you have to pay attention to

A person learns all his life. Mostly these are things that are picked up in passing. Pupils and students, on the other hand, have to deal with topics they are not familiar with and may not be interested in. The less interest you have in a topic, the harder it is to actually learn it. A well-designed learning environment can help with this problem.

What the mind needs to learn

To learn well, everyone has their own preferences. Nevertheless, there are several things that apply to almost everyone who wants to concentrate. This includes rest. When cramming math formulas, disturbing siblings, flatmates or a ringing telephone are not helpful. Everything that could distract must therefore be excluded in advance. The smartphone may wait in a silent state in another room to be used again. The roommates and family members are told that you want to concentrate and therefore they should not disturb you. If necessary, the door can also be locked. If you like, you can turn on soft music in the background, but you should choose songs that don’t have lyrics, as they can quickly become distracting. Classical music is well suited for this. Special playlists for learning can be found on the Internet.

What the body needs to learn

Furthermore, the workplace should be well illuminated. You will find suitable work lamps at KAISER+KRAFT. At the latest after an hour for about five minutes should also be aired. Too little oxygen in the room makes for poorer concentration, which hinders learning. It is also important to drink again and again. Tea or water are ideal learning companions and fill the body with new energy. Snacks such as muesli bars or fruit help against the small hunger in between. Those who feel greater hunger should first satisfy it. For the body, adequate nutrition is more important than learning, which is why it is difficult to learn effectively when hungry.

Learning works best when you think about what you can actually use the subject for or what you want to achieve with the degree you are aiming for. It is easier to study at a visually appealing desk, but without motivation it is of no use either.

Create enough balance

Those who learn claim themselves holistically. Body, mind and spirit are involved in this complex process. And all three elements need a break every now and then to relax and gather fresh strength. Everybody arranges these little breaks differently. Some people need a short walk in the fresh air. Another one lies down on the sofa with the cat for a quarter of an hour for cuddling. And still others breathe a sigh of relief with a few yoga asanas or turn on favorite music and dance for a few minutes. It is important that all activities can take place in the apartment or near the house, so that the way back to the desk is not far.

Reward desired!

Why shouldn’t what works for children also work for adults?? A large learning workload at home should be divided into small stages, the successful completion of which is rewarded. And this reward should be very individual: a delicious ice cream sundae, the iconic T-shirt from the online store or relaxing in the bathtub are tempting after a strenuous learning stage and increase the motivation.

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