Support in the case of burnout and stress illness

We specialize in the prevention and treatment of burnout syndrome, stress disorders and exhaustion reactions.

We offer you professional and effective help.

Diagnostics and consulting

in case of increased stress, already existing symptoms of exhaustion and a possible danger of burnout.


with regard to a possible burnout disease and advanced symptoms of exhaustion.


Health promotion by strengthening physical, mental and spiritual competences.

Resilience Training

to be able to activate your mental power of resistance in your professional and private everyday life.


Coaching after a burnout illness or increased stress load.


in a professional context after a longer period of sick leave due to a burnout illness.

Clients who require inpatient care due to acute crises are excluded from the accompanying program. We are happy to advise you in the selection of a suitable facility and, if necessary, take over the pre- or post-treatment of the patient. Aftercare.

process of a Burnout support for individuals

Burnout support requires a state-of-the-art multimodal support approach that integrates and coordinates different methods and settings as part of an overall individual support plan.

Initial interview

Here, a primary clarification and survey of the complaint profile of stress and burnout risk is carried out by Dr. Lisa Tomaschek-Habrina, with the goal of creating a holistic picture of your current state of health and any interactions on the psychological, physical and mental levels.

Planning of the accompaniment

Agreement on goals, explanation and planning of the support through variously combined modules from medicine, psychotherapy, coaching and relaxation methods.

A network of reliable experts that has been tried and tested over many years guarantees good cooperation and a wide range of disciplines.


Individual appointments are made for outpatient care. We work with you u. a. on your health-promoting thought and action patterns as well as on the recognition of warning signals of internal and external stressors. With the goal of mentally and physically strengthened, with individual tools to be able to master the professional and private everyday life in the future again.

Help with burnout

Every person perceives stress and pressure to perform differently and reacts to it in completely different ways. We work with an interdisciplinary team of experts who individually address the needs of our clients and develop a sustainable treatment concept.

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Yours, Lisa Tomaschek-Habrina



I have thrown all warnings to the wind. I did not want to admit it. I was functioning, working 60-80 hours a week for a long time – 4 to 5 years approximately. I was the strong one, the troubleshooter, nothing like this ever happens to me. And then it hit me: breakdown, panic attacks, couldn’t speak anymore. Everything that made me tick was gone all at once.

Through my company I came to Lisa Tomaschek-Habrina at the Institute, where I was able to work on my old survival patterns, first in individual and then in group therapy, in addition to medical clarification. My company had the possibility to take over the costs for my support through a company package (STAP – Staff Assistance Program).


In an initial consultation with Lisa Tomaschek-Habrina, a stress profile and a picture of my current professional and private situation were created. Subsequently, there were laboratory tests to record the physical effects with a doctor with the dr. Tomaschek has been working together for years.

I already had hope after this initial consultation. From the beginning there was a basis of trust with my companions, which is almost the most important thing. It was an intense journey, it must have taken a year for me to recognize and change my patterns. You also have to allow yourself this time.


In health coaching, I learned to have an inner dialogue with myself and to really take my body’s warning signals seriously, and I’ve cleaned up my life quite a bit with this toolkit.

I learned to say no and now I can bear it even if not everyone agrees with my decisions. That was hard at the beginning, because I always wanted to please everyone. The biggest change happened in dealing with myself.

I couldn’t close anything, everyday things became an insurmountable difficulty, until a friend of mine, who had experienced similar things, recommended Lisa Tomaschek-Habrina of E-S-B-A to me.

I was initially on sick leave for three months and decided to make a complete cut in my life. The coaching helped me to set new priorities in my life and to become more mindful of my stress symptoms.

I also fulfilled my dream, quit my old job and started my own business. Today, three years later, I can say that it was the right decision – even if it is not always easy going!


I see how much it helped me that a friend spoke openly about her experiences at the time, told me how she approached it, and I’ve also been speaking very openly about the subject since then. It is a great relief to realize that you are not the only one.

The hardest part was admitting it to myself. I wasn’t on sick leave for 13 years and had to say to my boss: I’m calling in sick – even though I didn’t have an outwardly visible ailment like a broken foot or something like that! That was already difficult enough.


I was obviously a very big perfectionist and I wanted to do everything one hundred percent, no, actually one hundred and ten or one hundred and twenty percent!

I am a mother of two children and I wanted to be one hundred percent, I always wanted to get ahead in my job and be successful and I wanted to be the perfect housewife, the perfect wife and I forgot a little bit about myself during that time. And I think I forgot about myself for a very long time.


I was triggered by an employee survey in my department, which showed that my daily work, in which I am so absorbed, in which so much heart and soul goes into, was not well received. It threw me completely off track, I was shocked. I could no longer drive, I could no longer think, I was no longer capable of doing anything. Without outside help I would not have made it. How I came to Lisa Tomaschek-Habrina of E-S-B-A.

What helped me the most was the psychotherapy and the subsequent health coaching. I wouldn’t have dealt with all these questions and issues, wouldn’t have taken the time, wouldn’t have had the courage if someone hadn’t guided me and led me there. And realization is the first step!

I was helped by the interlocking of different forms of accompaniment. I was first in individual therapy and after half a year I changed to group therapy. It helped me a lot to meet people who could relate to my situation because they were either in the middle of it like me or had recently experienced it.

The formulation of goals at the beginning of therapy was essential for me to define what I wanted to work on. I already had experience with therapy, but here I experienced it in a very focused way.


I wanted to please everyone. I wanted to be liked – for that I did things where now in retrospect I really have to grab myself on the head. I did not manage to say no, but I always accepted willingly, without making a face.

How often I have stood up friends because of this! – Make it right for everyone – except me! I only really noticed this during the health coaching session.

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