Tasks of a real estate agent

Mrs. M. from Berlin owns a house that she would like to sell – preferably on her own without having to hire a real estate agent in Berlin specifically. It has enough time and can save the broker’s commission. Even if the future owner would have to bear the costs – Mrs. M. this item appears unnecessary. She already has all the necessary documents, from the energy certificate to the land register excerpts. She can guide potential buyers through the house and the sublet apartment herself – after all, she knows the property and the long-time tenant best herself. This promises viewings that will be pleasant and informative for all parties! So: A good idea, or?

Mrs. M. takes over independently Tasks of a real estate agent starting with the marketing and ending with a successful closing. Also the price that Mrs. M. would like to demand, she already knows: After all, she has informed herself on the Internet exactly about what comparable houses with granny apartment cost..

But Mrs. M. has underestimated the matter: the longer she herself works as an estate agent, the more the difficulties accumulate. The potential buyers ask questions to which she has no or only an approximate answer – and feel that the set price is exaggerated. Mrs. M. spends a lot of time visiting the property with people who "just wanted to have a look". The tenant of the granny apartment complains and asks about the legal basis for all the people trampling through the house and apartment.

And the end of the story? As the sale drags on unnecessarily, the property loses more and more of its value – especially to qualified buyers, the price of the house now seems doubtful. Finally Mrs. M sells. the house below value and lost a lot of time and nerves besides the money…

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The activities of the real estate agent

brokers are important service providers. Not for nothing heard the profession of the broker to the oldest commercial activities. Real estate agents were already known in ancient times: commercial brokers and credit brokers. Since land ownership is no longer in the hands of a few privileged classes, and nowadays anyone can acquire real estate, the image has changed in such a way that the "real estate agent" is commonly associated with a real estate agent equated.

The tasks of real estate agents are varied. She are commonly underestimated, according to the motto: "I can do that just as well myself". Many a person who has tried his hand at being a realtor in this way has quickly found that he has taken the wrong approach.

Why not sell or buy yourself?

If you want to sell a property in Berlin or buy a property, you can try to find interested parties and offers on your own initiative. However, he will quickly realize that there are limits to his own commitment. Often one has to do it only with curious ones, who lack the serious interest in the object. That costs time and provides for some disappointment.

Serious interested parties again pester the offerer of the real estate with Questions and would like to know things, which the owner can know often hardly. Prospective buyers expect a certain level of competence and are quickly suspicious, if their questions are answered dismissively, incompletely or not at all. All these problems can be easily avoided if a competent real estate agent is involved in the sale or purchase of the property. Thanks to his training and experience in this field of business, he knows what is important and can clear up a lot of things beforehand. His expertise enables right strategy. Only this leads smoothly to the goal.

The job description of the real estate agent

Real estate agents today are usually no longer limited to pure verification and brokerage activities. Rather they offer beyond that Consulting and support services around the property at. The job description includes professional activity in all branches of the real estate business. These include the verification and brokerage of real estate of all kinds, but also the management of properties, brokerage of financing or even developer transactions or construction supervision tasks. Since not everyone can know everything and is competent in everything, brokers specialize in certain fields of activity. The restriction to what someone can do best and what he is specially trained for creates confidence in the competence, seriousness and reliability of the broker, at least from the point of view of potentially interested parties. Even those who focus on selling properties as real estate agents offer a range of services that are part of the indispensable service in connection with the sale and purchase of properties.

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