Televisions under 1000 euros by warentest: these are the best models

From 40 to 65 inches Warentest tests televisions under 1000 euros: These economy models are really good

Ultra-sharp picture, rich sound and fast operation: Many TV features that were once reserved for the very expensive models have long since made it into devices below the pain threshold of 1000 euros. Which models are really worthwhile, Stiftung Warentest has freshly summarized.

This is only partly a new test. In addition to two new Samsung models, the product testers collected in their database those five models that had achieved the best overall score in their size at a price of less than 1000 euros. With the four sizes chosen – Warentest compares models in 65, 55-58, 50 and 40-43 inches – the 20 best savings models thus come together. Theoretically, at least: 65-inchers at this price point were found only four.

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A manufacturer forges ahead

It quickly becomes apparent: LG has quite clearly the nose in front, particularly in relation to the combination of price and performance. In each of the four categories, a model from the South Korean manufacturer is at the top of the list. Only twice does LG have to share the top score with a Samsung TV – and then also undercuts them on price.

Only in the category 50 inches are all models "good", with all others also "satisfying" are Devices in the selection. "Very good" There are no TVs under 1000 euros. According to the product test, they cost "twice to three times as much".

65-inch TVs under 1000 euros: These are the best

The most exciting category in this price range are certainly the 65-inchers. Until recently, you had to decide in this size: Should the new TV really be good or should the price remain under 1000 euros? With its overall rating of "good (2.2) and the price of 900 euros, the first-placed LG UP78009LB clearly shows that this is no longer a contradiction. Although the picture is not as strong as LG’s OLED models due to the LCD panel, it’s still good. The picture is only mediocre when outputting via HDMI. But sound and operation are also good. A strong device for the price.

LG should be very unhappy that Samsung is making an even more attractive offer for the very big ones. The Samsung GU-AU8079U lands with its overall rating of "good" (2.1) (2.3) only slightly behind the LG, but costs a whole 150 euros less. And the picture, of all things, scores even better. The catch is the sound, which is only mediocre according to the product testers. The handling is a bit better than that of the test winner. If you want the best picture for the price, you should take a close look at the Samsung.

Medium-sized TVs in the test: LG in first place twice

In the two categories 50 and 55-58 inches there is a clear winner: the LG NANO809PA . Wait, shouldn’t that be two? Correctly seen. In both categories, the same model wins in two different sizes. Both offer a good picture, the sound is the best in the test. And the handling also pleases the product testers. Except for a partial score, the two models don’t differ at all. The only difference: The smaller device consumes – not surprisingly – minimally less power. But they share the overall grade: "Good" (2.1), judges Warentest.

The difference in price is also minimal: the 55-inch model is available for 700 euros, while the 50-inch model costs only 50 euros less. With the selection the customers should decide therefore above all according to the own need after screen diagonal.

Very small televisions: And again LG

With the models under 43 inches, the choice is easy. And here, too, the name has been heard before: the victory belongs to the 43-inch model of the LG UP78009LB, which has also already come out on top in 65 inches. The picture is similarly good as with the big one, only the viewing angle turns out rather small. Sound and handling are also within a similarly good range. Overall rating: "good" (2,3). At 500 euros, it is also the cheapest TV in the comparison field.

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