The 5 best ways to increase money

Dear readers, in this article I would like to throw 5 different ways to increase money simply times in space, as a basis even once to think about whether you can not make more of his money, wants and / or should!?

Of course, everyone has to answer this question for themselves. This article represents an overview of my thoughts to this topic. Gladly you can supplement points, or differentiate further, if you think that I mixed here approaches and asset classes wrongly with one another.

I am looking forward to a lively exchange in the comments.

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Content of the article

Money increase – a question of the objective!?

In the desire or the idea to want to increase money, there are different aspects. Once there are completely different motivations, from the knowledge that one should invest money, which one has left, profitably up to the desire with a few risky speculations so to speak over night to wealth to arrive.

On the other hand, there are also different fears that resonate with it. These range from "Will I have less capital after this?" to "Does money make me happy at all??".

All these aspects of the theoretical approach to the topic money multiply, with all shades, must be faced, especially at the beginning but also steadily in the active process. The answers are as individual as the questions themselves. But an examination of them I think is very important.

My approach to increasing money: For me, money is synonymous with freedom, and thus, if you want to convert it directly into a unit, for me it is lifetime. If you know your financial needs, then you can break it down to a daily rate. Let’s assume that I need an average of 100€ per day to live out all my wishes/needs. Thus, 100€ of taxed capital equals = one day of freedom.

Now, if I’m in the middle of the process of building a fortune and I already have some money saved up, then by increasing that money I already have, I can more quickly achieve my goals – ie reach my freedom. The motivation is to increase the most valuable good of life, the (free) time a little bit.

5 different ways to increase money

Now there are in my opinion different ways to increase money. Which there are and which I use myself, you will find out in the following.

01 / Saving money

One can certainly argue about whether saving has something to do with increasing money – or not. For me, however, this is quite clear – yes it has! If you earn income, whether from an active or passive source, then you can increase your capital assets if you save continuously. Saving is of course much less sexy than investing (o.a.) but still a very good way to build a fortune. ➡ different ways to save money

In addition, I have already published a five-part article series on the subject of saving, where I introduce you to the 5 phases for successful saving:

  • Set goals when saving
  • Status quo and the first savings account
  • Decide yourself about your money
  • Live below your means
  • Every little bit helps ..

Addition: At this point, I would like to share with you the very good video from the YouTube channel "financial flow". The 2-account model is presented there. This is a very good way to give a systematic to saving:

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➡ Find the best current accounts (consumption account, savings account) for your 2-account model!

& As a savings account for the liquidity cushion, I myself use various call money accounts. Use our comparison calculator to find the best daily deposit account for you.

02 / Investing money

A classical and probably also the most widespread possibility to increase money is investing. An investment has i.d.R. A relatively long-term investment horizon and takes place primarily in a segment in which there is already a wide range of experience and references. That is the respective investment strategy makes it possible demonstrably to increase money. Of course there is no guarantee. But investments in Shares, ETFs or Real estate have been proven to make many people wealthy for many generations. So it is generally a tried and tested strategy.

Read more about investing here

  • My asset allocation [approach, mistakes, strategy]
  • My Stock ETF Depot Updates

03 / Trading

For me, trading moves in an area of tension between investment and speculation. I am convinced that with a high degree of professionalism you can increase your money with trading. But it requires not only knowledge and experience, but also a high investment of time. It is not passive in any way, but in return, the return is higher in the best case scenario.

Here, too, I would like to mention as a supplement or. share with you a deeper insight a video from "financial flow":

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04 / speculation

Another very popular way to increase your money is speculation. There are countless explanations about the distinction between investment and speculation, which I do not want to repeat here. The only important thing is to know that they are two different things. Speculations are for me above all short and medium-term bets on increases in value. Many speculative opportunities arise in legal gray areas, z.B. the so-called grey capital market. The great danger in speculation, besides overestimating one’s own analytical skills and is that one gets ripped off. A topic I have already addressed several times on this blog. Who is ripping you off? These are either criminal activities z.B. in investment MLMs (o.a.) but often it is simply also the system in which you gamble. Sports betting z.B. Are for the most part legal in Germany, but many people bet without any sense or mathematical advantage, so they just end up getting ripped off by the "system sports betting".

& Reading tip: In this blog article I cover in detail the different ways you can win money.

Basically I consider the speculation but a very good way to increase his money. Losses are inevitable in individual transactions, but in the long term you can increase your money well with it. The prerequisite is like insider or expert knowledge of the particular asset class. If you are very very knowledgeable about a particular segment, z.B. with stamps or antiques, who can earn here by knowledge advantage over others very much money.

At this point I would like to add the video of Kolja from "Aktien mit Kopf" as an addition. It is essential, if you want to increase your money, that you understand the difference between investing and speculating:

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05 / Automated Business

Another very good option is to reinvest in your own business, this is usually the best return on investment. For those who already own a business, smart investing in z.B. Marketing or outsourcing make more money in the medium to long term and thus his money, not by direct labor or. Time extra effort, but by adding money, multiply it.

The bible for passive income or. the automated business has Timothy Ferris with his book "The 4-hour week" written. The idea and basic approach is explained very well in great video of "5 ideas":

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Here the discussed book: "The 4-hour week" (advertising)

  • Ferriss, Timothy (Author)

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Why pure gambling doesn’t work – or the prerequisite for increasing money!

Everyone who wants to build up wealth is faced with the question of how to increase their money (faster). The possibilities shown here give a rough overview of general approaches. But what unites all the options is that the prerequisite for long-term success is always specific knowledge. If you don’t know what you are doing – then the whole project of making money is doomed to failure. For me, this is exactly the differentiation from the colloquial term "gambling", which is often equated with investments, but above all with speculation.

Do not misunderstand, I myself like to gamble for money. I only differentiate between speculation (in extreme form gambling) and long term wealth building – these are two completely different things. If you want to read further on this topic, I recommend these blog articles:

  • This is how it works: systematically winning money
  • Why sports betting could be an investment alternative

& How YOU with sports betting 10.000€ per month! (With proof)

Watch the video in full now and learn how to strategically win money with sports betting:

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& Supplement: Learn to invest – 12 tips for beginners

At this point, I would like to share with you the great video of "financial flow". There you will learn 12 investment tips for beginners. Absolutely look at, that rounds off my article meaningfully!

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Here is a summary of all the tips from the video:

  1. Understand your investments
  2. Take responsibility
  3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket (keyword: asset allocation)
  4. Long term strategy
  5. Set yourself a goal
  6. Pay attention to costs (+ taxes and inflation)
  7. Keep a cool head
  8. Expect losses
  9. Be skeptical
  10. Return comes from risk
  11. Reinvest your profits (compound interest)
  12. Just start!

How to increase my money!

I myself use all 5 possibilities presented here. I started saving, at the beginning not at all with the thought of investing the money later, but very much with the idea of building a (savings) fortune in the long run

In the further discussion of the topic of money and wealth, I have of course realized that I should invest my money to build up a small fortune in the foreseeable future.

My deposit return so far (as of early October 2017)

I invest mainly in ETFs and shares in my online depot. I regularly document the development here on my blog.

My new trading account&

I myself invest long term and passively with ETFs on the stock market. But I also have a small gambler / fun depot. For this I have decided after a long research for TradeRepublik. I am especially enthusiastic about the intuitive trading app and the possibility commission free more than 6.500 German and international stocks and over 500 ETFs to trade.

It works that simple:

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Even before I started investing, I tried my luck with trading. And how should it be different, after short successes I have paid some lesson money. After some time and further small losses I have also stopped again with it. However, the fascination has never left me and the second attempt I approached much more rationally. Today I have a small trading account again. But my time that I put into trading, I currently invest mainly in theory and knowledge, and in parallel I gain experience trading with small positions.

In the segment of speculation I feel very comfortable. I am simply a "gambler type" and I am not afraid to take risks. However, I never speculate without a strategy. I earn z.B. for several years I have been regularly making money with sports betting, these are not large sums but I have been in the plus for years. I have also taken the current hype around cryptocurrencies, simply because I recognized the potential early on… and again, I have always approached this with a strategy in mind. Of course, I don’t know where the journey is going with cryptocurrencies either. I even believe that at some point the bubble will burst, but I’m still invested – but only with a plan and rational money management. This means that I always have targets at which I make partial sales to secure profits.

Since mid-2016, I have also been reinvesting over 50% of my earnings from my part-time self-employment back into the business, with the goal of first generating revenue growth and later profit growth as well. This is where by far the most money goes in. I think that will remain so for quite a while. Because already from a tax point of view, I think it is more lucrative to reinvest untaxed capital in your own business than to pay tax on it first and then invest it in securities and then have to pay tax on it again. Don’t misunderstand, I do that too of course, but especially in the early days of building wealth, you raise a lot of potential here if you reinvest the money in your own business.

How do you increase your money? For tips, additions and inspiration … and of course also for objective criticism I am very grateful. Just leave a comment.

You can also exchange ideas with me there in person. Follow the exclusive Telegram channel now:

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