The 8 best apps to sell things

No one can guarantee 100% That he has nothing to sell in his house. We all always have something left over that we don’t use anymore. The most convenient and easiest way to sell all the ones we still have is on our smartphone. While we have a large number of platforms on the internet to buy and sell products, we won’t find the convenience of doing it on our cell phones.

Fortunately, most of the websites where we can sell anything we have left are also available through an application. If you do not have an application, this is because it has a very small market niche. If you think it’s time to clean your house of everything you have left, we show you the 8 Best apps to sell stuff.


Ok, this is the first option that you expected, and it was. The used goods sales platform became very popular a few years ago and since then it has managed to become the most used by the majority of users who want to sell everything that is left or no longer used.

Wallapop does not charge commission for sales between individuals, but also among professionals who have an excellent alternative to traditional websites on this platform. The only way to buy with a guarantee on this platform is to use the shipping platform.

The Wallapop shipping platform, Calculate a percentage of the total amount the transaction in the form of insurance. The seller will not receive payment until the buyer has received the product and verified that it is as described.

However, many users prefer to do business in hand to see the product first hand. Check the function and perform the transaction. One of the problems they never finish on this platform is communication.

The application integrates a chat platform to ask the seller, however, in many cases: messages do not arrive or are too lateSo many users end up turning to WhatsApp.

We can access Wallapop both with the Android application and through the website.


One of the first online services that together with came on the market was to sell used products. A few years ago Segundamano changed its name to Vibbo, but shortly after was acquired by the owner of compared and in the end Both vibbo and disappeared from the market and were in integrated

One of the advantages it offers us in terms of Wallapop is that it allows us to not only know if the seller or buyer is online (We can hide our status in the configuration options.) We can also share photos via chat, eliminating the need to resort to messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram.

If, like Wallapoop and eBay, we come across a seller who regularly adds items we might be interested in, We can follow you through the app. As with other platforms, we also have the option to pay for highlighting our ad for a certain period of time. In this way, we can place our ad in the header of the application, regardless of what the prospect is searching for.

On we find the car or apartment of our dreams, caravans, motorhomes, vans, motorcycles, vehicle parts, job offers, rental houses, used smartphones and tablets, as well as consoles and games. What is not in You will not find it on any other platform.

We can access Milanuncios both with the Android application and through the website.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook’s desire to enter all markets It has also reached the sale of used products. On this platform we find a wide range of products of all kinds, which are ordered depending on the location.

The problem with this platform is that is limited to Facebook users. If you don’t use Facebook or the people you are interested in don’t use it either, it is more than likely that it could cost you to sell your products.

Facebook Marketplace is available in the applicationTherefore, it is not necessary to download an additional application if you already use this platform. Users interested in any of our products can only access the content of anything we publish publicly (forgive the redundancy).

We can access Facebook Market Place with the Android application as well as through the website.

As other platforms have entered the market, eBay has lost its role from, you could say, founder of this category with permission from Craigslist in the United States. The problem with eBay is the high commissions that the seller charges once the ad is placed. Regardless of whether he sells the product or not, he must pay for the display.

To this we must add the commission eBay receives from each sale in addition to the commission when we pay through PayPal. If your goal is to get rid of things, eBay is not an option. One option is to buy items or products that are hard to find, since it allows us to search the world over.

As a buyer, you pay as long as you pay via PayPalall purchases are insured anytime. However, if you pay with a credit card or enter an account, you can forget to make claims if there is a problem with the product.

We can access eBay with the Android application as well as through the website.


Although not as popular as Wallapop, we found Letgo, an application with which we can Sell everything we no longer need, from cell phones to cars, furniture, decorative items, electronic appliances, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, bicycles .

One of the main advantages compared to other platforms is the Image recognition system And artificial intelligence, with which we can add a title and captions so we do not have to do it ourselves.

Also also show us an approximate price Of similar products sold on the platform and provide us with an estimated price and the average time it may take to find a buyer.

We can access Letgo with the Android application as well as through the website.


In Todocoleccion we find, as the name suggests, a platform for buying, selling and auctioning art, books, antiques and collectibles With a catalog of more than 24 million batches unique in direct sale and auction.

If there is no interest in a quantity or a particular item, we can contact the seller and send you an offer with the price that seems fairest to you. All payments are made through PayPal, with this platform responsible for organizing the shipment.

Old books, classic toys, watches of all brands and eras, coins, stamps, soccer stickers, cameras, records, religious art, action figures, antique furniture and jewelry, old postcards . THEMSELVES Some of the objects that we can find on this platform.

We can access Todocoleccion both with the Android application and through the website.


If you are interested Get rid of clothes, the application you are looking for in Vinted. This application focuses exclusively on buying and selling used clothing, although we can also find new items.

With Vinted we can find the clothes we need or browse them a large number of categories like t-shirts, sneakers, pants, accessories, jackets, belts .

fancy, Application that came to the market with the slogan Sure yes sweetie And which also focused on the sale of second-hand clothing, was acquired by Vinted in 2019.

We can access Vinted both with the Android application and through the website.

This platform was the first to enter the market focused on the cycling community And where users can buy and sell both bikes and items related to cycling. The application is responsible for managing the shipment and paying the seller, without having to do anything else on our part.

Any information we can find about items for sale or purchase in Bkie may be Filter through different categories like price, brand, material, size, size .

Bkie offers us up to 48 hours to return a product that we didn’t buy as long as it doesn’t match the description of the item, the same system that Wallapoop offers us as well.

Bkie is the only platform of all that I mentioned in this article does not offer users an online web platform to access its contents.

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