The bachelor: how much niko griesert is in dominik stuckmann??

Tatum Sara Koch | 27.01.2022, 19:46

The new Bachelor

Yesterday was the day: the very first episode of the new "Der Bachelor" season was broadcast on German television. Dominik Stuckmann is the name of this year’s bachelor, who already turned the heads of the single ladies while they were getting to know each other.

For years now, the dome show has delighted its viewers. Since then, some rose distributors already tried themselves in the face of the critical eyes of the "Bachelor" fans. This year’s hottie Dominik Stuckmann (29) and his predecessor Niko Griesert (31) seem at first glance to be at least visually the same type of man, but are the two blondes really so similar or is the impression deceiving??

The difference between the two rose distributors

Blond hair, the casual three-day beard, gleaming white teeth, the sparkling blue eyes and not to forget a well-toned body. Dominik Stuckmann and Niko Griesert have a lot in common, at least on the outside. But if you look behind the facade of the two Sunny Boys, it looks a little different. Niko is a total sports freak who, according to his own statements, works out up to five times a week. For him, fitness is one of the most important parts of his life. The Kiel native can switch off and forget the stress of everyday life for a short moment.

Dominik, on the other hand, is the complete opposite: he hates going to the gym and prefers to play social team sports, if at all. And this despite the fact that the entrepreneur attended an elite sports school and even has a degree in sports science and management. Quite unusual for a "Bachelor," but perhaps that’s why it was so interesting for some of the 20 ladies. After all, not every woman is willing to invest her precious time in strenuous physical training.

Both love to travel

But the two men definitely have one thing in common: their great love of adventure. Which Dominik and Niko owe not least to their position as the new ladies’ man. Just like his predecessor, Stuckmann loves to discover the world and learn new languages.

The successful businessman even lives on the sunny island of Gran Canaria. So his chosen one should be just like him, open to a home outside Germany. While Griesert had to spend his time as Bachelor in cold Germany due to the Corona pandemic, the 29-year-old traveled to Mexico together with the candidates.

They are family people

In the opening credits of the opening episode, which was first shown on German TV yesterday, one thing in particular stood out: The investor is an absolute family man. Dominik has a very close relationship with his grandmother and his mother, as he says himself. His relatives also played a big role in Niko’s life. The influencer also has a daughter who lives with his ex-girlfriend in the U.S. For him, just like for the current cavalier, the family comes first.

In addition, they both work in the IT sector. While Dominik works as an IT specialist in Frankfurt am Main, as well as in his adopted home Gran Canaria, Niko is a studied IT project manager.

Whether Dominik is just as decisive?

Although the two charmers have a few things in common, we can only hope that Dominik hasn’t copied any of Niko’s behavioral patterns when it comes to choosing women. Finally, the social media celebrity, who now lives in Cologne, proved that he is not really fond of making decisions. After kicking his current partner Michele de Roos out of the format shortly before the finale, he brought her back in a night and fog action. A scandal never seen before in recent years. The piquant thing about it: he did get the beauty back on the show, but in the end he chose contestant Mimi. Well, at least today the model and his runner-up live in a happy relationship.

"I trust my heart" is Dominik’s motto for the current season. And as long as he does that, nothing can go wrong, right?? After all: With his predecessor it also worked out with some detours.

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