“The bachelor”: the candidates have never been so enthusiastic

"Bachelor": The candidates have never been so enthusiastic

Bachelor 2022: The most important info on the reality show

This year, the Bachelor is once again looking for a chosen one to be able to give her the decisive last rose at the end. This is what viewers need to know about the new season.

Berlin. The candidates have never been so enthusiastic in the dating format. After the first meeting, all 22 ladies are sure: It’s him.

Diversity will be at the "Bachelor" 2022 blond written. At least that’s the impression you get when you watch the first episode of the "RTL" show and realize that more than half of the 22 ladies Wears the same hair color. Likewise, the Bachelor: 29 years young, blond, blue eyes, entrepreneurial. "I invest in a wide variety of companies," Dominik Stuckmann introduces himself.

For some time now, he has been living on the Canary Islands and working from there. "That’s very important to me, that a woman with this Flexibility gets along well," he explains. In addition, he is also a family type: "We have a Whatsapp family group, there is also my grandma in it." She also immediately gave him some good advice for the dating format: "Please, do not make babies!"

"The Bachelor": A lady with whom you can crawl in the mud

What her grandson needs for a woman? "She must be spontaneous, lovable and a Family man his", according to the grandmother. Stuckmann herself attaches importance to the fact that she is both a "lady" with whom you can go out nicely, as well as one with whom you can crawl through the mud. But she shouldn’t be too athletic either: "I’m not the fitness type, I don’t enjoy it. You can also do normal sports."

Stands otherwise with the Arrival The first car of the Bachelor is already ready to welcome the 22 ladies who want to meet him in his villa, but this time this place is empty. "Where is he? Did he run away?", the first two ladies ask themselves. Until the chauffeur of her car gets out, walks to the end of the red carpet, takes off his mask and positions himself. "Oh no, that’s the Bachelor. If I had known that," it escapes Josephine Fischer. "No, you can’t do that, I just gave away my gift," he says. That’s not clear at all," she is indignant.

"Bachelor" contestant: "I am his gift"

Her gift is a bouncy ball, because she works part-time as a fitness trainer. "That was one of the most awkward moments ever," sums up the 25-year-old from Auetal after meeting. Things are going better for Jana Maria Herz, who is the Bring along has saved: "I am his gift," she declares confidently. She also works in real estate and once lived in Gran Canaria. "We have quite a lot in common," says the Bachelor, fascinated.

As it turns out a little later, however, he very quickly becomes enthusiastic about various women. One "Magic Moment", as it is so fondly called in trash TV circles, this gentleman has not once but many times. "I almost forgot the time with her," he says, for example, shortly after getting to know Christina Nicolardi.

Besides her, there are two other namesakes he also finds intriguing: Christina Aurora, who works as a photographer, and Christina Rusch, who freely admits that it’s not just the inner values that matter to her. "He should be taller than me, intelligent, have rather lighter hair and be funny. In addition, he should have money."

Tears among the "Bachelor" candidates

Whereas in previous years there were always individual candidates who didn’t like the look of the Bachelor, this year they all agree: "This is the most attractive Bachelor, ever existed." There one forgives him perhaps also that he asks several times the ladies, why they are actually single, if they are nevertheless so pretty. Absolute no-go. But no woman seems to be angry with him.

In contrast to the three candidates who had to leave immediately after getting to know each other: Elina Schuster, Jenny Cheong and Bella Otyakovskiy. At Tears they leave the villa visibly surprised.

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