The best ego gifts for christmas

Merry Ego Christmas! | The 7 horny
Gifts to yourself

Who knows you best? Yourself! So become your own Christ Child. Photo: Shutterstock / Roman Stetsyk

A pot set for mom, a stylish tie for dad and a movie voucher for Schatzi..

Every year. is what you think when you unwrap your Christmas presents: "Where is the receipt. "

Everyone dreads the moment of giving – and receiving – a gift. No wonder: According to a survey by the IT association Bitkom, as soon as the feast of love is over, one in three people thinks about selling on their gifts.

If your sweetheart is not so good at giving presents either? Photo: Sebastian Gauert – stock.adobe.c

To avoid such moments of embarrassment, there’s only one ideal way: give yourself a gift! Because let’s face it, who knows what you want better than you do?!

The seven best ideas for making yourself really happy this Christmas!

Discover the adventurer in you!

Our life is timed, we always have to function. Get up early, go to work, clean your apartment, go to the supermarket – it’s not that exciting. So give yourself something that will get your adrenaline pumping, your heart racing, and make you forget everything around you. That would be amazing, wouldn’t it?!? You need it at least if you want to win a round Demolish cars go. Some scrap yards, but also experience websites offer such "crash courses" in various cities, sledgehammer or baseball bat included (prices ca. 75-150 euros). If you like it less destructive, you can be a Wall- or Houserunner try – and run towards the ground along the facade of a hotel or a dam wall (ca. 80 euros). No one would ever give you something like this – for fear that something might happen to you.

Buy yourself endlessly happy!

With one German Christmas Lottery ticket (20 euros) rosy times lie ahead of you! Because 300,000 euros are waiting in the wings. Yes, that’s right: 300 000. You could buy three Porsche 911s or live in the Beverly Hills Hotel for a whole year and go shopping every day (Pretty Woman sends her regards). ).

Store on Rodeo Drive like "Pretty Woman" – without looking at the money. A dream that doesn’t have to stay a dream. Photo: Gabriele Maltinti –

Sounds like an unattainable dream? No way! Because in the German Christmas Lottery, the probability of winning is 1:99.500! For comparison: the probability of having six right numbers in the lottery is 1:15.537.573.
The special: Not ONE wins millions, but MANY win hundreds of thousands of euros.

Even more awesome gifts can be found here:

Couple gift

The money bag is empty again? Do nothing! We have the hottest gift ideas for (almost) free!

Nothing in the bag yet? We have the best tips for 5 horny last-minute gifts that will make your loved ones happy!

The best? Anyone can buy tickets conveniently and securely for themselves on the Internet at buy or as a lottery ticket to give away at many participating outlets.

But even if you don’t hit the jackpot, someone else will have won – because the good deed is included in the German Christmas Lottery. Part of the proceeds from the sale goes to social projects. For example? To the Stiftung Lesen (Reading Foundation), the Deutsche Kinder- und Jugend Stiftung (German Children and Youth Foundation) and the Lukas Podolski Stiftung fur Sport und Bildung (Lukas Podolski Foundation for Sport and Education).

Travel back to your childhood

The sweet smell, the rustle of the bag and then only the taste! Eating popcorn immediately makes you feel like a kid again. In addition, the golden-yellow balls are also just super delicious, whether salty or sweet. So what actually speaks against a Popcorn or cotton candy machine for the home (each from approx. 20 euros)? Yes, exactly – absolutely nothing!

Small, crunchy, super tasty: If you can make popcorn at home, you’ll instantly be even more hip among your friends Photo: Shutterstock/Jennifer Tatum

Anyone who doubts their choice of job and wishes they had become a zookeeper after all, as was the plan back in sixth grade, has a chance to do so these days too. At least by the hour. In quite a few zoos and animal parks you can buy something for yourself Caregiver for a day and experience your favorite animals up close (from approx. 115 euros).

Working close to and with zoo animals – a wish that everyone can fulfill Photo: Shutterstock/Oleksii Chumachenko

Be really attractive

Hand on heart: Would you give underwear as a gift? Not really, or?! As a man, people are quick to accuse you of having naughty intentions, and as a woman, putting a pair of boxer shorts under your husband’s Christmas tree seems unimaginative to the max. In general: Everything must fit well, nothing must pinch. An almost hopeless endeavor! So buy yourself something Chic for underneath. Just for you! Nice side effect: the surprised face of your partner when Christmas suddenly becomes much hotter than expected.

If it’s going to be really hot at Christmas…, you’d better buy your lingerie yourself. Then at least they fit perfectly! Photo: Shutterstock/Galina Tcivina

Treat yourself to some me time

Only you know exactly when and how a break is right. And these are neglected in everyday life. Two-thirds of people want more recreation, according to a University of Wisconsin study. They want one thing above all: to be alone at last! Do you know how this works especially well? If you are on a Rent a container ship and sail across the oceans for a few months, z.B. 184 days to China (approx. 11.000 Euro). Expensive? Yes! But with the win of the Christmas lottery only peanuts.

A lot of cargo and even more sea: container voyages are something for everyone who just wants to have some peace and quiet Photo: chrisberic –

They are still afraid of bad gifts? Then why not show your loved ones the German Christmas Lottery commercial:

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