The cat is staring at me: here’s why

Why does a cat stare at its human? If the cat no longer takes its eyes off a person, it always has a reason. We reveal it!

cat stares

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Looking into the big googly eyes of our velvet paws fills us with happiness. Every now and then, however, the cat does not simply look, but stares piercingly.

To understand the look of your favorite and its needs, it is important that you know the reasons for this behavior. What the stare has to mean, we explain here.

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6 reasons: Why a cat stares

Cats have a pronounced stubbornness and always seem a bit mystical. This is especially true when they seem to stare into nothingness or look us straight and deeply in the eye.

If the cat looks at us insistently, then this always has a reason. Something occupies the house cat, something he wants to tell us with his stare.

One or more of these 6 messages are behind the staring:

1. hunger

That we humans primarily act as can openers and servants for our cat, we gladly accept. Especially when our velvet paw sits in front of us and stares at us expectantly with her beautiful eyes. (By the way: These cats have the most beautiful eyes.)

If your cat is relaxed and walks during the "begging by eye contact" in the direction of the food bowl or food bag, the case is clear: hunger is a possible reason for the staring, especially if the cat starts to stare at the typical feeding time or if you eat something yourself.

Some cats even follow their owners around the house and stare at them until they reach their destination. Therefore, check the food bowls and give fresh food if necessary.

If the cat (regularly) remains sitting in front of the full bowl, smelling it and staring, this can be a sign that he is not satisfied with the choice of food. The little gourmets just know what is good.

Sometimes you can simply wait out the problem until the cat helps itself to food again. But if it does not eat for a long time, you should take these tips to heart: This is what you can do if your cat does not eat.

2. Curiosity

Cats are wonderful! They are as playful and curious as a child. As soon as there is something going on in the apartment and the four-pawed cat is not a timid cat, he will be there. After all, cat eyes and cat ears hardly miss anything. If you as a cat owner are busy and are doing something, it is sometimes as exciting for your cat as a good detective story is for us.

If the house cat sits near you and stares at you, it most likely wants to watch and find out what you are doing. Attention: Some cats are so curious that when they stare and watch, they run around between your feet to be very close to the action.

It happens to some cat owner quickly that he stumbles in a careless moment over the cat. Therefore, always walk slowly and carefully when your cat circles you.

Of course you can take your cat to another room or distract it until you are done – but if you involve it in the work and let it watch, it will thank you with good mood and possibly cuddles.

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