The first make-up – make-up tips for teenagers and advice for their parents

At some point, every young woman gets to the age where she no longer wants to leave the house without makeup on. There is nothing wrong with a discreet make-up, without the youngsters being "painted" looks. Simple makeup tips can help you avoid gross makeup mistakes and bring your teen’s visual assets to the forefront. When buying make-up for children, there are a number of additional things that need to be taken into account in order not to endanger children’s sensitive skin. We reveal to you what children, teenagers and parents should pay attention to when it comes to the first make-up.

From which age girls should be allowed to put on make-up?

Those who avoid typical beginner’s mistakes and go for a natural look – especially at school – can already at a young age wear the first make-up.

If you look around the schoolyards these days, you’ll find a lot of girls who, for their age too much makeup and therefore no longer look their age. As a parent, you’re sometimes at a loss as to whether you should do something about it or just let things take their course.

It makes the most sense to sit down with your daughter early on and talk about the issue. When a child starts to be interested in make-up, you can try to compromise:

From the age of 12. until 13. After the age of 18, it is certainly not harmful if the child is allowed to apply a little mascara from time to time.

Later, you may be able to add some subtle lip gloss. One should show its children however in any case like the different things to be used, so that they do not overdo it with the application.

But once the children have reached their 14. until 15. When a child reaches the age of 18, parents certainly no longer have much to say. Then the only thing you can do is try to prevent it from running around like a clown by using tips when buying and applying it.

But perhaps it is possible to make arrangements so that the children wear little or no makeup to school and only do so when they go to friends’ houses in the evening.

Note developmental stage

Already with 12 or 13 most girls become more interested in cosmetics at the age of. At school, during sports and in leisure time they come along with Girls of the same age and somewhat older girls in contact who wear their first make-up attempts already have behind them.

When exactly a girl should make up can not be answered so exactly anyway. This is certainly also related to the Developmental stage of the child together. Some 13-year-old girls already consider themselves adults and others still like to be children.

Skin blemishes during puberty

The skin of most teenagers is problematic and sensitive, many suffer from pimples and blackheads. It is not surprising that they would like to hide their skin impurities under a thick layer of make-up.

But Clogged pores make pimples sprout even more and the complexion becomes even more uneven.

Do you have to wear make-up to be "in"? to be?

Many women and often young girls do not go out without their daily make-up. But is make-up really necessary to be in the trend? By make-up one does not carry compellingly as often derisively said a mask. Many women therefore now also consciously rely on makeup again naturalness.

The make-up trend

Trends are not only in the field of fashion. Together with new clothing collections, new make-up trends are always appearing on the catwalks of the world. Often here is also oriented to stars, which set the latest trends at events.

Various glossy magazines give the impression that it is impossible without make-up. In almost every issue new make-up tips to find. But not only make-up is "in. Natural beauty is also becoming more and more popular. Without a conspicuous make-up one lies thus just as in the trend.

Advantages and disadvantages of make-up

If you use make-up incorrectly, not only can you worsen your appearance, but you can also develop skin blemishes. The make-up should therefore every evening before going to bed absolutely removed with special cleaners. This rule of thumb in the field of make-up should also be observed.

Advantage of make-up, however, is also that skin impurities hidden can be. Small blemishes on the skin can be easily covered with the help of concealer or powder.

Tips for natural make-up

To look natural as a woman, it is not absolutely necessary to leave the house without make-up. If you feel uncomfortable without your cosmetics, you can also be a Natural make-up put on. Here, neither the eyes nor the lips are strongly emphasized. Only a light foundation to improve the overall appearance of the skin and discreetly applied mascara are necessary.

How to create a natural make-up, which is already suitable for young ladies, you will learn in the following three steps.

Step 1: Preparation of the skin

Before applying make-up, the skin on the face must be thoroughly cleansed. For this, first the hands are intensively cleaned with soap and then the face is cleansed with a mild Cleansing milk or a washing gel. With a clarifying facial toner (without alcohol), even the last dirt particles are removed from the pores afterwards and the complexion refreshed.

After thoroughly cleansing the face, apply a moisturizer based on the particular Skin type is matched. Only now can you start with the make-up.

Step 2: Covering and priming

Use a concealer to cover all major skin blemishes; a concealer is also ideal for hiding dark circles. On individual pimples it is simply dabbed on and not blurred, so that it also covers only this place.

The concealer should be one shade lighter than the natural skin tone to achieve the best results.

Depending on the skin type, a liquid foundation, or a powder foundation is now applied. Thereby one always chooses a shade lighter, than the natural skin tone, otherwise the make-up looks painted and unnatural. The foundation itself should not be recognized as such.

Who tends to oily skin by nature, can cover the shine with a mattifying powder. For dry skin, a liquid foundation is suitable, which can be distributed much better with this skin type and does not become crumbly.

When applying foundation, make sure that it is no hard transitions to the hairline and neck there, a light spreading of the foundation is particularly important here.

Young girls with flawless skin can get by with a tinted day cream, it covers only lightly and gives the face a beautiful, even complexion.

Step 3: Bright eyes and beautiful lips

The range of eyeshadow colors is huge, but not every shade suits a young woman. In addition, the eye make-up should be matched to

  1. the respective type,
  2. the skin and hair color and
  3. on the occasion.

But be careful: Garish colors usually look artificial and can quickly come across as cheap.

You can’t go wrong with earth tones, dark browns or a soft shade of green. For the disco or party it may already a little bit more color, after all "swallows" artificial light the colors.

As a little trick, a light eye shadow can be applied before the actual color, so it does not look quite as strong and lasts better on the eyelid.

Now apply a kajal on the under eyelid. Young girls should avoid black kajal, it looks much too harsh – earth colors are best suited at this age.

With a mascara, the eyelashes are mascaraed, which thereby provide a beautiful eye look.

A little lip gloss on the lips is quite enough for teenagers to emphasize the mouth.

When applying make-up for children, pay attention to the ingredients

Especially children have great fun to put on makeup. This is not limited to carnival or Halloween, the little ones want to make up for everyday life. When buying make-up for children, however, there are a few things that need to be taken into account in order to protect the Sensitive children’s skin not to endanger.

Conventional make-up

Normal cosmetic products from the trade are usually not suitable for children. sensitive skin can be allergic to the chemical substances in some make-up products react allergic and be irritated.

If you want to make the little ones absolutely a joy you should stick to natural cosmetics in the drugstore or specialty store. Low pollutant Powder and eye shadow as well as nail polish and lipstick can also be used without hesitation on sensitive children’s skin.

Special make-up for children

Special children’s make-up for carnival or Halloween time is also very popular with children. These makeup colors and pencils are usually based on a fat, which makes the color Easy to spread and long lasting Is.

These products may also contain substances that are harmful to health. Toxic heavy metals, such as lead or mercury can occur in such make-up products. When buying carnival make-up, care should be taken to ensure that it does not have sufficiently tested and were found to be harmless.

This is what you should look for

In a product which is applied on the children’s skin may be no carcinogenic substances be contained. Also

  • other harmful substances, , and
  • chemical additions

Irritate the skin of the child. It is advisable to make sure that the make-up for children is under Compliance with EU directives has been created.

To ensure good skin compatibility, you should look at the results when buying dermatological tests and microbiological examinations pay attention. These tips for buying apply not only to products from the drugstore, but also to special children’s make-up products.

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