The great sorcery – blond – yellow cast after bleaching or lighter dyeing!?

On my website, I can see very precisely what many people are searching for on the Internet via an analysis tool! Again and again I come across the desperate question… yellow/orange hair after bleaching or lighter dyeing!

When dyeing lighter, depending on the natural tone, you always get "yellow-orange or -red"! If I choose a nice blond from the color chart, take this and lighten the hair with it, a completely different (warmer) color tone comes out! As a hairdresser I learn this in the hairdresser’s color theory and should know from which pitch on with which nuance against it pimp… a layman, of course, can not know these very complicated and complex events, and especially can not understand them simply so! The cosmetic companies have found great solutions for this… there is then simply the "Anti-yellow" Hair color that contains matting (cool) pigments!

But why does the hair turn yellow or orange??

Our natural hair color consists of only 2 types of pigment and one of the two is difficult to break down! The fact is… the darker the hair, the more red-orange comes out. With lighter hair it then slowly becomes more and more yellow!! There are also other factors that influence pigmentation when lightening, but this is getting too complicated here!

Now the problem is, however… that depending on the circumstances and natural hair color, not simply one only Nuancierung comes against, but it can three different and much more importantly, variations from these enstehen! Say, it can’t be that there is only one anti-yellow hair color… As a hairdresser, I must be able to foresee these color reactions and then react to them with completely different shades (color wedge/complementary colors)! This Art master unfortunately many hairdressers hardly… beyond that it is with the hair color like on high sea or before court!

It can also occur again and again unpredictable events!!

As a hairdresser I can react to this, as a layman… NO CHANCE!!

If you go to the hairdresser and have your hair colored there, this "should" not be too big a problem in the best of all cases! That this is unfortunately not always so, I have already mentioned in one or the other post! &
Where a too warm hair color is almost guaranteed, is with the dear Home treatment!
Here it usually comes to serious problems, because the end customer at home simply lacks the experience and he does not know what kind of nuances arise and with which tone one has to react to it! Whether it becomes just yellow, yellow-orange, orange or even red-orange, depends on the natural tone depth and the eventual color nuance!

We offer in our store the professional color boarding… a really good deal… since we do per week approx. two ladies save the hair color! This is actually always more rather than less complex … and usually very costly for the customer. It would have been better to come straight to us, you would have actually saved a lot of money! &

But now to some facts about hair lighter dyeing!

We hairdressers know that we can not lighten colored or tinted hair!
An end customer usually does not know this, of course, and tries it with a lightening hair color … the result is … a touch of NOTHING … because actually it only works with bleaching! By the way, the hair damage finds nevertheless satt!

Since the drugstore cosmetics industry this problem is of course long known, they have "Hair colors" developed, with which one can also break down chemical pigments!
Everybody can imagine what kind of chemical bombs these have to be to make it work!?

Important is: Here, of course, only yellow or yellow-orange tones can arise. But at least enormous hair damage, hair breakage or worse is the inevitable consequence!

Glossing followed by JBH Treatment – Restuction

Glossing followed by JBH treatment – Restuction

Glossing – afterwards – J Beverly Hills Hydration Treatment

I can only recommend to everyone to have colored hair lightened exclusively by a professional!

For bleaching… my knitted opinion!

bleaching belongs exclusively to the Hand of professionals… I find it completely irresponsible that end customers can obtain blonding on the Internet, hairdressing stores or the hairdresser on the corner! Also, this devil stuff does not belong in a drugstore! With bleaching you can build bombs, etch away your skin and hair and threaten life and limb… something like this should only be in expert hands! I refuse in the meantime any chemical treatment, where it is to be recognized, that the customer himself has blondiert! Fact is… after a Blondierung must be always matted in one or other kind, because by Blondierung alone ensteht always a Gelbstich!

Also an important and meaningful sentence…

Who bleaches must invest!

The care effort is enormous and here it is not done with a cheap drugstore product!

To the end!

After all the previous explanations and explanations, it is no wonder that so many people with pipy yellow / orange hair run around and the self-dyeing the hair messed up, destroyed and the re-dyeing, beautiful Walks in the woods (green tint) experience!

Here also a clear case of how customers partly perceive an intense yellow as platinum blonde and no longer really notice their abundantly damaged hair texture! I did not link the video to make fun of the friendly lady, she herself has already come to the conclusion that she would rather go into professional hands. A good decision!

But also this problem has long been recognized by cosmetic companies! There are now "antigelb" products from some well-known manufacturers. These act but not only matting, in which they accumulate cool pigments, (this would not be enough for strong stingy tones, because too many pigments are still present) but also break down, similar to my beloved lightening sprays, in a chemical way pigments and help the customer to a beautiful platinum tone!

What happens then, however, similar to the lightening spray, with the next bleaching… that is then on a completely different page! Here it can come to terrible chemical interactions, resulting in complete Hair loss, but usually always to extreme Hair breakage can lead.

These agents are chemical time bombs that react with molecular oxygen in the air and break down pigments with persulfates and oxygen in the air! Goes the hairdresser or end customer then (after abundant use) with atomic (extremely reactive) oxygen from the H²O² on the so treated hair, it can come to an explosive chemical interaction!!

Here, the customer then bears his own residual risk in the case of bleaching! Only in the case of demonstrable mistreatment of the hairdresser, would z.B. a public liability insurance to step in!

Drum do not become the Home dyeing victim!!

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All the time my ash blonde hair strands become yellowish after two days and the process continues until they are really pipy yellow. My hairdresser says his coloration is fine and does not know what the problem is. Can you help me further?

Hello, that’s hard to say, from a distance and without knowing what your hairdresser does for aftercare, it is unfortunately impossible to judge as a remote diagnosis! The fact is, bleached hair is usually always a bit yellowish, it must always be matted a bit! But if it turns yellow after such a short time,it evtl suggests. point out that it was not lightened bright and clear enough and the matting after-treatment becomes too weak after 2 hair washes to achieve a lasting effect here! But as I said, this is just a guess! Ask your hairdresser again if you can get the hair a little lighter and clearer and if he has a remedy for you, (z.B. tinting hair treatment) with which they can work at home themselves against the yellow tinge!

Oh thank you& for this article!
Super explained and finally also times with a warning provided which concerns the Blondieren.
If you go to drugstores and find all the products (which give the impression that it is nothing necessarily difficult and harmless) you think nothing of it as a layman. As a child/teenager I was allowed to make my (unpleasant) experiences there fast.
And this doesn’t mean yellow hair, but….. let’s say… my ergelbten hair all in the drain . Hello short hairstyle& But as a layman ( still in addition child) I did not understand the issue. Everything is colorful and perfect and freely available in the store.
In the meantime I would call myself practiced and tested and something like that doesn’t happen to me anymore. But until then I would have wished for some warnings and hints.
Also I think it should not be sold to children / teenagers. There is so much that can go wrong.
Best regards

Come from the specialist, still yellow stitch, not everywhere, but just already recognizable for me and I hate nothing more than that-
so much for the professionals!
Have paid 120€.

Hello Victoria, you have the right to have a non-satisfactory work done free of charge! Also the company has this right – only after better then, it should still not be coherent – you can demand money back! Unfortunately, I also know that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a good hairdresser … but this is also due to the fact that the profession thanks to the lousy pay no one wants to do more – so the companies today get into trouble and get serious problems!

This is written from a really, really high horse and devalues many people extremely. Writing about "clients" from such a perspective and linking a Youtube video as supposed proof, like the many spelling and grammatical errors, shows a childishly naive attitude towards the rest of the world.

Hello dear Kat… I would like to thank you very much for your criticism, I am also always happy about critical comments!

To the topic, high horse and devaluation: I have just looked at the contribution again and read me into the topic! With the best will in the world I can’t find any devaluation of persons! I have presented the problem "yellow" in its basic structure and pointed out that laymen without sound knowledge and with the lack of color selection from the supermarket shelf, are subject to a high probability to dye their hair in different shades of yellow and orange. I can’t make out any of her criticisms of this. The video is from a fellow blogger who put this out publicly herself and I only showed it for comparison, with what false perception lay people have of their hair z.T. mess up and then still believe that would be nice so. Fortunately, the lady has probably already come to this realization and now seems to dye her hair only by professional hand, which I welcome as a hairdresser of course. The only ones I might attack and belittle here are the manufacturers of these chemical weapons, which always flush me worst hair color disasters in the salon, where I unfortunately can not always achieve a real rescue! This post is actually one of the most read posts on my blog, and I receive praise, thanks, recognition and many questions from many customers, which I answer to the best of my knowledge. With my loose and partly somewhat biting and sarcastic way of writing, I have now soon been able to reach a million people … so I think that my way of writing is certainly very well received by most people, because they may also simply have more fun while reading! Boring and lame texts are already abundant!? & But there shall always be those who dislike my texts and way of writing… here I always advise to just stay away from my blog!

About my spelling and grammar weakness:

I suffer since my childhood from a slight dyslexia and often twist letters and am generally not an ace in spelling and grammar! Fortunately, I have no difficulty whatsoever with reading or or writing per se.

I just gave up at some point! But I really enjoy words and as I wrote before, I have a lot of fans with my texts and my way of writing! I communicate my weakness very openly and my fans are aware of this slight handicap and I seldom have to justify myself here.

I have my texts proofread before publication i.d.R by one of my co-workers… and I have to admit, I have no other option and then have to trust her. I also do not have the claim to me that I ever mutate to the perfect grammar or spelling artist … should they now have caused my lousy penmanship so terrible problems, I would like to excuse this! But also here the tip helps… just do not read! & There is also the saying about the glass house and the stones, which I highly recommend to them! &

The linking of the youtube video with a spiteful smiley should now bring exactly what? Absolutely unprofessional to make fun of it.

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