The story of st. Nicholas

For supper we have chicken, noodle soup, four kinds of cheese, a bowl of cherries, seventeen pickled rollmops, and for dessert cream ice cream with raspberry tart. "This is all way too much," thinks St. Nicholas, and then he thinks of the people in town who go to bed hungry. "God will help them," say his advisors. "And when God needs help?", asks Nicholas.

The legend of St. Nicholas for big and small children and the whole family: of sharing in secret, the three girls and a golden apple. Doesn’t quite fit in the boot. But for St. Nicholas Day. Here is a look at the book.

1. Edition 202, bound, 32 pages, 15 Euro

Suddenly everyone hears it. A whisper, a singing: "Rejoice! Today a new king is born. He makes light of what is dark. Poor will be rich, and what’s small will be big. Run and see: you will find the child in the stable!"

The Christmas Story: Warm-hearted, lively and very close to everyday life for big and small children and the whole family. This is what heaven could look like if it took place in a barn. Yesterday or today or tomorrow. To read aloud and give away.

1. Edition 2020, hardcover, 32 pages, 15 Euro

The Sunday calendar

Sunday! Once a week, we take a breath and look at what is sacred to us. Sundays spell freedom. Because big breaks, whether in summer or in the schoolyard, have always been good for adventures and bold plans.

This desk calendar has surprising stories, encouraging texts and thought experiments ready for each week. From Sunday to Sunday they carry you through the week and through the year – together with atmospheric photos and the feather-light illustrations by Ariane Camus. And once a month there is a postcard to tear out to share the Sunday mood with others and send it all over the world.

"Air Up" is the ideal companion through the year – breezy, warm, offensive and funny.

Available in every bookstore and directly through Chrismon.

59 pages including 12 postcards

22,4 x 13 cm metal spiral binding | frog cover

The Christmas sheep& Jesus rings

"What is the baby doing in my manger??"

What if a sheep told the Christmas story?? Sometimes humorous, sometimes thoughtful, but always with a lot of imagination, the stories tell Christmas from a different perspective. Included are the sheep in the stable, a lighthouse keeper, God at the Christmas market, a family crossing the sea in a rubber dinghy. Christmas always comes differently than you think. 24 surprising stories full of hope and wonder.

A look into the book can be found here:

176 pages, paperback, 10 Euro

Jesus rings the doorbell – incognito, of course. He needs a little distance from the Christmas hustle and bustle. God is looking for a woman and takes the ICE. The Christmas angel keeps a diary and the Christmas thieves do a little redistributing.

Christmas happens where you least expect it.

24 unusual stories for all who are longing and looking for a star. Heartwarming, funny and imaginative.

To read aloud or read by yourself. A wonderful companion through the Advent season.

A look at the book can be found here:

  • Publisher Herder
  • 160 pages, paperback, 10 Euro
  • ISBN: 978-3-451-03215-8

The Advent calendar to arrive *** Almost SOLD OUT

We look for the miracle, hang a star on the bicycle handlebars and set out. We send signs of life on postcards. Because we believe: The story of the child in the manger continues. New every year, different every year.

24 texts and pictures awaken longing. And 24 postcards invite you to share the anticipation, send Advent greetings and peace signs – to best friends, distant relatives or almost forgotten acquaintances.

Each page is available twice: once to read and keep and once to tear out and send away. You don’t have to, but you can.

"Silent Mail is available in every bookstore and directly through Chrismon.

24 calendar pages and 24 postcards

22,4 x 13 cm, metal spiral binding with frog stand

Jesus has been dead for 2000 years. Still, some remember, "Look," he said, "we’re playing a game: I see something you don’t."

What are windowsill dreams? At what intervals do we need cans of longing? How does millimeter wonder work?? What storm reasons are good reasons? And how does a living room utopia sound?

Daily headlines become everyday psalms. I interview a free spirit, post a job opening for social architect (d/m/w), and open the emotional pantry. I walk through the city with Jesus, we drink bitter lemon and meet at the river with a bag of Sunday rolls. We talk about doubt, love, fairground lights, and I try to see the world through his eyes.

This book is an invitation to reassemble life. Changing the perspective. To find unused words. Being a lucky shepherd and a prophet of confidence.

1. edition 2021, hardcover, 144 pages, four colors, 16 Euro

Love stories from the bible

"Forget romance, you said. When the going gets tough, candles don’t count. We don’t need violins. When all was lost, we crossed boundaries, laughed at jokes, made plans, appraised men, tried on clothes, lived hand to mouth. You gave me courage and beautiful hair. On the talk of the people we have whistled our song. And in the end, at the very end, we have been heroines."

Bathsheba is hungry for David. The prodigal son gets a pot of beef goulash, when in fact you’d rather shake it. God is a woman who has ten cents and loses one and turns everything upside down and no one says: not worth it. Jonatan and David dare, but only almost. Judas clings to a straw and Jesus and Mary Magdalene swim in the lake at night and everything remains open.

Kisses, longing, love triangles, standing for each other and eating cherries together: Everyday stories of love that never ends, even when it has a few quirks. It is just needed.

edition chrismon, with illustrations by Ariane Camus

1. Edition September 2020, 136 pages, 15 Euro

What was that? The stone was gone. I looked into the cave – and it was completely empty. Suddenly I heard my name. My heart warmed up, I saw Jesus laughing and talking in front of me. The wind went through the trees and whispered: "I am with you." I could bet it was his voice.

The biblical Easter story from the point of view of Mary Magdalene: Jesus’ life, the Last Supper with his friends, his arrest and death on the cross. From the eyes of an owl speaks the terror of loneliness – but in the end love remains. Here is a look into the book.

Published by Herder, 1. Edition 2020, bound, 32 pages, 15 Euro

Of one who went out to live curiously

I live from writing. I live from my creativity. One evening I sit on the sofa and realize: curiosity is gone. So I go in search of it. And I find it in the Sesame Street soundtrack of my childhood: "Why, why, why??" In the questions of my youth between "Bravo" and God. And at the desk where every morning begins with a blank sheet of paper.

This book is the logbook of a voyage of discovery. A book that asks questions about God and the world. A declaration of love to curiosity.

"I am 46 years old. I like my life. I write stories on Mondays. The rest of the week too. God sometimes looks over my shoulder. There’s something growing on my balcony, and it remains to be seen what it is. I think it’s a good idea to bury your face in a sheepskin now and then. Perfect things amaze me, but they also frighten me. I’m not perfect. There is always a spot somewhere. And that’s not all by a long shot. I’m looking for the meaning of life, but I don’t want wisdom sayings on my tea bag. I do not want to calm down. I could always improve something in my apartment. On this book too. It is an attempt. To get on the track of curiosity. "

published by Herder

1. Edition September 2019

Hardcover with dust jacket

A look at the book can be found here.

Angel stories from the bible

Angels don’t have it easy. They are meant to help, protect, save, and in the best case, be decorative as well. Wings shall they bear, gentle shall they be and mild.

The angels in this book are different. They get in the way. If it must be, they fight. They do not care about their appearance. What counts is their message. They want our best, but they are not kind. They surprise. They speak plain language. They make legs and inspire.

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of everyday life they appear. Preferably when you do not expect them at all. Sometimes you hardly recognize them. I’ll tell you about the angel who wears a Superman T-shirt. About the angel who shows the way, who brings a lily, about the angel who has a scar and about the angel who fits into a child’s heart.

Angel stories from the Bible that arrive in the here and now with ease, wit and charm. Angel? Are words with wings.

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