Translating letters to parents: with 27 languages, finally integrating everyone into everyday school life

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How you can help your school achieve digital pioneer status thanks to a uniform solution and translation function

With Sdui, you equip your school for the digital age in the long term by providing up-to-date equipment. But not only that: through Sdui you become a digital pioneer! Because you can use the full potential of clear functions and integrations instead of a system chaos, Sdui schools are a decisive step ahead of other schools. Sdui offers numerous functions that make everyday school life much easier for teachers, students and parents. Among other things, the translation function, which makes it possible to reach everyone in the school community and overcome language barriers. The translation function is already available for over 25 languages and can translate parent letters and texts directly into the selected language.

Experiences of other institutions

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"Why another app when we already manage distance learning??"

Many systems implemented during Corona are not designed for long-term school needs such as a digital class register or integrations with the timetable. Instead, you form a shaky transitional solution to a challenge that will not pass: Digitization is becoming an integral part of our education.

It’s time to think long-term, and bring users and information together in one place – making everyday school life easier in the long term.

Learn how other schools are already working successfully with Sdui

Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium Jena

Situation: After several years of steps toward digitization, the high school wanted to find a unified way to facilitate communication and organization.

Target: A system that can be used and accepted by the whole staff, connecting students, teachers and parents without being just a WhatsApp replacement. They wanted an application that specifically addressed the needs of schools.

Implementation: The teacher in charge of digitization turned to Sdui and they helped him set up his school. After a test phase, a school assembly decided collectively to use the app. Positive feedback and suggestions for improvement were passed on to the Sdui team, where they were well received and incorporated into the development process.

result: Teachers and classes logged into Sdui and are now networked together. They particularly appreciated the simple user interface and close networking, which nevertheless creates privacy for the teachers thanks to the one-way function.

Overview of the most important functions

Like the classroom, students need a safe space for personal interaction with each other and with the teacher, even in distance learning. Legally, a DSGVO-compliant solution is mandatory, which Zoom, Skype and Co cannot offer – but Sdui can:

– Secure Zoom alternative: Sdui is DSGVO compliant on German servers.
– Start videoconferences with one click directly in the chat to teach according to the timetable.
– Voice calls coming soon: making calls via Sdui without a cell phone number.

A school that uses a digital platform must also be able to ensure that this platform is accessible to all school participants. The Sdui inforscreen takes care of that:

– Reach everyone: Infoscreen keeps even those informed who don’t own a smartphone or aren’t allowed to use it in the school building because of cellphone bans.
– One-time publication: content can be synchronized directly with the Sdui app.
– Hardware independent: Simply use via Rasperry Pi or Link on any monitor.

Most schools have already introduced apps and systems that have more or less proven their worth. Over time, this collection becomes a confusing proliferation of passwords, login names and functions. Sdui cleans up the system mess:

– Already used and future solutions can be easily integrated into the menu.
– Each school can customize Sdui to meet individual needs.
– Also possible: forwarding to the school website, bus schedules etc.

Imagine taking your familiar class book and converting it into a digital one. This is exactly what Sdui has already done for you! By closely following the analog class book, the structure and functions are immediately understandable and ready to use for all teachers. Create an unprecedented order in your notes and have all the notes on the course of the lesson at your fingertips at any time from anywhere.

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