Tunisia vaccinates and informs

Tunisia opens its doors and starts the long-awaited vacation season!

We have more than earned our next vacation by now. Tunisia is a particularly popular destination, and with a valid PCR test and an all-inclusive travel voucher, there’s nothing standing in the way of your next trip!

Vaccination is also in full swing: thanks to international solidarity and the increase in vaccines, Tunisia currently has a stockpile of 6 million doses, which will be increased to 12 million in the coming weeks.

Tunisia vaccinates!

Successful implementation of the nationwide immunization campaign is ensured by the government in cooperation with private companies and the commitment of civil society. The information platform "evax" lists all the vaccination centers and useful information for those who wish to be vaccinated.
"Our goal is to achieve herd immunity as soon as possible and we expect that by mid-October 50% of the Tunisian population will be fully vaccinated," confirms Nabil Bziouech, director of the Tunisian Tourist Office in Vienna. In addition, all tourist establishments apply the safety and hygiene protocol "ready&" safe" on to protect our guests from Tunisia and from abroad.
Tourist staff were at the forefront of the vaccination strategy in Tunisia. Since the beginning of the pandemic, not a single tourist in Tunisia has been infected with Corona.

From 8. Vaccination centers are available in several public buildings on August – priority is given to the +40 age group and high-risk patients, as well as to health workers and public service employees.
These measures are expected to significantly increase the pace of Tunisia’s vaccination campaign and curb any spread of coronavirus. Through the reinforcement of medical staff and volunteers in the hospitals, the situation has largely calmed down and the treatment of Covid-19 patients is again guaranteed.

Ready for the island with or without vaccination

Strict adherence to the Covid-19 safety concept and successful implementation of the vaccination campaign convinced the Tunisian Ministry of Tourism. Since 19. April every international guest is welcome again in Tunisia. With a valid PCR test and an all-inclusive travel voucher (hotel& ✖ Flight& Transfer) from the travel agency the vacation dreams come closer. "We are in a process of change that is exacting a high price for our freedom," confirms Nabil Bziouech, the director of the Tunisian Tourist Office in Vienna.
Tunisia is one of the most popular vacation destinations on the Mediterranean Sea. Especially appreciated by families with small children are the flat fine sandy beaches, the short flight time and the wide range of leisure and sports activities at affordable prices.

Current entry regulations

The following rules apply for people entering Tunisia from Austria:

  • Persons older than 12 years must present a negative PCR test, which is not older than 72 hours, when entering Tunisia. Even vaccinated and recovered are not Except. Proof must be provided with a QR- code.
  • Before departure or on board, each person must fill out a passenger data card.
  • Individual travelers commit to a self-quarantine of 7 days and to a registration via the Tunisian health app
  • Package travelers (flight+hotel+transfer) are exempt from quarantine, but agree to follow the group rule (cohorting) during their stay.

Upon entry, random quick tests will also be conducted. In the event of a positive result, quarantine takes place in a designated health center.

Corona rules on the spot

There are also some Corona regulations that must be observed on site:

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