Vacuum cleaner test 2022: stiftung warentest recommends these vacuum cleaners

Floor vacuum cleaners are powerful powerhouses in the fight against dirt and dust. In its "test", the Stiftung Warentest foundation-Issue 02/2022 four new Floor vacuum cleaner with dust bag examined. We present the test results and give tips on how to find the right vacuum cleaner for you.


The requirements for floor vacuum cleaners are versatile: A good floor vacuum cleaner must be able to master especially coarse dust and crumbs. But dog and cat hair also prove to be a major challenge for vacuum cleaners, because they really get stuck in carpets and textiles. In its current test, Stiftung Warentest examined new floor vacuum cleaner models with dust bags. Can the naturally aspirated overtake the test units from the pre-test (08/2021)? We present the test results of Stiftung Warentest.

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What was examined?

A total of four vacuum cleaners were tested by Stiftung Warentest in its "test" series-Issue 02/2022 put under the microscope. All four have a classic vacuum cleaner bag. Floor vacuum cleaners with dust box were not examined in this test run.

The following areas were evaluated: suction performance on various surfaces including pet hair pickup from carpets, absorbency on hard floors, the handling of the devices, the environmental properties and the durability. The test points of pollutants and safety were not included in the overall rating.

Vacuum cleaners in the test – superior performance in all models

Especially for extensive house cleaning, vacuum cleaners with a cord are the better choice. Unlike cordless vacuum cleaners, they don’t run out of steam and you can clean a variety of rooms with consistently good performance.

The test devices from the current test were compared with the test results from the previous test (08/2021). The result: All vacuum cleaners achieved the overall rating "good". However, none of the newly tested models could perform better than the already tested vacuum cleaners.

At the top in this category is therefore still the BGB75X949 from Bosch With an overall rating of "good (2.0)". Close behind land the Complete C3 Silence EcoLine from Miele and the RO 7793 EA from Rowenta with the mark "good (2.1)".

In the current test of the Stiftung Warentest no floor vacuum cleaners with dust box were examined. We therefore recommend the test winner with the "test"-Quality rating "good (2.4)" From the pre-test, the PowerPro Expert FC9741/09 from Philips .

Vacuum cleaners with bag in the test

The test winner: Bosch BGB75X494

The test result: The BGB75X494 vacuum cleaner from Bosch was rated "good" in the "test" magazine-08/2021 issue with an overall rating of "good (2.0)" crowned the test winner. He reached exclusively "good" to "very good Results. With the best rating in the vacuuming subcategory, the device cleans crevices, corners and hard floors well, and even picking up coarse debris is no problem for the model.

product details: The Bosch upright vacuum offers consistently good performance thanks to proven Bosch motor technology. Practical for allergy sufferers: According to the manufacturer, the model removes 99.99 percent of allergens and fine dust particles from the air thanks to the so-called UltraAllergy hygiene filter. The dirt is collected in the large XXL dust bag, which has a capacity of about five liters. With an action radius of 15 meters, the Bosch vacuum cleaner offers a lot of freedom of movement, so that several rooms and larger areas can be cleaned without interruptions.

In addition to the Bosch floor vacuum cleaner, you also get a crevice nozzle, a furniture brush, an upholstery nozzle, a switchable roller nozzle as well as a hard floor nozzle and an XXL upholstery nozzle.

With the best handling: Miele Complete C3 Silence EcoLine

Test result: The Complete C3 Silence EcoLine vacuum cleaner from Miele was also awarded an overall rating of "good (2.1)" by Stiftung Warentest in the pre-test and thus landed only just behind the test winner. In the subcategory of handling, the model achieved the best rating in the test. The good features make it ideal for everyday use and easy to operate and store.

Product details: The Miele vacuum cleaner is equipped with a Power-Efficiency motor with improved efficiency and a noise-reducing Silence AirClean filter for additional sound insulation. The volume of the dust bag is about 4.5 liters. Particularly practical are the dust bag change indicator and the suction power regulation via foot pedals. How to save yourself unnecessary bending. With an operating radius of just under twelve meters, the vacuum is a good household helper.

In addition to the vacuum cleaner, the scope of delivery includes an upholstery nozzle, a crevice nozzle, a suction brush with natural bristles and a floor nozzle (SBD 660-3 EcoTeQ Plus).

With the best environmental characteristics: Rowenta RO 7793 EA

The test result: It also received an overall rating of "good (2.1)" received the floor vacuum cleaner of Rowenta from the last year. With a price of about 150 euros, it is the cheapest model and convinces with "good" to "very good" Results in the test. Above all, this model’s low power consumption and low noise level, as well as its good dust retention capacity, were better than any of the other vacuums in the test.

Product details: The Rowenta floor vacuum cleaner offers high suction power on all types of floors and a particularly quiet motor with a power consumption of only 450 watts. The device has a permanent filter, which eliminates the need to change filters when using Hygiene+ Rowenta bags. With a dust bag volume of 4.5 liters, the model is in no way inferior to other devices with a bag. The operating radius is around eleven meters.

The vacuum cleaner comes with versatile accessories included. Including a parquet nozzle, a mini turbo brush, a flexi crevice nozzle, an upholstery nozzle as well as a dust bag and maxi turbo brush.

Floor vacuum cleaner without dust bag in the test

The test winner with dust box: Philips PowerPro Expert FC9741/09

The test result: The Philips vacuum cleaner with dust box received in the "test"-08/2021 issue, the overall rating was "good (2.4)" and was therefore the test winner among the vacuum cleaners without a bag. The measured power of 900 watts is worth highlighting in this model. As one of the few vacuum cleaners in the test, the bagless floor vacuum cleaner also sucked up pet hair "good At.

Product details: The Philips vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful cyclone system, which provides a strong acceleration of the air in the cyclone chamber. Thanks to ULPA allergy filter, the device can also be used by allergy sufferers, according to the manufacturer. Via a sensor in the integrated AllergyLock system, the vacuum cleaner ensures that the dust box is completely sealed and leak-proof. However, since disposing of a dust bag usually raises less dirt, allergy sufferers should carefully consider whether to reach for a vacuum cleaner without a bag.

The scope of delivery also includes a 3-in-1 combination brush, a hard floor nozzle as well as a crevice nozzle and an upholstery nozzle. Due to the removable dust box with a volume of two liters of there are no further follow-up costs. The operating radius is ten meters.

Our conclusion

The Test winner from Bosch is a real all-rounder: With the mark "good (2.0)" it prevailed among the floor vacuum cleaners with bag and also achieved the best test result in comparison with the devices with dust box. An inexpensive alternative would be the Rowenta vacuum cleaner , which convinced the testers with the best environmental characteristics. To avoid follow-up costs, however, you should rather go for a bagless vacuum cleaner such as the Device from Philips grab.

Frequently asked questions about vacuum cleaners

Which is better: floor vacuum cleaner with or without bag?

Dust container or bag – what is more practical, ecological or hygienic?? The experts at Stiftung Warentest advise allergy sufferers to use a vacuum cleaner with a bag system, as emptying the dust boxes is less hygienic. In addition, the bins have to be emptied more often than the bags have to be replaced. In return, there are costs and waste with the bags.

What should you look for when buying a floor vacuum cleaner?

Before you buy a new floor vacuum cleaner, you should, in order to find the right model, clarify some questions. Here’s how you can find out which aspect of the vacuum cleaner is most important to you.

Weight: The tested models weigh between just under six and just under eight kilos. Especially if you have to overcome obstacles such as stairs with his vacuum cleaner, a lighter device is recommended. The lightest vacuum cleaner in the test is the floor vacuum cleaner from Rowenta .

Size: In this test, Stiftung Warentest only examined large models. But there are also smaller devices that are lighter and take up less space.

Cord length: The larger the living space, the more comfortable the vacuuming with long cord. So you do not have to constantly change the outlet. Of the "good" The Bosch vacuum cleaner has one of the longest cords of all the models tested: 15 meters.

Flooring: The predominant floor covering in your home should be taken into consideration when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Do you have mainly hard floors or a lot of carpets or even carpet installed?

Standard nozzle vs. Electric brush: The devices with electric brush score in the test by the series with a good pickup of pet hair. Since electric brushes rotate during vacuuming, they usually pick up dirt better, but they are also much louder and heavier than standard brushes, which only work with suction power. The extra weight of the electric brush comes from the fact that small motors are installed there to drive the brushes.

Sucking power: The suction power of the tested models varies from 300 to 800 watts. However, testing shows that both high and low wattage models produce good vacuuming results.

How often to change the filter in the floor vacuum cleaner?

First and foremost, it depends on how often the vacuum cleaner is used. Depending on the frequency, the filters become more dirty. Basically, however, you should change the filter every six months.

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