Win back ex-girlfriend: 15 tips that will get you there

Winning back your ex-girlfriend sounds strange, if you broke up, why do you want to win her back now??

There can be many reasons for this, but the most common reason for such a change of heart is the realization that you still love her.

You have now spent some time without her, at the beginning it was still interesting, because you could do everything you felt like, without having to justify yourself.

You went out, even met new women and everything seemed like a dream.

But such happiness has its expiration date, because every person longs to have a consistent and intact relationship.

You want to have someone by your side who you can rely on and who will support you in the difficult situations of life.

One night you realize you miss her. You start looking for photos on your smartphone. Your emotions are on a roller coaster, heartache is coming up.

You have never felt like this before, can it really be that you are only now coming to terms with the pain of separation?

This may very well be the case. Men are not aware of their emotions and think that they can’t fall into heartbreak and then when it happens, it’s a shock to them.

Now you must be wondering how to act, what to do?

You have already mastered the first step, you are aware of the fact that you miss her and the next best thing you can do is to find the right strategy that will work 100%.

The second step is not easy either, because you have to look for the reason for the breakup. What did you do wrong to get yourself into such a situation??

The breakup itself was a hard blow to your self-confidence and now you have to make the first step and start the reconquest.

Now you need to rewind the movie and think about what happened in the last few weeks of your relationship that made her break up with you?

Was it simply about the important little things in life that you didn’t pay attention to, or did you make bigger mistakes?

Whatever happened, there is always a chance that if you try hard enough, you can turn a NO into a YES very quickly.

Now it’s up to you, will you follow our tips and approach the solution of the problem with respect?

How to turn a no into a yes?

Mental preparation is the key. You must be willing to sacrifice and give the best of yourself so that you can have your ex back by your side.

The ex-back strategy can only be successful if you stick to all the clues we are going to present to you now.

1. Accept separation

Reading this, you think it doesn’t make sense. Why should you accept the breakup if you want to win her back?? Your thoughts are understandable, but it makes sense.

If you are at peace with your feelings and don’t feel anger towards your ex, you are where we want you to be.

The first step, acceptance, is very difficult for most men, because a breakup like this eats away at your self-confidence.

However, once you have come to terms with the fact that breaking up was the best thing to do at that moment, you can start the process of getting back together.

You need to work on your self-confidence again and get the best out of yourself.

Remember how you conquered her the first time, a second time should not be a problem.

2. Contact ban

Contact blocking now doesn’t mean that you should block your ex-partner on all social media accounts. It just means that you shouldn’t write to her on WhatsApp or through other sites.

Contact ban also applies to meetings.

Also avoid personal contact and try to stay out of her way, because you want her to think about you too.

You know what the old saying goes, out of sight, out of mind, but is it really true??

I think rather not, especially when you have just broken up with someone.

You want to know all the time how the person is doing without you, is she heartbroken, is she mourning you or has she just moved on with life as if nothing happened?

And with the no contact rule you will do exactly that, you will creep into her unconscious and every day she will wonder where you hang out, what you do and why you never cross her path.

She will actively think about you again.

3. Do not spread bad rumors

This tip is very important, you mustn’t spread bad rumors about your ex-partner. You can’t do anything positive with this, you can only sink deeper in her eyes.

If someone asks you about the reason for the breakup, you should avoid this topic. You must not say that the breakup is her fault.

If you still choose to talk about it, you should admit that you are to blame for the breakup.

Thus you show that you learn from your mistakes and are a man of noble character.

It is never just one person’s fault that the relationship broke up, there are always two involved, so you are to blame as well.

Never talk to acquaintances about private things you went through with her, something like that should be a secret. With such actions you can only hurt her.

A big plus would be if you would even protect her from others, especially if her girlfriends are around.

This kind of thing always goes down well with women and it will bring positive thoughts about you.

4. Get a grip on your life

The most common reason for breakup is your partner’s lifestyle. Not all couples are the same and you should not expect that you can or should change your partner completely.

But a few things are still very important for a relationship to work properly.

If you didn’t have a job during the relationship and she discussed it with you every day, you should activate now and find a real job.

This is not just about money, you are also giving her a certain security that she can count on you and that you can build a future together.

If the job was not the problem, it may well be that you had a disordered daily life.

You didn’t sleep enough, that’s why you were always in a bad mood, didn’t do any sports and ate only unhealthy food, although she encouraged you in different ways to eat healthy or become more active.

Now is the ideal time for you to get your life together, get active and prove to her that you want to change for her sake, but also for the sake of your health.

Your criticism has worked and the best thing would be for you to go through the rest of the change together.

5. Make them jealous

Jealousy is only good if you use it skillfully and in doses. If you exaggerate with it, it can easily backfire.

You should somehow manage to let her know that other women want to conquer you.

In this situation you are not the hunter, you are the hunted. You are always in the company of beautiful women.

Flirt with them, but at the end of the night you should still go home alone.

This will make her think, why is he going home alone, why hasn’t he hooked up with any of the women?

Once again, she will think about the breakup and ask herself if it was a mistake to let you go. After only a short time you get closer to your goal of recapture.

6. Let her participate in your new life

I don’t mean that you really let her in on it, use social media for that. If you were somewhere you wanted to go together, you should post a photo.

If you went out for a fancy dinner, she should know about it.

While exercising, you should also post something so that she sees that you still take care of your appearance and thus you automatically bring back some memories and maybe your toned body will make her rave about it.

If this is not enough for you, you can also send a "spontaneous" message Arrange meetings, you meet her at the gym or in the park, so you get an ideal opportunity to present your positive changes to her in person.

7. Treat her like a buddy

If you meet her spontaneously somewhere, you should keep your composure and act fluffy.

Even talk to her first, this will make her think that you are already over the whole thing and you know how women are, everyone then wants to conquer you again very quickly.

You can also have physical contact, z.B. a pat on the back – this awakens certain impulses in the body, but is not too intimate.

Don’t ask her anything that could lead back to the breakup or anything that could make her feel that you want to win her back again.

The same circle of friends can also help you come across as if you are fine with the whole thing.

Talk to her, but not too much, if she asks you something, always answer nicely. You can also tease her, so that she realizes that you are no longer wrapping her in absorbent cotton.

8. Lift the contact block

Now you’ve already met a few times, because you couldn’t avoid the meetings despite effort. Now that the ice has been broken, you can completely lift the no-contact rule.

You can start with simple messages via WhatsApp.

Ask her something regarding your circle of friends, for example, your friend’s birthday is coming up and you ask her if anything special has been planned yet.

The questions should not have an affectionate aftertaste.

In this way, you can slowly creep back into her everyday life and get her to spontaneously contact you again.

9. Phone calls

Since you’re already starting to write to each other again and send each other WhatsApp messages every few days, it’s time to start with phone calls.

Telephone conversations are always more intimate and you can tell by your voice if the person you’re talking to is cold to it.

You can just call her spontaneously and tell her something you remembered, or just say you walked by your favorite restaurant.

This will surely make her happy

. If this is too much of a good thing, you can simply ask her for the number of an acquaintance or the address of the little bakery where you once bought croissants.

10. Interpretation of her signals

Signals that your ex-partner sends you can be very helpful. If you sense from her behavior that she enjoys your closeness and that she keeps seeking contact with you, you still have a chance.

If, on the other hand, you feel that she rejects any kind of contact, you should know that she is already over the issue.

What can be a positive signal? All! It can be a look, a laugh, a touch or even silence when you are together and just look into each other’s eyes.

It’s always a good sign if she replies to a WhatsApp message right away and doesn’t leave you on hold.

What you can also tell is when you are with your acquaintances, she seizes every opportunity to stand next to you or just near you, consciously seeking contact with you.

On the other hand, if she seems to have vanished into thin air, she doesn’t want anything from you.

Now it is up to you whether you can interpret the signals well, but I don’t think you should have problems with it, because the positive signs are always clear.

11. Invite her

You have reestablished contact and her signals were not to be missed, now you should take the next step and invite her for a coffee.

The first official meeting after the breakup should be a little more relaxed. This way you show her that you don’t have too high expectations and that you want to give her some space.

If you took her to a romantic restaurant on the first reconciliation date, the pressure would be too much.

You should only do something like this if you are 100% sure that you will go home as a couple again after the meal.

Take a relaxed approach.

12. Make memories

Memories are the most beautiful things we have left after a relationship. You should make an effort that you remind her of all the beautiful things you experienced and went through together as a couple.

They can be romantic, funny or clumsy memories.

The most important thing about this is that you awaken her happy hormones and the feeling of familiarity.

She should remember what made her fall in love with you the first time and why she felt so comfortable with you.

So you make her want a new beginning.

13. ÜSurprise her

ÜSurprises don’t always have to be expensive or extravagant, sometimes small things are enough to make someone happy.

You can easily score points with your ex-partner by surprising her with her favorite candies.

Or you might listen to a song she likes on the radio while you’re driving. At that moment you call her and play the song.

This will show her how well you know her and that you remember all the little things she told you.

This will make any woman’s heart beat faster.

14. Show her how important she is to you

You have to prove to her that she is still very important to you. How can you achieve this? You should not delete your photos together on social media.

This is the kind of thing that every woman checks out and if she still sees your photos together, she will know that you want to win her back.

Her importance in your life you can also bring out in the course of the conversation.

You just tell her that her opinion is very important to you and that you have changed now, now you feel much better thanks to her and lead a regular life.

15. Be honest

The best advice we can give you is to be honest. The cornerstone of any relationship is honesty and that’s why you should talk openly about everything with your ex-partner.

You can also admit that you made mistakes and now you have learned from the mistakes.

Just tell her that you want a second chance, that you miss her and that everything makes more sense with her.

Because of her, you want and have changed and will go out of your way to meet her expectations. There is nothing wrong with being honest.

Winning your ex girlfriend back can be very hard, but still with a lot of love and willpower you can do it.

You have to clear the doubts and prove to her that you will do it better this time.

It will be hard for you to admit that you did something wrong, but this is the only way you can really make her understand that she is the most important thing in your life.

Each of us appreciates something only when we have lost it.

If you get a second chance, you better use it and don’t repeat your mistakes, because few get a third chance, because life is not a video game.

A tip on the side: no-go’s when you want to win your ex-girlfriend back

1. Begging forbidden!

Women don’t like men who beg for love. You still need to make her feel that you are a man she can feel safe with.

And then when you whine for love, she’ll just laugh at you.

2. Cry

Of course, men are allowed to show feelings too, but you shouldn’t cry snot and water in front of your ex-partner, no woman wants to see something like that.

3. Stalking

Stalking is a big NO-GO, so definitely don’t do anything like that. When I say stalking, I don’t just think of you charging her somewhere every night, it can be cyber stalking as well.

If you check everything she posts or if you read every comment she writes.

When you keep checking her online status and all the likes under her photos.

4. Jealous outbursts

You’re no longer together, so she can do what she wants and with whom she wants.

You can’t confront her with your jealousy, you have to keep that to yourself and deal with it as best you can. She doesn’t have to justify anything to you.

5. Other women

It wouldn’t be so great if you hook up with a different woman every night, especially if you want to win your ex-girlfriend back.

This way she might get the impression that you are not serious and that the whole thing is just a game to you. So watch out!

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