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Earn 10000 Euro – the 9 best business ideas!

Surely you have heard of people who earn their living by Income from Online stores by.

However, you are wondering how exactly this works and what options are available, online money to earn?

In this blog post we will introduce you to the best 7 business ideas before – certainly there is also an option that suits you!

Option 1: Sell my own digital info products

The first possibility, earn money online, is the sale of info products. This way you can save good passive income build. Digital info products are available in certain formats, but – according to the name – they are exclusively available in digital form. So we are not talking about physical products.

The buyer can only online and either consume them directly on the Internet or store them on their computers. Positive for you is that you do not have to pay a your products and you need appropriate save costs. Probably the best known digital info product are E-books and online courses.

In addition, there are also audio books, infographics and Checklists. If you choose this option, you are selling your knowledge, so to speak, in order to provide added value to a specific target group. A benefit digital info products in this regard is that they can be reproduced as often as desired.

You invest once time to create your infoproduct and after that it runs theoretically by itself. While this possibility is a Passive income While this was once the exclusive preserve of authors, in the digital age you can also profit from it yourself.

As the creator of digital information products such as e-books you also have numerous possibilities: If you don’t think it’s worth it, you don’t have to invest money in a graphic designer for the cover, nor in a proofreader. Instead, it is important that your information product offers added value to the target group and is designed in a user-friendly way.

If you want an attractive Additional income achieve, you should your Infoproduct but promote it through relevant marketing measures. On the other hand, if you want to keep the marketing effort as low as possible, you can digital info products also sell.

The keyword here is "PLR (private label), which sells digital info products like E-books designated. In the case of these, the author has ceded the right to redistribution. If you decide to use this option, you will still earn money from the sale of the product.

Earn 10000 Euro – Option 2:
The construction of websites

If you are a website operator, you have numerous options open to you, online money to earn. It is important that you provide sufficient Traffic on your website provide. Only if you attract enough visitors to your site, you can make money by renting out advertising space or so called "affiliate marketing" Affiliate links earn something.

The greater the number of visitors to your site, the more Internet users will become aware of the advertisements and the more interesting and sought-after the rental of advertising space on your website will be for potential advertisers.

The generation of a preferably high traffic you can get paid by a qualitatively high quality content as well as achieve a good content volume.

A very good chance of success you have if you have specific know-how on a niche topic and you can use this know-how for your own products online you put. Often you then get advertisers who sell products on your particular topic, so that for you a lucrative income opportunity results from this. If you run your own blog, you can also sell advertising space there.

Especially for blogs with high traffic offers the sale of advertising space z.B. banner advertising a lucrative income opportunity. In addition to banner advertising, you can also use so-called "Pay per Click"-Placing advertisements on your website. A provider is for example Google AdSense.

AdSense scores above all by the fact that it is easy to handle even for beginners. Do you want Google AdSense integrate on your website, Google first analyzes your page and then displays specific ads on it. If now a visitor of your page clicks on the advertisement, you earn money.

Thereby the Compensation, that you receive per click. Depending on the topic, it can be as little as a few cents or as much as a few dollars a few euros its. Although Google Link rentals does not see gladly and partly punishes you can generate also by it incomes.

Make sure, however, that you include the links rather sparingly and discreetly. If you are clever with the link rental, you can also passive income earn.

Option 3: Affiliate Marketing

In the course of the affiliate marketing If you, as a website owner, advertise products of other companies on your website. These companies will pay you for. Here it is common that an advertisement is integrated on your website. If the visitor clicks of your site to the ad, it will be redirected to the website of the advertising company.

If you put an advertisement for a company on your web site, you will be Affiliate the company that is advertised for is the merchant on the other hand. How much money you get for each ad, you have to agree with the merchant. Together with the merchant you have to Affiliate also agree on what you use get money.

There are different possibilities in this respect:

Cost per ClickThis option has already been explained. You will get as Affiliate for each click that a visitor to your site makes on the advertisement, from Merchant a certain amount of money.

Cost per saleIn this variant, you receive money from the merchant when a visitor to your website buys something on the merchant’s website.

Cost-per-LeadIf visitors to your website click on the advertisement and then go to the merchant’s website, you as the website operator will receive money if the visitor provides his contact details, i.e. his e-mail address. h. phone number or email address, leave. You get paid for every new contact that the merchant generates through you.

Earn 10000 Euro – Option 4: Niche sites

The creation of niche sites is usually traded as an additional source of income. Niche sites serve to generate more attention for very specific products.

Often on Niche sites specific product ranges or. a section of these presented, so that these products are sold either over relevant partner programs or however directly.

An absolute advantage of Niche pages is that, once properly created, they require little ongoing maintenance.

Depending on the content, niche sites of course do not run completely passive. So you usually have to make a few updates from time to time.

This is different for blogs, for example. In order to run successfully, these must be regularly populated with fresh, high-quality content. Through Niche pages you can generate income in the best case even if you are absent – no matter if you are on vacation or sick.

On the other hand, the high amount of work required to set up a niche site is a disadvantage. So that a niche site has success and income brings, you have to do some research in advance.

You should think about the following questions or. Aspects to think about:

  • Which products and goods sell particularly well?
  • What kind of products and goods are hardly in demand?
  • Are the trends in this regard?
  • What is the competitive situation?
  • Are there already other niche sites for the special product?
  • What are the chances to achieve a good ranking of the niche site in Google?
  • Are suitable affiliate programs available?
  • Which turnover is to be expected?

When building a niche site you should try to optimally combine the content with the corresponding keywords enrich.

This is important, because a niche site usually only has a manageable number of pages, but in order to generate passive income you need to sell advertising space good Google placement must achieve.

You can imagine that the time required to create an Niche site is comparatively high.

However, if you pay attention to all the important aspects and your site is up and running, you will be able to generate a fairly stable monthly income Passive income rewards.

If you have several well running websites at some point Niche sites, you can earn a basic security for yourself.

All in all Niche sites Considered a good option to work out a financial backup.

earn 10000 EuroOption 5: Dropshipping

This is an excellent option for you as a online retailer a passive income build up, is the so-called Dropshipping.

At Dropshipping use dropshipping as a distribution method, where the goods that you want in your Online store offer, is stored with a wholesaler such as Amazon, for example.

The wholesaler also sends the goods directly to the customer after the order has been placed.

Basically there are Dropshipping for many years already, but in the past the term dropshipping was used "drop shipment" use. The biggest advantage to Dropshipping is undoubtedly the logistics.

While goods are usually shipped from a wholesaler to a retailer and the retailer then sells them to the end customer, this intermediate step is not necessary with the Dropshipping away.

Although you as a retailer still act as a link between the wholesaler and the end consumer, the ordered goods are delivered directly to your customers. If you decide to use Dropshipping, you can potential savings, for example, by eliminating warehouse space or shipping costs, directly to the customer and boost business with attractive prices.

Accordingly, you do not have to invest your financial and time resources in the shipping process. Instead, you can Money and time use to make your Online store to promote.

It is important that you are Dropshipping venture find the right wholesaler. Even if this requires you to do some research at first, it will pay off later on.

With your selection you should pay attention to the fact that your Dropshipping partner is reliable and provides enough information. On the one hand, this way you make sure that the goods you sell are of good quality – remember, you won’t be packing and shipping every product yourself.

On the other hand, with a trusted partner, you also don’t have to worry about the goods not reaching the customer – remember, you’re liable as a dropshipper with your name on it.

And this is also the case when the wholesaler takes care of the processing. If you also use specific automation tools so that you don’t have to do much manual work when taking and routing orders, dropshipping can provide a lucrative income.

Option 6: Instagram

While in the USA the Instagram hype While dropshipping has been around for a long time, the trend is just starting in Germany.

Would you have thought that using Instagram could make you a decent income you can earn?

Professional Instagram bloggers earn with their profile really a lot of money. How exactly this works, you will learn below. Basically, there are different options to generate income with Instagram. You can fall back on the following: Through so-called product placements you can profit from Brands money charge for a post. This Instagram strategy is very promising.

Prerequisite is, however, that you have already got some Instagram followers. For example, models are always posting photos of their outfits from a certain brand.

In return, fashion companies will not only give you free clothes, but usually a pre-agreed fee for promoting the fashion companies through the posted pictures.

Another possibility is the one already described above affiliate marketing. For this you need to sign up with a relevant affiliate program.

Then you post on your Instagram account A photo that shows the product and that you recommend to others. In addition, you put a link under the photo – for example, to the corresponding product page at Amazon.

In return, you will receive a commission for each sale generated by clicking on your link. Other possibilities to work with Instagram make money, are for example the promotion of own products.

For example, do you have digital info product to the market, you can also publish this on your Instagram account advertise.

So that you can Income with Instagram you should at least be able to generate 1.000 followers have – applies here: the more the better!

In addition, it should be a specific target audience. Irrelevant is whether fashion, gaming, fitness etc. Acts. Relevant, on the other hand, are the likes of your photos – again: the more, the better!

So you can start with Instagram Make Money:

In order to be able to successfully market your profile, it should have a professional appearance. This includes a profile description, a profile photo, contact details and of course some postings (photos). To get started, all you have to do is to Instagram account create. To do this, simply download the app, register and complete your profile.

earn 10000 EuroOption 7: Amazon FBA

Just like almost everyone else, you have certainly already sold a product at Amazon order. Possibly you even own Amazon Prime account!?

But have you ever seriously considered doing something yourself about Amazon for sale?

De facto most of the goods are shipped on Amazon not sold by the manufacturing companies themselves, but by so called "sellers" Amazon FBA, d. h. so private Amazon sellers. If you become an Amazon seller, you de facto decide for the principle of the Dropshippings.

This way you don’t ship the products you offer to your customers yourself, but have this done by Amazon make. Are you Amazon FBA, the company also takes care of the support of your customers and possible returns.

However, you have to pay a certain amount for storage and shipping to Amazon cede. The exact costs vary and depend on the products you offer as well as their size and weight.

This means: You do not have to ship the product yourself.

In fact, the goods you offer are sold at Amazon and also about Amazon shipped to the end customers. In addition, the company takes care of customer service and returns.

Are you wondering where you can get suitable goods that you can use for Sell on Amazon can? There are two options in this regard:

Either you look for goods on offer online or in the supermarket and then try to sell them on Amazon at a profit.

Or you try to find a wholesaler from whom you can get the products cheaply. De facto, the second option offers you more planning security – this of course also with regard to the number of books to be published generating income.

Option 8: Write your own book with Amazon Kindle

Who has not dreamed of being own book to write? But like goes about something like this? Is it worth at all? What should I write and how much.

Questions about questions, which arise there. We would like to answer a few of these questions directly at this point.

It decorates the own Vita very nice out if you can make your mark as an author. This makes almost all readers more interested in the person and raises the status.

Finally, you have something to say and do this also in a broad public, just with a book publication.

A book project requires of course proper preparation and you have to implement this systematically afterwards.

Here you can turn to a publisher or do the whole thing on the Selfpublishing do. Selfpublishing simply means, you take it into your own hands and call your Self-publishing into life.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. I clearly recommend self-publishing, because here with ca. 20 publications have had very good experiences so far. It offers much more possibilities and provides much higher profit, if you do it systematically, d. h. with the right guidance.

Beside the actual content, which one mediates in its book, one can over this way also a very good online marketing strategy and so for make a good profit in your core business provide.

10000 Euro earnOption 9: Pinterest

The platform Pinterest has monthly ca. 300 million users. That is enormous and one needs certainly only little fantasy, in order to imagine, which one there at Generate business could, if you the right approach has.

At present it is in such a way after my experiences, that still relatively little competition in marketing prevails.

The trick is to get out of those 300 million visitors that to address the right target group and exactly this part, to get on your own website.

But on Pinterest you can also Generate customers without having your own website.

Interesting niches become a success with the help of Pinterest, if you approach this correctly. So the really interesting thing about Pinterest is that you can get very fast targeted free traffic has, because just little competition in the German-speaking countries exists so far.

Pinterest is for companies a platform, which should be considered in any case, because here does itself an enormous potential on.


As you can see, there are several options to get in the Internet to earn money. Which of the possibilities presented here suits you and appeals to you, you have to decide for yourself in the end. What’s for sure is that you should at least make yourself a monthly additional income you can earn.

However, if you invest time and financial resources, it is quite possible that one or more of the above options to your main source of income advance.

If you liked it, we are of course happy about any comment or sharing.

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