Please note that the following explanations are not legally binding advice. For legal questions and extensive legal support, contact a specialist lawyer.

If you want to save files on a data medium, burning programs support you in doing so. With the special software solutions, you can store information on an optical storage medium in no time at all with the help of a drive equipped for this purpose, a so-called burner. This can be for example a CD, a DVD or a Blu-ray. Of course, you can also record applications, documents or data backups onto the blanks, as long as it is not material protected by copyright is involved.

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Who or what is protected by copyright?

International and German copyright law protects the claims of individuals or entities with respect to intellectual creations. The legal framework is designed to ensure that Authors and artists can make a living from the works they create. In addition, copyright ensures large corporations considerable profits over long periods of time through the marketing of intellectual property.

No matter if Hollywood or German funding system – in the following I show you the most important techniques of screenwriting. Learn how to use the most important writing techniques for your own screenplays with the help of numerous practical examples.

Screenwriting is always the most difficult discipline for filmmakers. It is the first problem to solve, because without a script, none of the other trades can begin their work.

Screenwriting for beginners

A structured approach to screenwriting is an advantage. At the very beginning, the first thing is to find film ideas. The blank page can be quite intimidating. That’s why I recommend two creative exercises for beginners to loosen up and generate as many ideas as possible: brainstorming and loglining.

A fast credit approval becomes ever more important with the fight for the own dwelling for buyers. Whereas waiting for this used to take several days or even weeks, customers should now be able to obtain a mortgage from the credit broker Dr. Small the decision on the financing of their dwelling now immediately can receive.

This "Fast Lane" for private customers was realized by Europace AG, together with two supraregional financing banks and the Dr. Klein Private Clients AG. Long processing times for loan applications are a problem for many buyers, because they repeatedly lead to a real estate purchase not being completed despite sufficient creditworthiness, because another applicant can present the seller with a financing commitment more quickly. This time pressure on those willing to buy is increasing not only in metropolitan regions, as the housing market has developed into a seller’s market in recent years.

Rents are high in many cities, and interest rates on loans are historically low. Some people think of the purchase of a house or apartment. Here’s what you should consider when financing. We have compiled 12 important tips for you, so that nothing goes wrong in the matter of real estate financing.

Living in one’s own four walls is an important life goal for many people and a good cushion for retirement provisions. But if you calculate carelessly and do not finance carefully, you take high risks.

The movement your baby is used to through pregnancy and comes through the Spring cradle again in the enjoyment. It takes place to the Rest, RELAX. Tummy aches are alleviated and it falls asleep happy and content. Our Feather cradle supports likewise you parents thereby, to the Rest And Relaxation to come. You now have the opportunity to regain your strength, to feel yourself and to perceive the baby in peace and quiet. In this way Connection with your child strengthened. "For an exhausted, overtired mother (and fathers) it is a relief, especially since their search for help often resembles an odyssey, where they have tried the most contradictory advice, but without getting out of the vicious cycle."

The automatic spring cradle swings with a motor

There I had to speak first with a mummy of an "attentive" baby, in order to come on the expression "Motor for a baby hammock" to come. Actually, however, it is exactly what we offer, sometimes you seem not to see the forest for the trees. Since we rent this "Motor for baby hammock now for 16 years but always had other names for it in mind.

  • Electric spring cradle
  • Automatic spring cradle
  • Spring cradle with motor
  • Automatic baby swing
  • Baby hammock with motor

For us, it’s now an automatic baby swing or an automatic spring cradle, but sometimes you(re) just nailed in the head. However, this is certainly also due to the fact that our classic customers in the past were almost always families with so-called writing babies. However, this has changed in the last 3 years. The hammock has become more and more popular in the nursery in recent years. Justified, since it represents a dream sleep environment for baby’s.

Worldwide, 23 million miscarriages are reported each year. This means that officially every 44 minutes a woman loses her child in this way. Expert estimates even assume that unofficially there are significantly more. The reasons: Numerous women do not talk about it or do not notice it.

Every tenth woman experiences a miscarriage once in her life. Almost 2 percent even more often. This was found by scientists in a study led by Professor Siobhan Quenby at Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage Research at Coventry and Warwickshire University Hospital in the UK. are convinced that the phenomenon has been downplayed and not taken seriously for far too long. In 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019, an average of about 2 died of respiratory distress syndrome.700 babies and fetuses by a miscarriage in Germany. This means that, officially, slightly more than seven women suffer the trauma of a miscarriage every day in the Federal Republic of Germany.

  • What is a miscarriage?
  • Signs of miscarriage
  • Causes of miscarriage
  • Risk factors for miscarriage
  • How to cope with a miscarriage?
  • Deliberate induction of miscarriage – advantages and disadvantages
  • How long should I wait before trying to get pregnant again??

What is a miscarriage?

Pregnancies and the birth of a child are usually joyful events – but unfortunately not always. Sometimes a pregnancy comes to an unexpected, emotionally painful end.

What do you do with your smartphone ? Use it to control the heating or the vacuum cleaning robot? Take pictures of your children? Take a look at your bank account from time to time or get notified about new e-mails? If you use even one of these applications, it is important to secure the entire device against external attacks.

Because even if you don’t realize it, your smartphone or tablet is often threatened by potentially malicious software on the web. The ability to have your devices with you wherever you go and constantly connected to the Internet creates additional potential dangers.

Video series: Smartphone security

Mrs. M. from Berlin owns a house that she would like to sell – preferably on her own without having to hire a real estate agent in Berlin specifically. It has enough time and can save the broker’s commission. Even if the future owner would have to bear the costs – Mrs. M. this item appears unnecessary. She already has all the necessary documents, from the energy certificate to the land register excerpts. She can guide potential buyers through the house and the sublet apartment herself – after all, she knows the property and the long-time tenant best herself. This promises viewings that will be pleasant and informative for all parties! So: A good idea, or?

Mrs. M. takes over independently Tasks of a real estate agent starting with the marketing and ending with a successful closing. Also the price that Mrs. M. would like to demand, she already knows: After all, she has informed herself on the Internet exactly about what comparable houses with granny apartment cost..

But Mrs. M. has underestimated the matter: the longer she herself works as an estate agent, the more the difficulties accumulate. The potential buyers ask questions to which she has no or only an approximate answer – and feel that the set price is exaggerated. Mrs. M. spends a lot of time visiting the property with people who "just wanted to have a look". The tenant of the granny apartment complains and asks about the legal basis for all the people trampling through the house and apartment.

In civics exams (and also in the written baccalaureate) the operator "gestalte" is used an important operator of the third requirement area. As a rule, either an argument (click here to go to the Controversy) demands or a political speech. A (political) speech is actually an oral presentation of thoughts / of one’s own point of view on a topic. Speeches are addressed to a specific audience and they have an occasion and a purpose.

In civics, speeches in exams are logically required in writing. However, the principles of a good speech remain (by and large) the same. However, in a few places – because it is an examination task – we have to use some of Tucholsky’s advice for a bad speaker (see below).

Preliminary considerations

Before writing a speech, one must be aware of three questions:

Angels in human form

An angel in human form is? Everywhere we are, we are surrounded by angels. They take us by the hand and protect us. Sometimes they look over our shoulder and give us the feeling that we are not alone.

When we are struggling with the impasses of life or are confronted with a problem, they give us signs with which they help us cope with things!