Corona news from the Allgau, Germany and the world: the right to a PCR confirmation test after a positive Corona rapid test could be omitted in the future, at least temporarily.

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Ban on New Year’s Eve fireworks? Here are the regulations in the federal states

  • Fireworks bans are discussed again and again every year.
  • Until now, the main issues have been climate protection and minimizing the risk of injury – now the Corona crisis is reigniting the debate.
  • This is the current situation in the German states.

To minimize large gatherings and people who are injured by firecrackers and have to go to the hospital in times of Corona, some major cities abroad have already announced to do without fireworks this year. Among other things, the major New Year’s Eve celebrations in London and Las Vegas were canceled, the Netherlands have banned firecrackers on New Year’s Eve for the entire country to relieve the hospitals during the pandemic, in France is a curfew over New Year’s Eve.

In Germany, the federal and state governments agreed to ban the sale of pyrotechnics before New Year’s Eve. This means: there is no fundamental ban on firecrackers this year, but a ban on firecracker sales. However, the regulations in individual cities and states are partly different. An overview.

Unclear vaccination rates, delayed hospital numbers: Germany suffers from poor data. A look at other countries shows that things could be different. Why is highly developed Germany, of all countries, failing??

Employees of public health offices in Germany often still work with a pencil

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, coffee and cake in the afternoon, dinner or staying overnight – there are LGBTQIA+ friendly options for all eventualities throughout Vienna. We have planned a day through the colorful Vienna and are very happy to take you with us.

There may be a few places or to-dos in this article that may not be open at the moment due to the Corona measures. Nevertheless, we decided not to delete it to inspire you already now for the time afterwards. Our articles are not meant to be calls to disregard the measures in place – please stick to them! Be considerate of each other, keep your distance, and get vaccinated if you can so we can get the Corona numbers down as quickly as possible.

There may be some places or to-dos in this article that may not be open at the moment due to the Corona measures. Nevertheless, we decided not to delete it, to inspire you already for the time afterwards. Our articles are not intended to be calls to disregard the policies in place – please abide by them! Be considerate of each other, keep your distance and get vaccinated if you can, so that we can lower the Corona numbers as quickly as possible.

If you’ve had enough of Netflix and chill and would rather lose yourself between the lines of a novel, this blog post is for you. We present the most beautiful books that have adopted Vienna as their setting.

Instamurder – Lukas Pellmann

We start right away with a thrilling read for all crime fans: Instamord is after Murder in the Second and Hanging Lace the third crime novel by Viennese author Lukas Pellmann. The focus is on a serial killer who makes the Viennese Instagram scene unsafe. Chief Inspector Vera Rosen and Inspector Moritz Ritter’s third case takes the two investigators of the State Criminal Investigation Office into the world of social media stars and starlets. We find it particularly cool that, as with all of Pellmann’s novels, readers were able to influence the content or become part of the plot themselves during the writing process.

Doctors are increasingly finding the corona pathogen even in patients admitted for other ailments. Criticism of the data situation is raised.

Hamburg/Berlin – Omicron is particularly infectious. The German Hospital Association (DKG) therefore expects more incidental corona findings. Are they less of a concern because discovered "incidentally"? Christian Drosten would differentiate in the question.

How strong is the corona infection in Schleswig-Holstein? How many new infections there are? How high is the incidence of hospitalization? Here you can find our quick overview – updated daily.

The coronavirus leads Schleswig-Holstein into an exceptional situation. But what is the current status of the pandemic in the federal state? How does it look in the individual districts? How many people have died as a result of the disease, and how many have already recovered?? And what is the incidence rate, which indicates how many new infections there are for every 100.000 inhabitants have been added?

The federal government’s vaccination campaign is in full swing. However, appointments are still hard to come by. How to get a Corona vaccination appointment faster.

Kassel – There is still too little vaccine for all people in Germany who want to be vaccinated against Corona. Even for those who are officially already vaccine-eligible according to vaccination prioritization, it is difficult to get an appointment. With these tips you can get an appointment faster.

In order to get a vaccination appointment, those interested must get on the list at the family doctor and at the relevant vaccination center. In the meantime, however, specialists also offer Corona vaccinations.

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When employees become parents, they have a Right to parental allowance and parental leave. So they can spend time with their child/children, take care of them and educate them. Parental leave means: legally guaranteed time off from the job – full or part-time. Up to three years per parent. And parental allowance is a wage replacement benefit, which means that there is still money for up to 14 months (with ElterngeldPlus even longer); namely a certain percentage of the net salary.

How this all works exactly, you can read in our brochure on the topic read up:

If their more information If you need more information, have special questions or would like to invite us for a lecture, please contact us: Contact us! Or you can have a look at our colleagues from "What does a woman earn??" over – in June 2020 our parenting expert Meret Matthes gave a presentation there. In the seminar document there is Detailed and concrete information and tips on parental allowance and parental leave.

In the new episode of the NDR Info podcast Coronavirus Update, virologist Christian Drosten talks about the importance of vaccination coverage, vaccination breakthroughs, boosters and testing strategies in schools.

Despite a vaccination rate of a good 60 percent, we are now at the beginning of a fourth wave – how is that possible? In an interview with NDR Info science editor Korinna Henning, virologist Christian Drosten discusses this topic in the first episode after the summer break. Also, episode 97 of the NDR Info podcast Coronavirus Update covers testing strategies, what schools are doing, vaccine breakthroughs and vaccines for young children, among other topics.

The central topics of the episode at a glance – click to jump directly to the text passage

Korinna Henning: About three months ago, in early June, you said in a podcast episode, "I expect that by the end of August, maybe by mid-September, we will have 80 percent of the adult population dually vaccinated." And then, you literally said, "Then we will be in a better situation." We are now at around 60 percent, calculated on the entire population. Of a better situation one cannot speak there actually, or?