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© TV NOW / Bernd-Michael Maurer Michael Heide with his SmartQ wallpaper brush and Ralph Dummel

How a Brandenburg entrepreneur thought about giving up and his invention is now conquering the world after all

Zeuthen entrepreneur Michael Heide has invented an ergonomic wallpaper brush. Small thing, not worth mentioning, completely banal? Just not! With a European patent, the tool is now finding its way into hundreds of thousands of households as a multifunctional tool. But that is only the beginning. The triumph of the little brush has only just begun..

Pain in the hands forces a rethink

Michael Heide’s professional life begins quite calmly and normally. After school, he learns the bakery trade. Except for getting up very early, he loves the job, works five years as a baker. But then a friend inspires him to take up wallpapering. Heide is doing another apprenticeship – this time as a painter and varnisher. Then it starts. But what a bone-crushing job. The wallpaper brushes are inventions from the 50s. Wrists and knuckles hurt more almost every day. Heide researches other brushes and tools and finds – nothing! When Heide starts his own painting company in 2008, he spends evenings tinkering in the basement at home.

Many people who apply for a reduced earning capacity pension receive it retroactively. This means that there is a certain period of time between the application and the first payment, which must be bridged somehow – very often with sick pay or unemployment benefit.

Retroactive reduced earning capacity pension - Must I pay back money?

These payments can be higher or lower than the subsequent pension for reduced earning capacity – but as a rule the EM pension is lower. What you now need to know as an insured person? Should you set aside money to make up the difference?

Although the picturesque tropical islands are surrounded by plenty of water, the islands are running out of water," Nunez says. Rising temperatures and low rainfall could make the situation worse.

Caribbean islands like Barbados are surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters, but many of them face water shortages

When you ask yourself "what do I want to be when I grow up??", this question, which in childhood still comes with anticipation, later with slight panic, is not infrequently answered promptly with "writer" or "writer’s wife". The thought has probably popped into some of our heads once, twice, three times; because let’s face it, what could be more beautiful?? Writing about things that move, interest and fascinate us, a cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of rose in the evening to support you – and earn a lot of money with it, that’s what it would be like. And anyone can write, honestly, just the other day I wrote a letter to my grandmother and she said I had great talent, so there you see.

The fact that in reality neither the path to becoming a writer nor actually being a writer is so easy-going is evident from the fact that you don’t even know exactly which path you could actually take if you really wanted to pursue the goal of writing fame. To find out what possibilities there are (apart from just writing wildly) to prepare for the author’s life or to educate yourself in this regard – keep on reading.

Saint Nicholas and his cult are common in many parts of the world, including Italy.

He is one of the most popular and revered saints and unites Catholics and Orthodox. About him there are numerous legends and miracles.

Today on the NextPit podcast it’s all about sustainability. Palle, Fabi and Casi discuss this big and important topic and focus very much on smartphones.

We have reached Casa Casi number 41 and today we are once again dealing with the topic of sustainability. As is sometimes the case, we got pretty stuck on smartphones in the podcast, even though the topic naturally encompasses so much more. So in today’s episode, we’re basically discussing how it all goes together – smartphones and sustainability.

Citizen’s Income 2022: What is planned and who can access the benefit?

Looking for a place in the labor market: the citizen's income is intended to make it easier to return to work

Needy people in Germany are entitled to a new benefit in the form of the citizen’s income (Burgergeld). However, this support is linked to conditions and obligations. We clarify.

Not everything, but a little new makes the first traffic light coalition in the federation. From 2022 onwards, another term will enter the language with the citizen’s income. This is to step to the place of the past unemployment pay II, better admits under Hartz IV, and to needy ones be available. This social, national assistance, which SPD , Greens and FDP had written down already longer in their party programs, is to represent a basic income.

Although women could influence the affairs of state, Rome was by and large a man’s world. Rome’s first law code, the Twelve Table Law, subordinated women to the male head of household, the paterfamilias.

Female oracle in marble relief

This marble relief shows a beautiful female oracle who, according to Roman belief, transmitted divine prophecies. Find out what role women played, what priestesses were afraid of, and many more facts about the Roman Empire in the latest National Geographic Special issue Rome.

A Roman woman spent her life in manum viri (Under male control) – first their father’s control, then their husband’s. Girls received little education beyond what they learned at home. After marriage, the woman ran the household, supervising the mostly enslaved servants, and kept the keys to the house. Wives could inherit their husbands and were allowed to manage their own money or property at age 25.


Once you don’t look properly, you make a mistake in the numbers – and the money ends up in the wrong account. Jetzt heibt es Ruhe bewahren. Because there are ways to charge back remittances.


It is already a cross with the long IBAN . Quickly mix up the numbers and a stranger recipient is happy about an unexpected windfall. Not only if the IBAN is wrong, but also if the addressee is wrong or the purpose is missing, the sender sometimes wants his money back.