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  • Being active and enjoying life together - despite anemia with cancer

Being active and enjoying life together – despite anemia in cancer.

What is anemia in cancer?

Anemia, also known as anemia, is a condition in which the body does not produce enough red blood cells (erythrocytes), which is accompanied by a reduction in the red blood pigment (hemoglobin). As a result, not enough oxygen is transported in the body. Anemia or. Lack of oxygen can directly affect the condition of individual organs. For example, the heart is strained and has to work harder to transport the available oxygen to the organs and into the body tissues. Among other things, this results in an increased heart rate and shortness of breath, which often makes even the simplest activities much more difficult for patients. 1

In cancer, anemia can occur for various reasons: 2

You want to know what entity relationship model is? This ER diagram guide covers their usage, history, symbols, notations, and how to use our ER Chart Tool. We have also added some ER diagram templates so you can also see how to jump right in with the templates.

What is an ER-Diagram?

A Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) is a visual representation of different entities within a system and their relationship to each other. For example, the elements writer, book, and a consumer can be described using ER diagrams as follows:

ER diagram example

The funny animal world and its serious study (138): Varied owl species are at present in the world highly in the bird course.

Boreal owls with a critical eye on the big picture Photo: Reuters

How to save videos from YouTube to your devices (including computer and cell phone) for free? In this post MiniTool provides detailed instructions on how to save YouTube videos. Also, the precautions and suggestions on how to save YouTube videos are presented below.

There is a mountain of videos on YouTube. You may want to save some YouTube videos on your devices such as computers, phones or external drives so that you can watch them offline to relieve boredom on the plane or train.

Not only at Easter the one or other egg lies in the food bowl of the dog. Are dogs allowed to eat eggs? And if so how much and which parts? What about egg whites, yolks or egg shells?? Can dogs eat eggs raw? Or should only cooked eggs end up in the food bowl because of the salmonella danger?

  • Eggs can even be very healthy.
  • Especially the yolk contains valuable fat-soluble vitamins.
  • However, for your dog you should go for hard boiled high quality eggs.
  • Puppies may also eat eggs, but only in moderation.

Healthy dog food. Eggs. Vegetables. Meat.

Customer journey mapping explained in 5 easy steps

A company that continually looks at itself and its offerings from the perspective of its customers can gain an advantage over its competitors. Customer Journey Mapping helps you see your business through the eyes of your customers and identify all touchpoints.

See why customer journey mapping is important and how you can create a simple customer journey map yourself in just 5 steps in the following post.

You want to pass on your knowledge, become known with your topic, maybe even achieve opinion leadership? Then it comes down to one tool in particular: regularly publishing high-quality technical articles. Find out here how to write a professional technical paper in four steps.

Is there a formula for success for technical papers? The answer is yes! Not just one.

For a simple article, for example, all you need to do is put a few arguments under a gripping headline, along the lines of "Winning customers – the five biggest mistakes in the initial interview". A well-known, tried and tested scheme.