With the Factual text it is a text form that you will encounter quite often in everyday life. Here you will learn how to write the text with a uniform pattern fast and simple analyze CAN.

This is how you are guaranteed to succeed in analyzing a non-fiction text!


Before you start with the actual text analysis, you will find the basic definitions here:

Brew your own (craft) beer? Isn’t it terribly complicated? It is not! All you need are the right ingredients and some time. We tried it for the first time a few years ago and since then we brew our own beer two or three times a year. If you brew now, the beer will still be ready in time for Christmas.

Hops and malt

That I, as a confirmed wine drinker, once go among the brewers – who would have thought that?? But the new craft beer varieties really play in a completely different league than the well-known beer classics. As a hobby winemaker I have already tried my hand at making my own currant wine. Brewing beer is just as much fun and at least two of the four beer ingredients can – at least theoretically – be grown in the garden. Our garden is too small for barley, but there is enough space for two hop plants. One of them dried up this year, but we were able to harvest a nice amount of hops from the other one. But we use it more for homemade herbal tea. For our brewing experiments so far we have used hop pellets.

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You want to log in on YouTube? Possibly even start your own YouTube channel? Nothing to it, attached is a step by step guide to creating your own YouTube channel!

In itself, it is not difficult – just enter an e-mail address, think up a password and you’re done. Google only laughs tiredly. Behind YouTube is the biggest Internet giant in the world, and it wants to know a little more than just an e-mail address. So that you can start successfully, we look at the application at YouTube times completely exactly, including all Tipps!

The error with the stop code 0xc000021a can have several causes. In the following tip, we’ll give some advice on how to fix the bug.

The error message with the standstill code 0xC000021A annoys already since Windows XP again and again users. In the following tip we have summarized some solutions how your computer can boot again after the error.

1. Error 0xc000021a – these are the causes

A STOP error causes Windows to stops at boot with a blue screen and gives an error message. The reason for this often results from the standstill code.

Tunnel portal on a model railroad © Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

How to make a tunnel – A guide to model railroad tunneling

"At the end of every tunnel is a light", says the old saying. However, for anyone who has tried to add a tunnel to their model railroad, this can sometimes seem like a very low light. Here’s a guide to making tunnels for your model railroad.

You would like to create a website for your private or professional project, but you have no previous technical knowledge? This is no longer a problem. But there are a few things you should think about before you get started. Our guide homepage, blog& Co explains how to set up your own web presence, what you can do to make your site easier to find on the web – and what steps you should take if your site has been hacked.

Know your target group

Your own website is one of the most important building blocks when it comes to publicizing a project or venture. But do you really need a big web presence?? Sometimes it makes much more sense to keep it one or two sizes smaller. First check the online affinity of your target group: Would they really search for your offer on the Internet?? Is this channel really the right one?

(Image: unsplash.com, Ryan Holloway )

Finding the great love and going through good and bad times together – this is an important goal in life for many people. Unfortunately, its achievement can only be partially influenced, because whether you meet the right person and when, is at least largely a matter of chance. Nevertheless, love is also to some extent in your own hands – because first of all you have to be far enough in your personality development, i.e. "ripe for love". In the second step you can actively search for a partner and should know exactly what you understand by love and what you expect from a relationship. Mindfulness plays an important role in this process. So how can it help you to find and keep the love of your life??

Just when you need them the least, they happen: Mistake. We could now come up with clever sayings like "You learn from your mistakes" or "Practice makes perfect", but this will not help you in an acute emergency. Instead, we go in search of the causes, so that mistakes will not happen to you so quickly in the future.

Wrong time management

A precise timetable may seem a bit stuffy, but it is indispensable when creating a motif cake! Something usually goes wrong. It is therefore advisable to make a test cake before the big event. This has not only the advantage that you know afterwards how much time you need for which steps, but also that you can give your final cake the culinary and optical finishing touches.
As far as time management is concerned, we recommend that you divide the work over several days.

First day: Bake the cake, let it cool well and fill it if necessary.

AiO Radiator best position

AiO watercoolings are without question very popular and offer beside a good cooling performance and a great optic also the possibilities for a flexible mounting of the radiator. However, this raises the question: where to put the radiator for the best airflow? Mount it in the lid and convey through it the hot air of the graphics card, or better into the front of the case, where then, however, the GPU can start to sweat? In which direction should promote thereby the fans in each case?

Using the Fractal Design Define 7 Compact (review) as an example, we tried out the variants and looked at how to find the best balance and how to optimize the effects with additional fans and combine the advantages.

If you’re a beer pong fan, maybe you’ve thought about it Build your own Beer Pong table can. The answer is: Yes, you can. Provided, of course, you have the necessary manual dexterity. In this guide you will get necessary information on how to build a Beer Pong table yourself.

Our do it yourself table

Create your own beer pong table with our DIY tables. Paint, glue, varnish or or or. Everything is possible.

The right dimensions

Basically, a beer pong table is first rectangular. For your own use, the dimensions are relatively unimportant, however, the playing surface should be At least 150 cm long and 60 cm wide its. The height should be such that the balls can be thrown reasonably. For this purpose between 75 cm and 80 cm are best suited according to experience.