For centuries man has dreamed of immortality. In fact, life expectancy continues to increase year after year. But can humans age forever or is there a limit?? New studies should shed light.

Can human life be extended forever?? Researchers have found the answer.

In contrast to the years before, Jeanne Calment’s last birthday was a "quiet affair". This is how the AP news agency reported it in February 1997. Calment celebrated it at the retirement home in the small French town of Arles, where she spent her twilight years. The mayor of the city and a government representative came to visit. A television crew was also on site. The turnout was nothing like last year’s, however, when 150 journalists stormed the small retirement home.

Beautiful sayings are popular in all varieties: whether as a calendar, posted as a picture on Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr or quickly sent a beautiful saying via Whatsapp.. Hardly anyone who is not happy about a beautiful saying. Thereby beautiful sayings can take over many functions. Sometimes it is short beautiful sayings that provide an impulse. There are beautiful sayings to think about, about love, friendship or even beautiful sayings about life itself. The bandwidth is almost limitless. We have compiled a selection of more than 200 beautiful sayings for you to reflect on – as inspiration and impetus for every occasion..

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Blood is a special juice: it provides nourishment and functioning for the brain, heart, other organs and muscles. When your blood lipid levels rise, when deposits form on the walls of the blood vessels, when plaque makes the veins narrower in cross-section – then it becomes dangerous, then thrombosis, heart attack and stroke are imminent. To prevent this, you need to make sure your blood is flowing well. If our life sap carrier and thicker flows, then the vernacular speaks of "thick blood".

In such a case, doctors prescribe so-called blood thinners. In fact, it does not thin the blood, but prevents the platelets in the blood from clumping together, so that the blood can continue to flow well. This is why these drugs are also known as "antiplatelet agents" (TAH). These medicines are very effective – but they also have some side effects. Very often, the drug acetylsalicylic acid – ASA for short – is prescribed. Besides these medicines, however, there is also a natural blood thinner. With this you can prevent the problem or support a therapy. And: these natural remedies are almost all without side effects for your health.

Hawthorn helps super against thick blood

Among natural remedies for thick blood, hawthorn is the superstar. The flavonoids and procyanidins contained in its flowers and leaves are good for the blood circulation of the heart, they prevent the formation of blood clots and strengthen the blood vessels. They thin the thick blood, so to speak, thereby reducing the risk for your heart and a stroke. In addition, if the brain is supplied with sufficient blood, then it works better. As a medicine there is the blood thinner as hawthorn tincture (there you take 10 to 20 drops three to five times a day, dissolved in a glass of water). Or as hawthorn extract (add 10 drops to a glass of water 3 times a day). If you want to make your own natural remedy for thick blood, it is very simple: pour very hot water over two heaped teaspoons of hawthorn leaves or flowers. Drink one cup of this brew three times a day after meals. Hawthorn is a natural remedy – it takes a few weeks to take effect. Consult your doctor.

If you experience symptoms such as fever, cough, cold or loss of smell and taste and are concerned that you have contracted the corona virus, you should contact a doctor by telephone or call the emergency medical service (116 117).

You should take note of the following

Call the doctor’s office to make an appointment. Describe your symptoms. If you have had contact with a confirmed case in the last ten days, you should report it to. Don’t go into a waiting room without checking with your doctor’s office. The doctor’s office must be able to accommodate anyone who may be infected.

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Computer games – a billion dollar business! There are around 34 million gamers in Germany alone. They are being wooed by providers with innovative, sometimes spectacular technology and increasingly sophisticated strategies. But experts sound the alarm: especially many young gamers are at risk of addiction. Gaming disorder or computer game addiction has only recently been recognized as a disease.

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If you are thinking about moving to Berlin, you should know what to expect financially in the capital.

The well-known saying that Berlin is "poor but sexy" is really no longer true.

Tunisia opens its doors and starts the long-awaited vacation season!

We have more than earned our next vacation by now. Tunisia is a particularly popular destination, and with a valid PCR test and an all-inclusive travel voucher, there’s nothing standing in the way of your next trip!

Vaccination is also in full swing: thanks to international solidarity and the increase in vaccines, Tunisia currently has a stockpile of 6 million doses, which will be increased to 12 million in the coming weeks.

For several years, there has been debate about whether e-cigarettes are as harmful to health as tobacco cigarettes. It’s now known that while they contain fewer critical ingredients, they pose health risks, too.

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Sore muscles are good, fitness drinks make you fit, fat pads can be specifically trained off – is that true?? Around sports& Fitness entwine many persistent myths. Learn here what to do about biggest fitness mistakes is really true.

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