For all those who don’t like the classic burial in the ground or cremation, there are also alternative burial methods. What is the legal situation in Austria or. Vienna from? What happens at a burial at sea? How does a natural burial proceed? What is a diamond burial?

© | Altneratives to the traditional burial in the ground.

The case in practice: Mr. Meier is caught up with everyday reality

Mr. Meier, 44, was lucky in his misfortuneHe suffered only a slight stroke and was helped in time. At the hospital, the blood clot was immediately dissolved. It had caused a vascular occlusion of a small cerebral artery. Visible brain damage did not remain, as well as no paralysis, speech disorder or other noticeable symptoms.

Four weeks after discharge from the hospital, he resumed his work as a clerk at an insurance company. Physically he was fine, and mentally he had recovered from the horror quite quickly with the support of his wife. Therefore, he wanted to get back to normal and work as soon as possible. In everyday life at home everything worked well so far. He needed longer for some things, but he saw no problem in that. So, after consulting with his family doctor, he went back to work full time. Thus he was able to work.

School certificates, birth certificates, land register excerpts – there are two types of certifications: official and public. What you need to know about the subject.

  1. The most important facts about notarizations
  2. Who is allowed to certify – and what does it cost??
  3. What is a Unter-schrifts-beglaubigung?
  4. When does a health care proxy have to be publicly certified??
  5. How can I have documents authenticated abroad??

The most important facts about credentials

Good to know: Testimonies are a special case. If you need a transcript, you can also contact your old school or college – and if you are a church member, you can even contact the parish office of your congregation. People who want to study abroad, get married or buy real estate, for example, and need notarizations to do so, have to comply with other formalities.

with the new version 243.0 you can now build a tree house in the redwoods of the Redwood Forest biome. How to do that, I’ll show you in the following tutorial:

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You have wondered where the stretch marks on your chest come from? We explain in detail everything about the formation, prevention and how to learn to love the little features (which almost every woman has).

Stretch marks do not only appear on the thighs, buttocks or belly – many ladies also notice the small lines on their breasts

Strawberries are among the most popular soft fruits. If you want to harvest richly from healthy plants, you should cut back the old foliage after the harvest.

Cut back strawberries

Pruning strawberries is an important measure in the care of the plants

Even with small adjustments to your habits, you can minimize your biological age and delay your time of death – supposedly. A personal self-assessment of a editor.


How old am I?

Normally everyone can easily answer this question. Sometimes even down to the minute, if parents have carefully kept birth records. At the time of writing this, I am about 231.915 hours and 56 minutes old. So a little over 26 years.

Cover letter

Structure& Content – sample formulations for your cover letter

A letter of application is divided into four main sections: Introduction, main body, social skills and conclusion part. Add to this Formalia such as date, recipient and subject line.

Introduction: State motivation for your application, address suitability for the position

Nice sayings put a smile on others’ faces and can help you have some nice words ready for any occasion. We have collected the most beautiful sayings and quotes on various topics for you.

Whether it’s beautiful sayings for WhatsApp, for birthdays or other occasions, as a sign of gratitude, about love or just to think about – we have beautiful sayings for you that have a lot in store for you.

These sayings are just beautiful

These sayings are just beautiful

If computer viruses were harmful to human health, the world’s population would have pretty much drastically reduced within the last 30 years. Computer viruses are still the worst case scenario for the average PC user 32 years after they were "invented" by US American Fred Cohen, and claim billions of "victims" every year. The term "viruses" is familiar to most users; however, what exactly this term, which is actually rooted in biology, describes is foreign to the majority. Learn what types of viruses there are and how to protect yourself from them here.


PC viruses – (unfortunately) a recipe for success

In 1983, Fred Cohen, now a renowned researcher and professor in the field of IT security, created a program as part of his doctoral thesis that could infect, modify and subsequently spread through other applications. The computer virus was born. Its triumphant march continues to this day because its original properties have basically not changed and PC viruses, much like their biological counterparts, are constantly changing their facade, making it nearly impossible to develop a "cure".