Obesity, obesity, high blood pressure are on the rise – just look at the USA – as is the preoccupation of large parts of the population with the subject of healthy eating. The question is: Are we eating healthier than we used to, or are we slowly but surely eating our way towards collective diseases of civilization?? In the following ten nutrition rules, which you should keep in the sense of health and well-being.

In general, people are drinking less and less alcohol, and fruits, vegetables and grain products are on the rise. To this result came once more the last nourishing report of the German society for nutrition. Conversely, according to the study, there is talk of an increase in sugar consumption, from 1995 to 2008 the increase was 400 g per capita per year. Right and wrong hold themselves thus the balance.

At 21 she married and raised two daughters. Now she is 52 years old. The children are out of the house, the husband left her. Of the difficult task of finding oneself anew in midlife.

Beyond the horizon it goes on. This picture does not show Christine Tiemann, but perhaps conveys the feeling she often had: facing great uncertainty

While her daughter is on the way to the other end of the world, Christine Tiemann sits (name changed by the editors) at the computer and flies with. She knows the flight number, keeps looking to see where her child is. Does the airport in Seoul already list the machine? Does she land on time? If the connecting plane takes to the air? What it might mean if she didn’t. Her husband asks her if she would like to get up. Whether what she’s doing isn’t over the top. Good, she says. At the stopover in South Korea, she lies down for a moment.

Anyone who has ever dealt with the various methods of relaxation and stress reduction will inevitably have come into contact with the term "autogenic training. By using your own imagination, autogenic training can put you in a state of relaxation, reduce stress and even alleviate sleep problems. All you need is a little practice – and, of course, imagination. And best of all: anyone can learn and perform autogenic training – regardless of age and personal physical fitness.

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Fever describes an increase in body temperature in the context of a wide variety of illnesses. It is not an illness in itself, but rather an accompanying symptom, for example, in the context of a cold.

In the guide, you will find information on the following topics:

Fever usually occurs when the immune system fights off foreign substances, such as viruses, bacteria, but also other microorganisms, or when inflammatory processes occur in the body. As the body regulates its core temperature upwards, a self-healing process begins, as many foreign substances cannot survive at temperatures above 39 or 40 degrees Celsius. A fever is defined as a core body temperature of more than 38.5 degrees Celsius, in infants and young children already from 38 degrees Celsius onwards.

For many, sport and nutrition go hand in hand – and there’s a good reason for that. A targeted diet does not make you directly a world champion or Olympic champion, but in the end it can make the millisecond to the podium place or the extra centimeters for the gold medal for high performance athletes. Even recreational athletes can effectively influence their performance and regeneration with a balanced and healthy diet. Often dietary supplements are used and especially in weight training there is a lot of advertising of special preparations. Basically, any healthy athlete can meet his or her macro- and micronutrient needs through a healthy, whole-food, balanced diet.

Our lecturer Julia Brockherde has compiled the most important tips for you.

Special features of sports nutrition

Basically, you should start every training and competition with an optimal energy, nutrient and fluid balance in order to maximize your physical and mental health as well as your performance. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) also recommends that athletes eat a healthy, whole-food diet that meets their energy and nutrient needs. Healthy and wholesome means the following: 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day (3 hands of vegetables, 2 hands of fruit), more often resort to the whole-grain variety (for pasta, rice and bread, for example), balance fluid intake with water and tea, cut down on sugar and salt (especially fast food), eat healthy or. Prefer vegetable fats (olive oil, nuts, avocado, fish) and enjoy a varied diet.

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Puppyhood always passes far too quickly, or?

The thoughts of the time when my dogs were still clumsy little balls of fur, is especially nice because the thing with the housetraining, at least in retrospect, was always pretty stress free.

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When it comes to love, many things still seem inexplicable. Why do we fall out of love in a relationship? And vice versa: why we so often can’t let go, even though someone is not good for us? Psychology has a pretty plausible answer here.

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    Video: If you ask him THESE 20 questions, you will fall in love!
  2. · The 2 phases of love: infatuation and familiarity
  3. · Being familiar does not mean the end of love
  4. · Why do people still fall out of love?
  5. · Lovesickness: When you want to fall out of love but can’t
  6. · What helps to fall in love?
  7. · Newly in love, but unhappy: What helps??

There is that painful moment when you have to admit to yourself that a love is over. Anyone who has been in a relationship for a long time may have already experienced it. At some point you wake up and realize that love has become something else. Friendship, mere sympathy or maybe even indifference and antipathy – in any case no more love. What exactly happens when THAT one person becomes one among many without us wanting it to happen??

A pregnant woman sits on the sofa and eats cereal

Expectant mamas should not eat for two, but simply varied and healthy -nutrition in pregnancy is not as complicated as many think. The only difficult question: what can I eat as a pregnant woman and which foods are taboo?

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Act of charity

Man with mouth guard in South Africa © Chadolfski (shutterstock)

South Africa’s churches have come out in favor of covid vaccination. Even if mmunization is voluntary, it should be seen as a "moral responsibility" for the common good, the church council says.

Protecting the weakest

The German Bishops’ Conference threw its weight behind Saturday’s "March for Life" in Berlin. The Catholic Church, he said, is committed to "protecting the lives of unborn children as much as the lives of born ones".