What rules apply when dealing with music on Youtube? Am I allowed to download and save music from the videos? Can linking and embedding be problematic? Answers to 15 common questions about music on Youtube.

(1) GEMA and Youtube: What does the agreement mean?
(2) Do you violate copyright law if you download the Country locks bypass?
(3) May I post music videos on Youtube download?
(4) Is there Exceptions from downloading allowed?
(5) May I Converter use to convert Youtube music into MP3 files?
(6) Is already the View of "illegal" videos via streaming prohibited?
(7) Can anything happen to me if I make "illegal" music videos LINK?
(8) … and if I videos embed?
(9) Why is my Video removed Been? Why is the sound missing?
(10) What am I actually allowed upload? Threaten me with something if I violate rights in the process?
(11) Does the upload rule also apply if, for example, my cat video happens to contain copyrighted content? Background music runs?
(12) Am I allowed to make recordings of Concerts and upload performances?
(13) May I own Cover versions upload?
(14) What about own Remixing, Mashups etc.?
(15) Can Youtube work with my video do what it wants?

As soon as you film with several actors at different locations, you will not be able to avoid writing a script. It is, so to speak, the instruction manual for everyone involved, from the actor to the cameraman. The script is thus written in more detail than a storyboard. You can find in it the texts of the actors as well as a detailed description of what happened. It is important that it is clearly laid out so that as few questions as possible have to be clarified during the filming. The script is also the basis for your shooting schedule, which is arranged according to locations and shooting dates.

Characteristics of a script

  • The 5 Ws: In the screenplay is described, Whe Wann What Welse place experienced. The fifth W is the Wwhy (coherent scene structure, all actions must make sense)
  • A script is divided into the individual scenes
  • The script contains the actors’ lines
  • The script contains information about the plot, facial expressions and gestures
  • possibly you already note down information about the music or the sounds that are to be inserted in the post production.

features of the shooting schedule

The shooting schedule indicates which scenes you will shoot with which settings and with which equipment on a given day. So you do not forget anything important.

How nice it would be to be able to simply play such an instrument.

To just bang on the keys or strings and immediately deliver a melodious result, to immediately inspire everyone in the room, to be able to play every song by ear and to play along with half a dozen other musicians off the cuff.

Yes, what would that be nice!

Who does not know them, these winged heavenly figures, which are said to have undreamt-of energies and powers?. Angels are known not only by Christians, Jews and Muslims. Thousands of years ago, people believed in supernatural beings who guided their destinies – whether for good or evil. These could appear to them in nature or also in the dream. In the ancient world, evil spirits were called demons. The good ones were usually messengers of the gods. The word "angel" is a loanword for the Latin "angelus" and means ‘messenger of God’. But what do angels still mean? What types of angels are there? And why are they so important at Christmas? Angels: symbolic figures and messengers of heaven, not only at Christmas!

Angels: What do they mean??

If one reads in the Old Testament one can find different tasks and appearances of angels. In addition, there is also the idea of a heavenly court. For God, as the heavenly ruler, is surrounded by supernatural, godlike beings called servants, saints, or even sons of God. This also fully corresponds to the Old Testament social order. For angels are to be seen here as messengers of God, who pass on his instructions to people. They reward for good deeds and punish the bad ones. Angels are beings created by God, who were not involved in the creation of the world. They are incorporeal, usually also sexless, and move between heaven and earth by means of wings. In this way, for example, they can also intervene helpfully and protect people.

Now it is already soon again so far – Christmas stands before the door. And with it the question: What should I give to my partner??

Every third grader knows that the new kitchen appliance as a gift for the girlfriend is an absolute no-go if Christmas is to remain a peaceful holiday. And socks and underpants – no matter what brand and quality – are actually not what a man’s heart deeply desires either.

There are many different programs for burning DVDs and CDs on the Mac. Among them are some very good paid apps. However there are with Burn a good free alternative. The Burn App, which is available from macOS 10.9 works, is continuously developed, the last update is from 17. January 2021 and there are many options: Add disc icon, create DVD menus, burn audio and MP3 CDs, copy media and much more. In the following I have the information about the current version Burn 3.1 put together. You can get the free download with this link.

Burn App for macOS – Download and Installation

If you have clicked on the page linked above, you will find the green download button on the right side. If you click on this link, you will be taken to the SourceForge website, where the Burn download should start automatically after a few seconds. Downloaded is thereby a ca. 32 MB large .zip file. The Mac can unpack this by double clicking on it.

Yehudi Menuhin, Baron Menuhin, OM, KBE (* 22. April 1916 in New York; † 12. March 1999 in Berlin) was an American by birth, from 1970 also Swiss and from 1985 also British violinist, violist and conductor. He is one of the most important violin virtuosos of the 20th century. Century. In addition to his activities as a soloist and conductor, from 1957 Menuhin founded institutions and projects in various countries to promote music.

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Everybody has his own traditions and customs how Christmas is celebrated, but nevertheless there are different customs in different countries and continents.

I was wondering how they celebrate the feast of love in other countries and during my research I found out a few things. So today I present you 8 Christmas traditions from all over the world.

Christmas celebrations are gradually beginning in all countries and the streets and houses are festively decorated. Traditional festivals are joined by shows, concerts or even Christmas markets.

In Latin America, Christmas celebrations take on a very special space in countries like Colombia, where street lights set the mood. The pre-Christmas season here is celebrated with impressive parades and colorful festivals, expressing all the joie de vivre of the Latin American soul. We took a tour of different countries in Latin America to discover how this special celebration is celebrated there.

With the nursing biography work one brings the life history of a person into its care and support. On the one hand, it activates patients; on the other hand, for caregivers, engaging with the patient’s life leads to a better understanding of the person in need of care.

Other useful info

Biography work activates still existing abilities

In general, the focus of care has shifted from deficits to activation. Instead of paying attention to what the patient can no longer do, one should rather concentrate on what he can still do and how he can maintain this. To a certain extent, biography work serves as the key. With the orientation on the life of the patient, one can find out which abilities are still present and to what extent, and then promote them.

Activation of the long-term memory of people with dementia