Angling refers to catching fish by means of a fishing rod; in some cases it is equated with fishing. In the past, fishing was as much a part of foraging as hunting and gathering berries, mushrooms and fruits. Today, fewer and fewer fishermen in Germany earn their money by selling their catch; for many people, fishing in the form of different Fishing methods but a popular hobby. Get an overview of the different methods of fishing.

All about various fishing methods

The fishing season regularly begins in the spring. From the beginning of March, many anglers wait eagerly for the first rays of sunshine to warm the waters. Then also the fish shoals become active again. Amateur anglers have different motives for picking up a fishing rod.

As soon as you know that unemployment is imminent, you must register with your employment office to look for work. In the event that older employees lose their jobs, they are entitled to the insurance benefit unemployment benefit I (ALG I), just like younger employees. Even if you had the option to retire with reductions already in place, it may make sense not to do so. Because older unemployed persons are entitled to a longer receipt of ALG I. And in some circumstances, ALG I is higher than a pension with deductions that remain permanent. And every year of receiving ALG I increases the later pension and reduces deductions.

Older unemployed persons receive about 60 percent of their previous net earnings as ALG I. If you are still entitled to child benefit, you are entitled to 67 percent.

You want to better control who can use which features of your iPhone at what time? We show you how to use the safety feature "Guided Access" determines which apps and features are usable or not usable at what time on your iPhone and iPad.

Guided access is a powerful tool for your iPhone or iPad. With this you can not only temporarily restrict the operation to only one app, but also disable certain screen areas or hardware buttons. All this can even be controlled by predefined intervals.

In our ultimate iOS guide, we take you step by step through Apple’s mobile operating system.

In Germany, the employer’s reference is still considered an important business card for the application. Although the question is always asked about its actual meaning. Because it must be formulated benevolently. It is therefore not surprising that the standard reference has a grade of 2. In order to nevertheless be able to make differences in performance clear, a kind of report card code has become established. Today, I will reveal to you the meaning behind the structure of individual passages and formulations.

Simple vs. Qualified reference

There are two types of job references. The reference can be "simple" on the one hand. This means that it only contains information on the duration and type of activity. However, the second variant is more common: the qualified reference, which also describes the performance and behavior in the employment relationship.

Tip: Have a qualified reference issued, otherwise the potential new employer will almost automatically assume poor work performance. A simple testimonial can be interesting, however, if there is a dispute with the (former) employer and you cannot reach an agreement on the content.

We are always trying to improve. That’s why we optimize our archives from time to time. Of course, we are careful to ensure backward compatibility.

What is an archive?

Backup programs save data in so-called "archives" (also "backup", "backup" or "image"). These are files in a specific file format that can usually only be read and written by the respective backup program. These files are stored together in an archive directory, which you can select as a destination during backup. Increments or differential subsequent backups are usually stored as subdirectories in this directory. Usually an archive contains one or more index files. In addition there are the files that contain the data itself in mostly compressed state. Normally the data is not stored in a single file, which would become very large and therefore unmanageable. The data archives are divided into several files. Normally these parts have a file size of 4 GB. The reason for this size is the limitation of the FAT32 file system, which was used to format most external hard disks in the past. But even today the partitioning is still recommended, because it makes the transfer of the archive over network connections safer and faster. For recovery, the index files are selected. At Paragon, these have the file name extension .pfi – no matter which archive format is used.

PBF format

PBF format in general

Our classic archive format was the PBF format. PBF stands for "Paragon Backup Format". It refers to the index file of the archive, which has the file name extension .pbf has.

Rovaniemi. Santa Claus, as every Finnish child knows, actually lives on or in the mountain Korvatunturi. This is in the far north of Finland on the border with Russia. That’s how "Uncle Markus" told it on Finnish radio decades ago, and that’s how Mauri Kunnas painted it in his famous children’s book "Where Santa Claus Lives".

Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

What is the recipe good for?

Diet trend with coffee and lemon: drink to facilitate weight loss

01.02.2022 updated: 13:25

Many people want to keep fit in the new year. A diet trend with coffee is said to be particularly helpful in losing weight. But what is there to the strategy?

Doreen Horchner has been running the DOGS dog school in Potsdam/Zossen. Your heart beats especially also for dogs from abroad. It regularly travels to different countries to document the lives of strays there.

Is the situation of street dogs abroad really as bad as is often assumed in this country?

How it is about the life of a stray, you have to look at each case individually. Through social media, we are successfully led to believe that "all" street dogs, whether in Romania, Spain, Greece or other countries, suffer endlessly, are tortured, wantonly disposed of or deliberately run over. Such a portrayal is misleading and certainly not in the interest of animal welfare.
In any country, in areas with larger dog populations and no local animal welfare initiatives, you will encounter animals with parasites or highly contagious diseases that require medical attention. In other areas, however, you’ll find dogs frolicking carefree on the beach with their family members, taking naps at religious sites, digging for mice in city parks, or charmingly charming tourists in crowded shopping malls. I know many free-living dogs who would certainly not trade their freedom for a "cozy home" in Germany.

Should have experience with dogs, if you are interested in a dog from abroad?

The acquisition of a dog should basically be well prepared. There is a significant difference between adopting a "real" street dog and a free-roaming owner dog, an abandoned dog, a feral dog, a former chain dog, or a dog that grew up lonely in a shed.
A dog that has lived on the streets for a long time will inevitably have a certain desire for freedom, a high degree of independence and experience in hunting. Surprisingly, it is these characteristics that we find disturbing here in Germany. The foreign dog passionately rearranges the garden, cannot stay alone in closed rooms, defends food, develops leash, territorial or socially motivated aggression.
A herding dog that is not trained for humans will certainly not be "grateful" to a day mom for his "rescue", just as little will a dog beginner be able to offer a severely traumatized dog the necessary stability and security that he needs for a life in a foreign environment. Adoption should therefore never be done spontaneously out of compassion!

Jeremias Franke 1 year ago

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