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An expert commission is to clarify whether and how the Berlin referendum on the socialization of large housing corporations could be implemented. Also the initiative "Deutsche Wohnen& Co. expropriate" may have a say – but not too much, says Construction Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD).

At its closed-door meeting in mid-January, the new red-green-red Berlin Senate decided, among other things, to launch an expert commission, if possible within the first 100 days of government, to examine whether the successful referendum of the initiative "Deutsche Wohnen& Co. expropriate" could be implemented constitutionally. But the first thing to be negotiated is how much room the expropriation initiative should get in the commission.

Trail of devastation: The tornado in Butzow leaves numerous injured and millions in damage. Now the cleanup begins. When and where the next tornado will come, meteorologists can hardly predict.

Sultry heat, thunderstorms and at least two tornadoes – this is the result of the hottest day of the year so far. The worst hit was the small town of Butzow near Rostock, where a tornado raged on Tuesday evening. Cars were overturned, roofs covered and houses severely damaged. 30 people were slightly injured mostly by flying debris. One woman had to be taken to a Rostock clinic with serious injuries. In the center, many houses are covered. About a quarter of the tiles are missing from the roof of the collegiate church. The extent of the damage is not yet clear, said the district administrator Sebastian Constien on Wednesday. Estimates are "many millions of euros".

The incident was already making the rounds in the ESC scene in recent weeks. He was most beautifully documented by Irish fans and journalists: Armenian singer Aram Mp3, who with his song "Not Alone" definitely one of the strongest favorites, expressed very ambivalent views about gays at the ESC in March – and in particular about Conchita Wurst. First, the Armenian is said to have announced that when he passes a certain neighborhood of Yerevan, he passes it very quickly. He could not approve, it was probably said. He meant the capital’s Kom aygi neighborhood, which is indeed a kind of queer neighborhood with its pubs and bars of gay, lesbian and trans people. Such as Soho in London, the Marais in Paris, St. Georg in Hamburg or the area around Berlin’s Nollendorfplatz is. not a gay ghetto, but a piece of town where you can move quite freely and openly as a non-heterosexual person. Aram Mp3, who on that occasion did not disclose whether he also flees past pleasure quarters, which are very pleasing to many heterosexuals, for example St. Pauli on Hamburg’s Elbe, finally insulted the Austrian Conchita Wurst.

Woman or man, asks Aram Mp3

Losing weight with sports is effective and fun: But which sports are best for losing weight?? Which burn the most calories? And what else do I need to consider? Drinking food clarifies: With calorie chart and H.I.I.T.-Exercises!

If you want to lose weight with sports, you should

1. choose a type of sport that he enjoys.

We show you how to turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a mobile gaming console that rivals Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation with just a little effort. Android is not for gimmicks? No way!

We show how to turn Android devices into game consoles

Android smartphones and tablets can keep up with even the best mobile gaming consoles and are not just for widgets, email and browsing and photography. Tens of thousands of game apps as well as emulators and other services are just waiting for you!

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Kassel Museum for Sepulcral Culture

Fear of being buried alive

The Kassel Museum of Sepulchral Culture (funeral cult) shows with which customs the 17. The eighteenth century made sure that the dead were actually buried dead.

Wintertime – cold season, it happens that you as an employee stay at home due to a cold. You don’t have to be afraid of being fired right away. But what does it look like if you are on sick leave for a longer period of time?? Does the employer have to accept this? And how much patience must he show?

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If you are confined to bed by a persistent cold, your employer will not immediately send your notice to your home. But when many days or longer periods of time accumulate over the year, things can get tricky. Contrary to the general belief that a sick employee may not be terminated, an employer may terminate an employee for certain reasons – and the termination is then legally effective.

In this tutorial we will animate a cycle of a running character. In this case the character seems to run in place. If this walk cycle were to be integrated into a movie, there would possibly be a background scrolling from right to left behind the character. Walks and descents are somewhat challenging, but also very animating!

1. Animate the character

Step 1

Start drawing our floor guidelines. As with a walking cycle, I like to draw a guideline for each foot when animating so that the steps are consistent.

You want to build an aquarium? Here you can give free rein to your imagination. Who has not ever dreamed of their own aquarium? If one drives into a specialized store or the building market, for this partly sumptuous prices are called up. At the latest here you think again about your own dream. But there is another way: you can build your own aquarium!

This is not difficult at all and also looks good. In addition to the extremely low price of the self-build, you also benefit from being able to choose the dimensions and shape freely.

The Chihuahua (also called "Chi" for short) is considered the smallest dog breed in the world. Despite its size, this dog is known for its courageous and very lively character. Here you can find out everything about temperament, characteristics and breed-specific information.

Chihuahua: Profile

  • breed: Chihuahua
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Weight: 1 to 3 kg
  • Height at withers: 33 to 40 cm
  • Life expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Coat: short or long
  • Color: solid color, with markings or spotted – white, Brown, black, tan, red, cream
  • Character: brave, strong-willed, lively, loyal, attentive, people-oriented

Chihuahua: History

The Chihuahua probably originates from Mexico, where Toltecs and Aztecs kept it as a domestic dog. legends say that Chihuahuas were not only considered sacred sacrificial animals, but were idolized by Aztec chiefs because of their bright eyes and round head and even accompanied them to the grave. The animal should show them the way through the underworld to paradise, on condition that the owner has treated the little dog well during his lifetime.

The breed status of the Chihuahuas has its origin in the middle of the 19th century. Century in the USA. Shortly after, the little dogs spread all over the world. 1904 is a first breed description in the magazine "Our Dogs" Documents. This one comes from the vaudeville artist Rosina V. Casselli, who trained Chihuahuas for her performances. In the same year followed the first registration in the US stud book. In Germany, the first dogs of this breed were registered in 1956.